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Ear Protection Ear For Cougars! What protection do you need?

Hunting Cougars, like any other hunting sport, has the potential for hearing damage.

Ear protection is an absolute necessity for anyone who hunts. This will help you not only enjoy the sport for longer periods of time but also preserve your hearing long-term.

Your hearing is a precious commodity and this is the most effective way to protect it. This ear protection is designed specifically for hunting Cougars and is made with the highest quality materials and components.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

Hunting Cougars, as with any other hunting sport, has the potential for hearing damage. It is important to wear ear protection that can withstand rifle and shotgun blasts and limit sound transmitted into the inner ear. Ear plugs may be enough for some people, but they cannot properly protect against prolonged gunfire, which can cause permanent hearing loss if unprotected."

Wearing ear protection when hunting Cougars will help you not only enjoy the sport of hunting for longer periods of time but also preserve your hearing long-term. I’ll go over how to select the right protection , and then discuss how to wear it.

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How to use ear protection

When hunting Cougars, if you don’t use proper ear protection, you can expect to experience permanent hearing loss. A common mistake is using the wrong ear protection. This article will explain how to select the right ear protection for each task and hunting situation. It will also provide some general safety tips for bringing ear protection when hunting Cougars.

i) Wearing Ear Muffs:

When shooting firearms it is necessary to hear what is going on around you (other people and animals in the area and your surroundings). With ear muffs, it is possible to still hear everything that’s going on around you while protecting your ears from the high decibels from gunfire.

On a scale of 1-10 where a one represents a whisper and a 10 a jackhammer, small arms fire is about a six or seven, medium caliber rifles can reach over 100 decibels , and large caliber rifles can be as loud as 130dBs or more. A single day of firing small arms can cause hearing loss. With this in mind, wearing ear protection such as earmuffs should be strongly considered when hunting Cougars since they help to protect your hearing while still allowing you to hear what’s going on around you.

ii) Wearing Ear Plugs

 For those of you that do not need to hear what’s going on around you or other people while hunting Cougars, or for those who may shoot firearms, wearing ear plugs will protect your hearing. Earplugs help to limit the volume and residual noise and allow you to hear sounds clearly while not wearing ear muffs. While effective at limiting sound, they cannot limit gunfire noise like ear muffs.

iii) Combined protection

 There are many combinations that can be used depending on your purpose while hunting Cougars. They are compatible with each other. For instance, you can put ear muffs over ear plugs or use two pairs of earplugs at the same time to protect your ears from gun blasts. An added benefit is that additional levels of protection can cut down on the discomfort associated with wearing ear protection for extended periods of time.

iv) Wearing Earplugs under Ear Muffs

 One advantage of using both earplugs and earmuffs is that you get the benefits of both types of hearing protection in one product. However, this kind of combination has a couple of drawbacks. First, they are bulky.

Hearing Suffers So Much Damage From The Gunshots

For anyone who needs to protect your ears from gunshots,ear muffs earmuffs are probably the most suitable options, although they have some drawbacks, such as being a little bulky and awkward to carry around when not in use. For shooting enthusiasts who need only a little protection from gunfire, choosing one size of ear muffs protection can meet your needs for shooting while enjoying music at the same time.

How Loud Is A Cougar Shotgun?

If you use a shotgun, you do not need to worry about the muzzle blast. The sound of the gun itself will be enough to damage your hearing without earplugs. Quiet loads will cut down on noise but still allow for conversation and hearing what is going on around you. It is always better to wear ear protection when hunting Cougars since such guns produce such noise levels.

What Caliber Is Best For Cougar Hunting?

The . 270 Winchester is the most popular caliber for both hunting Cougars and for general long range shooting. Ammunition is available for this caliber with two different bullet types, the “Soft Point” and the “Full Metal Jacket.” The Soft Point bullet can be expected to expand upon impact, while the Full Metal Jacket inflicts maximum potential damage upon impact. Both bullets are effective at killing large game animals, including Cougars.

How Much Is It To Hunt A Cougar

It costs about $7,500-$8,000 to purchase a hunting Cougar. A minimum price is about $3,000- $4,000.

Some hunters will spend even more than $10,000 on their Cougars. Enthusiasts who enjoy hunting Cougars often spend small fortunes on high-quality optics such as binocs and other accessories for working with their rifles and shotguns.

How Hard Is It To Hunt Cougar?

It's dangerous to hunt Cougars. Cougar hunting stretches the imagination of most people. It is difficult to understand how anyone ever saw a Cougar. You must be extremely careful when you are hunting Cougars.

If you are not an experienced person who has hunted many animals, Cougars may prove very dangerous for you while hunting them. The area in which they live is large and about several people have been killed by them in the United States alone . Some hunters have suffered serious injuries from being attacked by a cougar while they have been searching for one. The hunt can be dangerous if not done correctly. Anyone should only attempt to hunt Cougars after considerable training that includes both firearms practice and proper defensive skills.

