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Its important to wear ear protection when hunting moose

If you’re thinking about hunting Moose in the near future, read this to get started on your hunt!

Ear protection for Moose hunting is crucial. With these ear plugs you can have the same level of hearing protection as wearing a pair of earmuffs. It’s an affordable way to reduce the noise of the Moose, and ensure a successful hunt.

With so many great options out there, it can be hard to choose the best ear plugs for hunting Moose. In this blog, we will give you all the information you need to choose the best ear plugs for your next Moose hunt. We’ve tested these ear plugs to ensure you’ll get a good fit and be able to hear well while hunting.

If you want to know more, then keep reading!

Hunting Moose

The hunting season for most North American big game animals is now underway. One important item that is essential to successfully hunting big game animals during this time of year is the proper selection and use of ear protection when hunting moose.

This blog post provides an overview of what types of ear protection you can use when hunting moose, including a review of the best pairs and shooting tips to help you find success on your hunt.  The article ends by providing contact information for two companies that offer hearing protection products, which are especially helpful if you are budget-conscious.

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In A Hurry?
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What Ear Protection Is Best For Moose Hunting

The selection of what type of ear protection you use for hunting moose is largely dependent on your budget and personal preference. But, Over-the-head ear protection is a good solution if you are on a budget, but it can be heavy and cumbersome. They are also not as effective at blocking lower-frequency noises, like the sounds of nature, making them less desirable.

If you want to be able to hear other people talking or the sounds of nature when hunting, but still provide an adequate level of protection from loud gunfire, earmuffs like these can be a good choice for moose hunting.

Hearing Suffers So Much Damage From The Gunshots

Firing a gun can cause such a loud blast of noise that it can cause hearing damage. Even if you are wearing ear protection, the noise can be so loud it can still damage your hearing.

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 25 million Americans suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and often have a hard time falling asleep at night because of the distracting sounds. About 30 percent of hunters experience some level of hearing loss as a result of hunting.

How Loud Is A Moose Shotgun?

130-140dB is the approximate dB rating of a typical moose hunting shotgun. The sound of a typical deer hunting rifle is about 140dB, so it's safe to say that 130-140dB is an extremely loud noise as compared to the human ear. The noise can go up to around 155db for the loudest shot.

What caliber is best for moose hunting?

The caliber for moose hunting depends on what type of gun you are shooting. Most big game hunters use 30-30 calibers. If you have a bolt action rifle, then you will want to choose a caliber that matches what is most commonly used for your firearm.

  • 30-06 Springfield 180 Grain
  • 7mm Remington Magnum 130 grain
  • 308 Winchester Cartridge 150 grain
  • 7mm WSM 160 grain

How much is it to hunt a moose?

$15,000 for a guided Moose hunt, which includes the moose tag and transportation to and from the hunting area, hunting licence, baggage fees, flights - It not cheap!

How hard is it to hunt moose?

If you do not have previous experience hunting moose or you are not familiar with hunting this species, then it is advisable that you hire a professional guide. The skill of the guide will greatly determine how easy or difficult your moose hunt will be.

The carcasses are massive and hard to maneuver. Modest magnum calibers will easily bring a moose down, but you need to thing about what to down with it next.

What is the best time to hunt moose?

Early mornings, or in the evening is best for hunting moose. These are the times when the moose is active.

In the fall, moose can become more aggressive as they prepare for the winter. They will be in rut and their testosterone levels will be elevated so they will be more aggressive against hunters, but moose populations decrease after October and sightings of moose are rare so this is not a good time of year to hunt big game in North America.

Do moose attack humans?

If you are lucky enough to see a moose, it is extremely unlikely that the moose will try to attack you. Moose do not generally attack humans unless they are provoked, harassed or cornered by the human. However, there are some rare cases in which a moose may become aggressive.

What state has the best moose hunting?

The best moose hunting in North America is usually found in Alaska and Saskatchewan. The majority of the states that allow moose hunting are located in the northern part of the United States, while several other states offer archery and muzzleloader moose hunts.

Ringing In The Ears

Moose hunting may cause ringing in the ears. Many people will experience ringing in the ears when they hunt as a result of prolonged exposure to loud noises from various sources such as shooting, chainsaws, and engines. When you are hunting moose, these noises may be more noticeable to you than they actually are to other people. While you may not be overly concerned about hearing damage while hunting moose, there is no doubt that ear protection is essential to your success.

What Is The Highest NRR For Ear Plugs?

33 dB is the highest NRR for earplugs on the market. We recommend wearing earplugs with a NRR rating of at least 30.

Getting The Right Ear Protectors When Hunting Moose

To get the right pair of earplugs for moose hunting, you'll want to choose from some of the best pairs that are available.

When it comes to using ear protection when hunting moose, one of the main problems that you will encounter is how hunters are able to hear each other during a hunt.


Comfort is an important factor when it comes to wearing earplugs. Most of the best pairs of earplugs are made so that they fit comfortably in your ears, which makes them easier to use. It is also important that the earplugs fit well in your ears, so you don't have to wear them too long or suffer while using them.


