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Ear candles are an alternative method for ear wax removal?

Do you have a burning question about ear wax removal?

Do you suffer from ear sensitivity or ear infections? Then you need to consider ear candles as a viable alternative to conventional therapies.

If you’ve never used an ear candle before, check out our guide to ear candles before buying one.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

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Ear candles are a type of “candle” that is used to remove earwax from the ear canal. Ear candles are sometimes used by people who suffer from ear sensitivity or infections of the eardrum. This article will share some opinions and research about whether these candles should be used as alternatives to traditional therapies for removal of ear wax.

There is no evidence that there are any health risks associated with its use, however, since it’s unknown what chemicals come into contact with sensitive tissue in the head and ears, there may be harmful effects down the road for those who use them frequently.

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How they clean your ears

Ear candles’ purpose is mainly to remove earwax from the ear canal. Ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a “yellow or brownish-yellow almost solid substance produced in the outer part of the ear canal”. It is not known exactly what cerumen consists of, though it is thought to be like skin oil. Cerumen naturally moves down the ear canal but may cause blockages because of infections of the eardrum or various other reasons.

The ear candle procedure is executed in either a sitting or lying down position. There are two different ways that ear candles are used to clean the ears. First, they can be rested against the eardrum, or second, they can be inserted into the ear canal. Ear candle therapy is supposed to allow for easier removal of wax from the ear canal because steady suction will pull wax out of the ear. It may also push debris deeper into your inner ear and eardrum, which could cause problems later on.

Do they work?

Yes, ear candles are a popular alternative treatment for ear wax removal, but evidence suggests that they may not be very effective in doing so. They have other uses, though, such as creating a relaxing environment or pain relief.

There is some evidence that ear candles have been used in the past to help people who suffered from medical ailments like epilepsy with no evidence of side effects, but there is little research done on their effectiveness as of now.

Are Ear candles bad for you

No evidence suggests that ear candles may cause harm, but there isn’t any evidence of them being safe either.

A study done in 2013 on ear wax removal with ear candles revealed that the research showed a reduction in the quantity of wax removed when compared to techniques like cotton buds or bougies; however, this was secondary to the fact that they were far less painful and more convenient.

What You Can Do

If you suffer from conditions that cause you to swim or have ear problems such as infections, consult with your doctor before trying out any alternative therapies.

Ear candles and vertigo

Besides removing wax from the ear canal, ear candles are also thought to relieve symptoms of vertigo or dizziness. The theory behind this treatment is that the use of ear candles may cause a lightheaded feeling by stimulating the endocrine system and releasing hormones like serotonin, adrenaline, and noradrenalin into the body.

For everyday people who feel dizzy because of lack of sleep or motion sickness, it is not known if these candles are effective for relieving symptoms. It has also been suggested that this feeling may be caused by other factors unrelated to ear wax buildup, such as ear inflammation.

Ear candles and ear infection

Ear infection can cause pain and hearing loss. Ear candles have been used to help relieve symptoms of ear infections, but there is no evidence on effective treatments for ear infections.

It may be possible that ear candles work by causing a greater suction with the body, which may help remove some wax but may disrupt the eardrum and lead to potentially dangerous conditions.

If you have an ear infection, then you should consult a doctor before continuing

Ear candles and sinus problems

Ear candles are also thought to be effective in helping relieve the symptoms of sinus infections. Some say that ear candles may help slightly reduce pressure and congestion because of the use of suction, which may help to clear nasal passages and reduce pain when sinuses are swollen.

If you have a sinus infection, then you should consult a doctor before continuing with any alternative therapies.

Ear candles and tinnitus

Ear candles are also thought to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition where a person hears noises (usually ringing, hissing, or buzzing) that do not exist externally.

