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Earplug dispenser is a quick way to distribute earplugs

Do you struggle with giving out earplugs at work?

Use this easy-to-store earplug dispenser to keep your office safe and ensure everyone has enough to stay protected from harmful noise.

Everyone should always have access to earplugs, which is why it's so helpful to have an easy way to get them. The earplug dispenser is the best way to keep everyone safe!

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

Earplugs are an important tool for preventing hearing loss. However, giving them out in the office can be a little tricky.

An easy way to make sure everyone has their fair share is to use an earplug dispenser. Many earplugs come in a paper tube or plastic case, making them difficult to store. An earplug dispenser can solve this problem.

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There are two types of dispensers: the hanging type and wall-mount type.

The hanging type usually comes with a lanyard, which you can wear around your neck. This makes it super-convenient for distributing earplugs at events like trade shows and concerts. The wall-mount type is designed for permanent installation in various public places, so users don’t have to hold on to the dispenser.

The wall-mount type is made from ABS engineering plastic. It comes in a variety of attractive shapes and colors, so it’s ideal for the office. It is simple to install, with a step-by-step instruction manual included. The dispenser can hold multiple types of earplugs, and has a built-in counter that shows the remaining supply. It’s easy to load and dispense earplugs into the ear canal.

The hanging type dispenser is made of stainless steel or plastic, which makes it perfect for distributing disposable earplugs at events or concerts. These are often brightly colored to attract users’ attention.

Ear plug dispenser refills

Refills can be purchased separately. They are a great way to meet your needs and stay on budget. We have a variety of options to fit your needs; they include standalone earplugs, refill packages and bulk refill packs.

Advantages of using an earplug dispenser:

  • More convenient than traditional methods of handing out earplugs for employees, clients/patients and guests.

  • It’s great for music events, sporting events and even at the doctors office.

  • Soft earplugs make it easier for the user to insert and remove them.

  • Washable and reusable.

Hands free ear plug dispenser

Some earplug dispenser are hands free, so that you do not have to touch it to dispense the earplugs. Some are equipped with beeps and whistles. The dispenser will announce that there is a change in the supply of earplugs when their count becomes lower than the set amount.

The dispenser can also be used in offices, because employees or clients can use it anytime they need to use them. This helps make sure that everyone has earplugs at all times, which is important for hearing protection.

Industrial ear plug dispenser

Industrial ear plug dispensers are made with a heavy-duty zinc alloy and are hung on the wall or mounted. These dispensers can hold a variety of earplugs, including soft and hard ones.

The dispenser is super simple to load, and refills can be purchased separately. These dispensers ensure every employee has earplugs on hand and using our dispenser ensures employees will use them regularly.

Hearing loss is preventable by using earplugs; however, for many people it is too easy to forget about them or not knowing where they should store them.

Getting The Right Ear Protectors

Getting the earplugs that are right for your body can make all the difference between being able to enjoy music, sports and activities with friends and family.


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when choosing your earplugs. Wall-mounted dispensers are not only more efficient but can also be customized to match the shape of your ear drums.

Many companies sell color coded foam ear plugs in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. These are available online and in many drug stores or sports shops. The foam ear plugs will expand when inserted into the ears; they come with a cord that allows you to pull them out with one hand. You can wear these at work and while travelling as they are discreet and affordable.


Durability is another important factor to consider. Wall-mounted dispensers last longer than their hanging counterparts. However, if you plan to use the dispenser regularly and move it around, a hanging dispenser is the best option as it will not get damaged easily.

Most earplug dispenser are made from ABS engineering plastic or stainless steel depending on its uses and/or length of time on-site. Wall mounted dispensers are easy to install and refill; they come with clear instruction manuals that are easy to understand even for those who do not have much knowledge about the inner works of an earplug dispenser.

NRR Rating

NRR Rating is a measure of how well the earplugs reduce noise, and is usually expressed in decibels (dB). There are three different classes of NRR:

Class I NRR-23 dB

Class II NRR-26 dB

Class III NRR-30 dB

The NRR is not a measure of how well the earplugs reduce the noise, but rather how much additional protection they offer over other types of hearing protection. An NRR rating of 15dB might seem insignificant, but can mean the difference between how loud the music you enjoy is.

While Class I and II NRR ratings are suitable for most people, Class III is best if you want to protect your hearing while going through a particularly loud activity such as shooting guns. If you want earplugs that are great for motorcycle riding or focus on reducing noise while driving, soft earplugs are recommended instead. Soft plugs work well in reducing noise and won’t hurt your ears; they are also good for sleeping at night if the background noise is low.


Size is another factor to consider; ear plug dispensers come in a variety of sizes, small and large. There are also soft and hard earplugs to purchase separately, which are appropriate for different situations.

Hard plugs can be used in noisy environments because they do not compress during use, as well as in loud concerts. People who have trouble hearing or have an injury can wear hard plugs. Soft earplugs are great for sleeping at night if the background noise is low. They will also prevent you from feeling any pressure on your ears when you wear them all day at work or during a concert or sporting event.