Durability is another important factor when it comes to choosing the right pair of earplugs for moose hunting. Because you are likely to use earplugs while hunting, you'll need a pair that will last for a long time and won't fall apart after a short time. Durability is important because you can use the earplugs for other things, such as while mowing your lawn or trimming the branches on a tree.


Portability is another important factor when it comes to using the right pair of earplugs for moose hunting. The earplugs you'll want for moose hunting should be small enough to fit into a pocket. It's also important that the earplugs are light enough that you won't have trouble carrying them around.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

The NRR is an interesting concept, which is rated as a way to compare the sound reduction of different ear plugs and hearing protectors. The higher the NRR, the more efficient the ear plugs are at quieting sounds.


Fitting is an important factor for earplugs to be able to block unwanted noises. Fitting is also important because if the ear plugs don't fit well in your ears, they won't work as well when you are hunting. The right earplugs will work for you if they fit securely in your ears and are comfortable enough.

The appropriate pair of ear protection should be secure enough so that the noise from the sound you want to block isn't able to get through, but comfortable enough so that you are able to use them easily.


The size of the ear protection you need is something else to think about when buying earplugs. You'll want to get a pair that fits comfortably in your ears. Size are small, medium and large sizes.


The cost of the earplugs is also an important factor to consider when choosing a pair for your needs. Although ear protection is an important part of hunting, you're not likely to spend thousands of dollars on it. Most of the best pairs are affordable, so you can easily choose a pair that meets your budget needs without spending too much money.

As you can see, there are many factors to think about when you're buying ear protection for moose hunting. It is likely that you'll want a pair that is waterproof and lightweight.

Moose Hearing Loss Caused By 3 Things

There are a few ways that hearing loss can be caused by shooting a gun. Sound pressure levels (SPL) in decibels (dB) measure the loudness of sounds. Shooters should protect their ears from loud noises above 85 dB.

Decibel Level * Distance * Time

1) Decibel Level

Decibel Level is the measurement of how loud sounds must be for our ears to hear them. The decibel level of sound is measured in a unit called an arnold scale, and each step on the scale is 10 times more intense than the previous one.

A gun's muzzle blast reaches at least 125-140 decibels, so it's important that hunters wear ear protection when hunting moose.

2) Distance

Distance is another factor that can cause hearing loss. If a sound is emitted from a far distance, more sound pressure will be received by your ears. Gun is very close to your ears

3) Time

The time at which the sound was emitted from the gun is also important, as it dictates how much noise was received by your ears and how many pounds of force was transmitted into your ear drums. The noise will be short but very loud!


So, there we have it, the most important factors to consider when choosing ear protection for moose hunting. Any of the best earplugs and hearing protectors will work for your needs, as all of them are designed to provide comfort and protection.

The best option is to simply use a pair of heavier earplugs during moose hunting season. It's obvious that you'll want something that's made from quality materials and provides good noise reduction. As you can see, there are many factors to think about when choosing the right pair of earplugs for moose hunting. It is likely that you'll want a pair that is waterproof and lightweight. You'll also probably want a pair of earplugs that are small enough to fit into your pocket, are comfortable enough so that you will be able to use them easily, and have a high NRR rating.

Even though the 3 things that are known to cause hearing loss from shooting a gun will seem like common sense, some shooters still don't use these precautions and end up suffering from hearing loss. It's important that some think about this before it becomes too late.

Now, you have no more excuses, so get going and choose a pair of the best earplugs for moose hunting to protect your ears!

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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Other Questions

Do hunting dogs need ear protection?

Dogs have the gift to block out some noises and tune in to others, the sound of gunfire occurs too rapidly for the processes to protect their sensitive inner ear, raising the risk of permanent hearing loss.

If they are exposed to loud noises for a long length of time, they will develop tinnitus, medical condition that could cause them distress and affect their performance. Furthermore, proper care should be taken to protect dogs’ ears from water and frostbite. All of these factors make ear protection a necessity for hunting dogs as well as their masters.

Why do soldiers not wear ear protection?

The risks of getting soldiers’ ears damaged by high-powered firearms are very real. There are several reasons why soldiers do not wear ear protection that involves deafness or permanent ear damage, hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

About 30% of soldiers may suffer hearing loss following service, while some of them experience tinnitus. From ear trauma to noise exposure, there are many causes that could lead to these health issues for veterans.

How loud is a 9mm gunshot?

A 9mm gunshot produces about 160dB of sound. The noise produced by a handgun is very loud and is comparable to the decibel level of a jet engine.

A 9mm gunshot sounds like someone has detonated a cap full of something in your ear. This is a very loud noise that people tend to associate with the sound of gunfire. In fact, it’s about 10 decibels louder than an average car horn and 110 decibels louder than your typical conversation.

The main ways firearms are used is through shooting them at targets or as a blunt force instrument, which makes these noises very scary if you are in close proximity to it.


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