This may be caused by damage to the inner ear, but is more commonly associated with conditions like anxiety and stress. Ear candling is thought to help by using slight suction on the ear canal to reduce mucus and produce relaxation, which may help reduce stress levels, help with hearing loss, vertigo or dizziness. Some say that there is evidence that tinnitus can improve after improved blood flow from addressing underlying causes such as stress or allergy.

Ear candles and pregnancy

If pregnant, then avoid ear candles. There is no evidence that the use of ear candles during pregnancy is safe for mothers or fetuses.

Ear candle science and safety

There still isn’t a lot of information on how these candles may be harmful to the body or if they can help treat various conditions.

Some believe that the flow of oxygen into your inner ears can also cause damage to your ears because of the high pressure builds up as you move oxygen through your system. This may cause adverse effects in some people, while others feel no side effects at all.

paraffin vs. beeswax candles

Paraffin and beeswax candles differ from one another in terms of their composition. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum and other ingredients, while beeswax candles use honeycomb as a base to create wax. There has been debate which type of candle may be healthier for the body.

Paraffin, being a petroleum product, is always treated with chemicals before it is produced by a candle. These products may cause harmful effects when introduced into the body, especially if they are burnt in high heat conditions like those used during ear candling therapy.

The price of ear candles

The prices of ear candles vary a lot, but the most expensive ones are usually made with beeswax.

It may be better to choose one made with paraffin, which is cheaper in price and less likely to introduce harmful chemicals into the body. The price is about $1-$3 each.

Ear candles vs. cotton buds: Which is better?

If you are looking for a better alternative than cotton buds, then opt for ear candles instead, since they can provide patients with a soothing and relaxing treatment that most people would love to try out.

Cotton buds are more likely to cause damage to the ear canal and may not be as efficient in removing wax.

Ear candles and health problems

There is no evidence that ear candles can help treat health disorders, such as sinus infections, vertigo, sleep apnea, diabetes or osteoporosis.

Evidence has been found on their usage in removing ear wax, though this is mostly done through physical means instead of active medical remedies.


Ear candles are an alternative form of treatment that has been used for centuries, but it is still not clear whether they work. There is no evidence to support the efficacy of ear candles in treating symptoms like ear infections and vertigo. However, this does not make them useless as a treatment for other health problems either. It is possible that some conditions may improve after using ear candling, especially when it comes to ear wax removal or tinnitus, since there have been several studies done on the effects of ear candles on those conditions.

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Other Questions

Will my tinnitus go away after removing ear wax?

A recent study found that people who have ear wax removed may experience a temporary increase in tinnitus. The study, which was conducted by the University of Sheffield, looked at the results of ear candling – a popular home remedy for treating tinnitus.

 Ear candling is when hot candle wax is placed into the ear and then lit. The heat from the candle causes the ear wax to melt, which can create an increase in pressure within the ear canal. Participants who had their ears candled reported an increase in tinnitus severity after their procedure.

However, this increase only lasted for about two weeks. Therefore, if you are considering using ear candling as a treatment for your tinnitus, be aware that it may not be long-lasting and may cause some temporary discomfort.

How do you prevent ear wax build up?

There are a few ways to prevent ear wax build up. One way is to use ear candling. Ear candles are made of beeswax or other similar materials and when lighted, emit a hot, vaporized wax that can penetrate deep into the ear canal. The heat from the candle melts the wax, which is drawn up into the flame where it vaporizes and is then exhaled as a hot gas.

Some people believe that this process causes ear wax to be eliminated more effectively than using other methods. 

Another way to prevent ear wax build up is by using an ear syringe to remove debris from inside the ears several times per week. This can be done using warm water and mild soap or cleansing gel.

Is ear Microsuction better than Syringing?

Microsuction is a form of ear syringing that uses a small, suction-powered device to draw fluid from the ear. Ear microsuction is generally considered to be an effective way to treat otitis media, although there are some studies that suggest it may not be as effective as syringing.

Ear microsuction is less invasive than syringing and can be done in the comfort of your own home, which may make it more appealing to some patients.

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