Cost is another important factor to consider when deciding which dispenser you would like to purchase. The cheapest earplug dispensers are the ones that you fill or load yourself, but they rarely last long. These are the dispensers that you see hanging from poles at festivals or concerts; they are usually made from plastic and can easily break.

Wall-mounted dispensers also come in different prices depending on the brand, quality and materials used, so it is important to compare them all before deciding.

Ear plug dispenser - foam earplugs

Foam earplugs are effective in blocking out external noises and allow you to maintain audio communication with those around you, however annoying. They are also good for sleeping at night if the background noise is low. These are relatively cheap and easy to use; they come with washable soft earplugs and an applicator that allows you to insert them into your ears with no trouble.

Are foam ear plugs effective?

If you are trying to decide between foam plugs and hard plugs, it is important to note that foam earplugs are not as effective as hard plugs in reducing the volume of external noise. Hard plugs are great for protecting your hearing when going through a particularly loud activity, such as shooting guns. These earplugs give you less sound leakage than foam ones, so these earplugs can also be good for sleeping at night if the background noise is low.

Ear plug dispenser - silicone earplugs

Silicone earplugs are not only effective in blocking out noise but also come with prominent features. One of the primary advantages is that they can be reused; you will no longer be required to buy expensive ear plug dispensers for a few times. They are also fit for sleeping at night if the background noise is low and helpful in reducing noises during activities such as playing sports outdoors, travelling and relaxing in a bar or restaurant.

Are silicone earplugs effective?

Silicone earplugs are a great addition to anyone’s travel bag. They are the most effective type of earplug for reducing noise both in loud and noisy environments. They do not require any lubrication or pressure when used, so you will never have to worry about your ears feeling uncomfortable. These plugs fit into the ears, causing no discomfort even after wearing them for long periods of time.

Soft silicone earplugs are also good for sleeping; these pairs usually come with flanged tips that conform easily to the contour of your ears, which makes them fit comfortably.

The major difference between silicone and foam earplugs is that the former is reusable and more suitable for those who need to reduce sound in loud environments. Although silicone earplugs are good for sleeping at night, they are not as effective in reducing noise as hard plugs.


If you are looking for cheap earplugs that are not only effective but long lasting and reusable, hard plugs should be your choice. If you want soft plugs that will comfortably fit into your ears, silicone earplugs are the best option. While foam plugs are good for reducing noise when sleeping at night, they may cause you discomfort and do not last as long as hard plugs.

Earplug dispensers come in different prices depending on their quality and size; if you want to get an affordable and comfortable ear plug dispenser that is quiet when used, choose the best one according to your needs. These earplugs will definitely help in reducing noise during loud environments such as concerts or sports games while making talking more comfortable.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

Moldex 6882 PlugStation Corded Earplug Dispenser, 150 Pairs, Standard, Green/Blue (Pack of 150)
  • Handy wall-mount dispenser
  • 100 percent pvc-free
  • Highest independently tested to ansi S3.19-1974 with a nrr 33
  • Tapered shape for easy insertion
  • Improved, softer foam for maximum comfort
MOLDEX 6645 Sparkplugs Plug station, Earplug Dispenser (Pack of 500)
  • Eye-catching random color patterns.
  • Comfortable pressure-free fit.
  • Excellent attenuation.
  • PVC-free.
Moldex Meteors PlugStation Curved Shape Foam Dispenser with Earplugs
  • Made in: United States
  • Highest independently tested NRR 33
  • Soft, slow recovery foam and contoured design
  • Independently tested to ANSI S319 1974
  • Provides easy compliance checks

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Other Questions

What signs might you see if someone is experiencing difficulty hearing?

If you notice that someone is having difficulty hearing, there are a few things to watch for. Earplugs can help if the person is experiencing constant ringing or buzzing in their ears. Other signs to look for include: reduced ability to hear high-frequency sounds, trouble understanding conversations due to poor sound quality, and fatigue from constantly struggling to hear.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to speak with a doctor about the person's hearing status and possible solutions.

Will I hear alarm with earplugs?

Even if you have earplugs, you will still hear the alarm. Earplugs are designed to protect your hearing and help block out noise, but they will not protect you from loud noises.

If you are going to be working in a noisy environment, it is important to wear earplugs and consider using a noise machine or other sound-blocking device to help reduce the amount of noise that will bother your ears.

Can I use cotton balls as ear plugs?

Cotton balls are a common item in homes and offices, but many people don't realize that they can also be used as temporary earplugs. If you want to use cotton balls as ear plugs, you'll first need to wet them. Wringing them out will remove any excess water, leaving you with a moist ball.

Once your cotton ball is wet, insert it into your ear canal. Make sure the ball is seated well in the ear canal so it forms a seal against your eardrum. Finally, use your fingers to twist the ball slightly until it forms a tight seal against your eardrum.


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