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Can you reverse hearing loss? (Supplements, Exercises, Etc)

Have you ever wondered if your hearing was going bad?

Here are some tips for protecting yourself from hearing loss: avoid smoking, be aware of the decibel levels of your music, wear protective earplugs, and listen at lower volumes. If your hearing is starting to degrade, you can easily reverse it.

No one wants to hear that their hearing has gone bad. But it's possible to reverse hearing loss! Keep the tips above in mind and see if you can reverse any hearing damage.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

It's a scary thought that hearing loss might have you worried. Fortunately, with some careful listening, there are ways to help improve your hearing. Remembering the following tips can be helpful in reversing hearing damage: avoid smoking, being too loud when using headphones or earbuds, or staying up for extended periods of time".

To avoid hearing loss, remember to be aware of the decibel levels of your music. The louder the sound, the quicker you can cause damage. If you are in environments with loud noises keep in mind to protect yourself by wearing earplugs.

It is important to note that just because you've damaged your hearing at one point does not mean that it cannot be reversed. Taking precautions and practicing good habits can help counteract damage done in the past. When practicing good habits, listening at lower volumes is key to ensuring that your hearing will stay clear in the future.

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Can earwax cause hearing loss?

No. Earwax helps prevent infection, but it barely extends beyond the ear canal. Because it slows or stops the spread of bacteria that cause ear infections, earwax goes part way to keeping you from getting an ear infection. Although some people feel that keeping a wax block handy can help reduce infections, most people will never need it .

Ear wax can cause you to temporarily lose your sense of hearing. Having an ear infection will cause the fluid in the ear to drain out, removing the wax. You can get rid of an earwax blockage by putting a candle or cotton-tipped swab into your ear and letting it melt out. A few days later, you should be back to normal .

Can hearing loss be regained?

Once your hearing is damaged then it cannot be repaired. But it is important to note that a hearing loss can be reversed. You can use tools such as hearing aids or cochlear implants to help you hear better. While these come with a lot of costs, most people will still be able to hear normally.

If you have a hearing loss, then you should seek medical attention. A doctor can help find an answer as to what caused it and how to fix it. If you have a hearing loss, then there are steps that you can take to help prevent future damage. Making sure that your ears are clean and dry will help with infections. You can even use baby wipes to clean out the ear canal.

How to stop hearing loss

There are several thing that you can do to stop hearing loss, even if you have started to lose your hearing, these may help:

1. Stop smoking! Smoking contributes to hearing loss and if you want to improve your hearing it is important to stop smoking.

2. Avoid loud noises. Sound is the main factor in hearing loss and is the biggest contributor. Loud noises can damage your hearing, so be aware of how loud you make things .

3. Invest in good quality earphones or earplugs! Your choice of either can be expensive, but they are worth their weight in gold if you want to keep your hearing safe .

4. If you suspect that you may have a hearing loss it is important to be as fit as possible for as long as possible. Being as fit as possible will help protect your hearing, and if you are fit it will also make life easier for those around you .

5. Do not drink to excess. While alcohol will not affect your hearing on a one-off basis. Frequently drinking to excess will cause your hearing to be affected and can contribute to a loss of balance and being unsteady on your feet .

6. Do not smoke if you have a hearing loss. Smoking will accelerate your hearing loss so if you have a hearing loss it is important to stop smoking to avoid compounding your problem .

7. Make sure that you have a healthy well balanced diet. A diet which is well balanced will help keep your body healthy and strong, including your ears. Even a deficiency in just one vitamin can contribute to a loss of hearing .

8. Try to reduce stress. Stress can cause your adrenaline levels to spike, which will increase the chances of you getting an ear infection .

9. With a hearing loss, people sometimes use earplugs or plugs. You can also do this to protect your hearing if you have a hearing loss. If you prefer to use earplugs or plugs then make sure that they are designed well, are not too loose or too tight, are not too hot or cold and are comfortable to wear .

10. Finally, remember that losing your sense of hearing can be extremely upsetting. Having a good support network in place can help you deal with the problem.

What are the best foods for hearing?

There are several foods that can help with hearing, some of these are:

1. Ginger- helps with hearing, circulatory system. It is recommended to take ginger root powder or fresh ginger juice 2 times per day.