What Is The Best Time To Hunt Cougar?

Winter is the best time to hunt Cougars. Cougars are found in many areas that are too cold for humans to survive in, including Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming. Most of the year, your chances of locating a Cougar are very slim. The best time of year for hunting them is winter. This is when they are moving around the most during their breeding season. If you wait until late spring or summer to attempt hunting them, you will have no chance of finding one .

Do Cougar Attack Humans?

Yes, Cougars do attack humans. As previously stated, you should not attempt to hunt Cougars unless you are experienced in hunting other animals. Every Cougar is unpredictable and may be very dangerous.

What State Has The Best Cougar Hunting?

Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona have the best Cougar hunting. Most Cougars inhabit areas where you can find them in places such as the mountains. They live in heavily wooded areas, especially in areas where there are a lot of open fields and lowlands for them to feed. Most hunters prefer Montana, Idaho and Colorado because they have a good amount of cover that can be used by both human and animal alike.

Getting The Right Ear Protectors When Hunting Cougar

When hunting Cougars, it is critical to protect your hearing. These animals have some of the most powerful vocals out of any other species on the planet. Under the right conditions, they can reach over 110 decibels of sound pressure level, which is equivalent to standing next to a lawnmower engine. This kind of exposure can be extremely damaging to your hearing.

These are just general guidelines for selecting hunting ear protection when using rifles and shotguns. If you are hunting Cougars with smaller caliber weapons, the decibel levels will not be as loud, but still require the use of ear protection.


Comfort is an important factor in selecting hunting ear protection. While ear muffs will block out the sound of gunfire, they can get uncomfortable over a period. Most hearing protective devices have a level of comfort that you can adjust to fit your particular situation. If you are going to be using your ear protection for long periods of time, you should at least look for a product with a comfortable fit.

Decibel Levels

Decibel levels are the standard measurement used to describe a sound’s ability to damage hearing by interfering with the ability of the inner ear to convert sound into electrical impulses that can be handled by the brain and interpreted as sound. The higher the decibel levels, the more damage it will cause.


Durability is a major factor. Even if ear protection seems strong, it can still break if too much force applies to it or if it is dropped or damaged in some other way. It’s also important that the devices fit comfortably and that they are not too bulky.


Portability is an important factor for looking for ear protection. Since you are going to be wearing it over your ears for hours at a time, look for something that’s easy to pack or slip into your pocket.


Price should not be the only deciding factor in what kind of protection you will get. It’s important that you select ear protection based on your needs and situation rather than just price alone. However, if price is a consideration, there are many affordable options that can provide adequate hearing protection during Cougar hunting activities.


Fitting is an important factor. It is important that the device you select has a level of comfort that fits your ears, or else you might not wear it for long periods of time. In addition, make sure the fit is not too tight or loose on your ears.

Made From Quality Materials

This is an important factor to consider when selecting hearing protection during Cougar hunting activities. Make sure the devices are made from quality materials, especially for those ear muffs you plan on wearing over your ears.

NRR Rating Or Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is another measurement used to describe how effective hearing protection is at reducing noise exposure. The higher the NRR, the more effective they are at blocking out sound levels under 94dBs.

Extra Features

Along with selecting a protective device, choose one with additional features such as noise reduction for surrounding noises and built-in hearing aid equalization enhancement. This feature will reduce transients from electrical circuits, which can cause noise related hearing loss from unexpected loud noises such as gunshots. It will also eliminate the high-frequency sounds caused by the transmitted energy from sudden loud sounds such as firearms and sirens.

Cougar Hearing Loss Caused By 3 Things

Most of the hearing loss we experience today is not because of weeding out old age. The vast majority of it comes from taking actions that decrease our hearing and increase noise levels, such as

Decibel Level * Distance * Time

1) Decibel Level

Decibel Level is the decibel measurement that’s used to describe how loud a sound is, often measured in dB(decibels). The higher the decibel level, the louder it is, and amount of sound at which hearing damage occurs is referred to as the threshold of hearing. The threshold of hearing varies from person to person based on their level of sensitivity.

2) Distance

The distance at which noise reaches your ears determines how much damage it causes. The amount of damage will depend on the duration and intensity at which you are exposed to loud sounds. Currently, there are federal regulations that set acceptable limits for noise levels that should be present in public spaces.

3) Time

Time refers to the time you spend exposed to loud sounds. Depending on how loud the sound is, your ears will be damaged after a specific amount of time.

Protective devices such as ear plugs and ear muffs can help prevent hearing loss by reducing the sound intensity and duration at which you are exposed to it by creating a barrier between your ear and noise source.


The value of being able to hear is difficult to put into words. When you are out Cougar hunting, you need to protect your hearing by using state-of-the-art ear protection devices. The right hearing protection for this activity will provide protection against noise levels that can permanently damage your hearing. You want that protection to be comfortable so that it does not impede your hunting activities. It should also be easy for you to carry around in a small bag or even in a pocket when you are on the move.