2. Spinach- helps the blood flow to the brain and ears. Taking spinach powder or eating spinach helps with issues like tinnitus and dizziness .

3. Fish oil- helps the brain and ears by helping blood flow to these organs. Fish oil can help patients who have a hearing loss who have low levels of DHA .

4. Blueberries- help the brain and ears by boosting antioxidant levels. They contribute to normal hearing levels and reduce symptoms of tinnitus .

5. Black strap molasses- helps the nervous system, digestion, muscles/tissues etc. For people with a loss of hearing, black strap molasses can help carry oxygen to the brain which helps improve symptoms like dizziness .

6. Black walnut- helps with circulation, immune system and circulatory system, skin and blood. Black walnut capsules can help the body get rid of toxins and help improve circulation .

7. Turmeric- helps with brain cognition, circulatory system, digestive function etc. Turmeric is a well known spice that has been used for thousands of years. It is a great addition to any diet to help improve hearing in general .

8. Red cabbage- helps with blood, skin and hair. Red cabbage has a whole host of benefits which help to improve the body. It helps to reduce symptoms of hearing loss by helping maintain a healthy blood .

9. Rosemary- helps with brain function, circulatory system and the nervous system. Rosemary can help keep your mind healthy, prevent infections and increase circulation .

10. Flax seed- helps heart health, digestion and metabolism etc. Flax seed can help reduce symptoms of hearing loss due to it being a natural antioxidant which protects the body from damage caused by free radicals .

What vitamins help hearing?

Vitamins are also good for the hearing. These include:

1. Biotin- used to maintain hair and nails, helps with healthy skin. Biotin can help prevent hair loss and may also improve hearing. This is a critical nutrient as a lack of biotin can leave the nerves bare and very weak from exposure from loud noises .

2. Vitamin C- is great for collagen, which is important for your immune health, helps the body to heal wounds faster, helps with wound healing and reduces inflammation. Vitamin C can also help reduce symptoms of tinnitus .

3. Vitamin D- has been found to be a great antioxidant that is essential for bone growth and strength. Vitamin D is also a necessary nutrient for hearing as it helps regulate the calcium in the body which allows nerve signals to be sent from the ear to the brain .

4. Vitamin E- helps with skin health, growth and repair of body tissue, heart function etc. Vitamin E has been found to help with ear wax secretion. A deficiency in vitamin E can cause hearing loss .

5. Zinc- helps immune health, wound healing, skin health etc. Zinc is also important for your immune system and can help reduce your risk of an ear infection due to it helping fight bacteria .

How can I check my hearing at home?

To check your own hearing it is recommended to visit a GP or Hearing Therapist to have a hearing assessment done. This will help determine what type of loss you have, and what can be done to help improve your hearing. Another option is to use an online test which should only be used as a guide.

Online Hearing Test


Hearing loss can be extremely debilitating and can affect your social life, career and quality of life. Fortunately, there is a wide range of treatments that can help improve your hearing and reduce any symptoms associated with it. There are also certain lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce your risk of getting a hearing loss in the first place.

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Other Questions

Can eardrums grow hair?

It serves the same purpose as nose hair in preventing germs, bacteria, and debris from getting inside your inner ear. Therefore, having some ear hair is not just normal, it's actually beneficial.

Many people choose to remove or trim ear hair if it grows more than they need.

Can plucking ear hair cause tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a medical condition that affects hearing by causing patients to hear sounds in their ears or head when there is actually no sound present.

Many people believe that plucking ear hair causes tinnitus. This misconception has been widely shared online for many years and has left many people worrying about the potential consequences of using an ear hair trimmer.

Fortunately, the rumor is completely false and there are no known medical reports of an association between plucking ear hair and developing tinnitus. In fact, having some ear hair might actually protect against tinnitus and other forms of hearing loss by trapping tiny particles that would otherwise be capable of causing damage to your inner ear.

What is the purpose of ear wax?

Ear wax serves many functions in the ear: lubrication, aeration, and protection against bacteria and viruses. Wax also helps trap dirt and debris from entering your inner ear. Debris trapped in the hair of your inner ear can cause damage that could result in hearing loss or tinnitus. 

Ear wax forms naturally over time because of this debris buildup, but it can be removed by first gently washing with warm water and then using an ear cleanser if necessary.


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