For selecting the right hearing protection, don’t settle for anything less than one that fits comfortably but strongly so that it can provide you with the level of comfort and security you need to enjoy your hunting activities. You can find these products on Amazon at some great prices.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff, Black
  • Protect Your Hearing - Walker'S Razor Ear Muffs Have An Ultra Low-Profile Design Featuring Extra Slim Ear Cups, For A Secure Fit; These Ear Muffs Protect Against Hazardous Noises, While Still Letting You Clearly Hear Everything Going On Around You
  • Sound Amplification - Walker'S Razor Ear Muffs Amplify Safe Sounds Using Two Hi-Gain Microphones To Provide Clear Omni-Directional Hearing; The Low End Frequencies Are Enhanced To Produce Accurate, Natural Sound
  • Rugged Design - These Muffs Feature A Rugged Design With A Rubberized Coating, Helping To Prevent Damage To The Interior Electronics; The Housing Is Made From A Sound Dampening Composite; The Headband Is A Padded Metal Wire Frame
  • Easy-To-Use Controls - These Muffs Have A Volume Control Knob On The Outside That Is Slightly Recessed - A Perfect Balance Between Providing Easy-To-Use Controls, And Preventing Accidental Volume Adjustments; The Battery Door Also Opens From The Exterior
  • Listen To Music - These Ear Muffs Also Have An Audio Input Jack, Allowing You To Plug In Your Phone Or Other Favorite Sound Source, Effectively Converting These Ear Muffs Into A Set Of Headphones With Hearing Protection
Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Green
  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB, providing more natural listening and enhanced communication
  • Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 22
  • Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact folding design for convenient storage; classic green color
  • Includes AUX input and 3.5 mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners. Integrated power/volume knob
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries; automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours increases battery life; approximately 350 hours of battery life; works well and long with Polaroid AAA Batteries
Hearprotek High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Noise Reduction Music Earplugs, Hearing Protection for...
  • 【Preserve High Fidelity Audio】 Hearprotek Music ear plugs do an effective job of bringing down the overall volume, blocking background noises at a comfortable level while preserving the sound clarity and sharpness. You won't experience any muffling with these plugs as you would foam-based ones and you will be able to hear different sound frequencies and talk to people without having to worry of muffling.
  • 【20db Noise Reduction】 Comes with 2 sets of 20db ear plugs in different sizes (small & standard), cutting up an impressive 20db's of sound volume which is a pretty good amount for a concert or band rehearsal, and you can always have your spare plug in case any plugs are fallen out unfortunately or missing.
  • 【Designed For Comfort】 Made of high quality silicone material that provides comfort from prolonged usage. If you have small ear canals, the small size of ear plugs are your best choice, they are designed to have an ergonomic curved body with two flange tip that follows the shape of your ear canal, which provides a snag and comfortable fit.
  • 【Discrete & Portable】Low-profile design with translucent or frosted plug shells which are inconspicuous and a less noticeable appearance on stage, at the concert, at the club or in the office. Include a soft silicone detachable cord and come in a durable aluminum case with carabiner which clips easily to belts and bags to carry wherever you go, this way, there's no need to worry about losing your plugs.
  • 【Warm tips】The earplugs will not block all the noise completely, but they will preserve the quality of the music and make the volume within a safer listening level. So they’re not recommended for sleeping, hunting, shooting, motorcycling etc.

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Other Questions

Are Cougar Good To Eat?

Yes, Cougar are good to eat. However, they are not hunted for their meat. They are hunted for sport, most of the time just to get rid of them because of overpopulation or environmental reasons. Although Cougar is not normally thought of as meat, but there are some Native Americans who hunt them for their meat.

Do Cougar Have A Colorful Coat?

Yes, they have a colorful coat of fur that is usually mixed with black or gray. Their bodies are also colored in various shades of brown, black, and gray. Its tail is also white in various sections. They also have white around their mouth which looks like a set of whiskers. While they can be called an animal with pastel colors, you rarely find the real thing like what you see in cartoons and movies. The coloring of their coats comes from the layer on top of their skin called the guard hair, which provides color to the coat when it is grown out on top of their body.

Are Cougars Dangerous?

Yes, Cougars are dangerous animals. They do can kill humans and pets sometimes. However, if you follow safety precaution when near them, most likely no attacks will occur. Most attacks are towards children since they don’t know any better or when an adult plays with them too long, letting their guard down around the animal.

What Colors Do Cougar See?

Although cougars can’t see color like us, they can see a lot of things that we can’t. They can see ultraviolet light, which is why they seem to be attracted to certain colors. They also can see in much greater detail than we do during low lighting. Cougars prefer black and dark colors, but that doesn’t mean they will only attack someone wearing those colors.


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