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Earplugs For Small Ears

People have different sized parts of their body’s, some have big noses, some small feet. In this article, I will be discussing small ears, and mainly focusing on earplugs for small ears. After all just because your ears are small it doesn’t mean that you do not have the same problems as other people at bedtime, or in noisy environments!

There is no universal measurement for ear size, like there is for things like feet. People do not need to know the size of their ear often. The proportions of the ear canal doesn’t vary by quite as much, so Small, Medium and Large sizes will usually suffice

If you have small ears, you can hear as well as people with big ears and need to protect them as the same. Ear size is never really discussed.

Can Earplugs Be Too Big Or Too Small?

Yes, of course, some types of earplugs can be too big for small ears. Butas long as you consider all the options, you can easily find ear plugs for small ear canals, like yours. If you have earplugs and they go too far into the ear hole, tickling the skin inside, they are too small, and you should consider a larger size.

If you have trouble fitting the earplugs, and they stick out a long way or feel wobbly in the ears, then they are too big, and you need smaller plugs. When you have the right-sized earplugs, to test them you need to:

  • Listen to something loud, and check that the plugs block out enough of the sound
  • Wear them for 10 minutes and see if they are still comfortable

When they pass these tests, then you have earplugs of the right size.

Can You Get Earplugs For Small Ears

Are there different sizes of earplugs, suited to small ears? Yes! If you have smaller ears, or ears of any size, then there are still lots of options for ear protection. For example

  • Moldable Earplugs. Soft wax or silicone in a ball is molded into your ear
  • Over-ear Muffs. These cover the ear, so the size of the ear is not important
  • Small Foam Earplugs. Standard foam earplugs, only slimmer!
  • Small Sized Plugs. Several manufacturers make plugs in the sizes-small, medium and large

Moldable Earplugs.

Moldable earplugs are balls of soft wax or silicone that is designed to go into the ear. The ball is softly pressed into the ear to form the exact shape and keep out sound and water. These are ideal if you need extra small earplugs as they come in different sizes.

If you have this type of plug, and it is still too big you can simply break off a piece of the putty to make it smaller. The moldable wax earplugs are great for sleeping, as they are very comfortable, and do not protrude. The silicone variety are suitable for swimming and bathing as they are very waterproof.

If noise is loud or will be experienced for extended lengths of time, then these can be used with a second type of ear defender for greater protection. (Put in the moldable plugs then place muff ear defenders over the top of these)

1. Over-Ear Muffs

These are defenders that go over the top of the ears to block out sounds. As they just cover the ears, they will fit any size (Or maybe they will not work if you have huge ears).

So any standard set of earmuffs should work for you. These are best suited for industrial, work and yard work. They are very obvious (So people realize you can’t hear them) and protect the ears well

2. Small Foam Earplugs

These are your standard foam earplugs but made slimmer to fit the narrower ear. Cheap and disposable.

Small Sized Plugs

The earplugs described above will cover you in most situations where you need hearing protection. However, some of the most useful plugs are the reusable in-ear plugs.

These are best for things like flying, as some are designed to keep the pressure equalized. Also, some of these have small holes that allow some of the sounds in, or there are electronic varieties that take the outside noise and equalize it.

This means that deafening noises are reduced so that they do not damage your hearing, and the quiet sounds are increased so that you can hear them. This is the best option if you are in a noisy environment and still need to hear and speak.

This type of earplug tend to be more expensive, and they are made of rubbers and plastics, so are definitely not a one size fits all solution. Most of the better manufacturers make these plugs in different sizes (small, medium and large) so you should be able to find a pair that fit your ears

The plugs below come in both small and x-small sizes, these are probably the best earbuds for small ear canals (so if you need extra small ear plugs, they are here!)

Children’s Earplugs

Another thing that you can try when you have small ears, is to buy children’s earplugs. (Just throw the box away – No one is going to find out!)

Earplugs for children are the same in every way to the full-sized version, other than they are designed for smaller ears. If all else fails try these. Protecting your hearing is more important than your ego!

Can Earplugs Get Stuck When I Have Small Ears?

Can the earplugs get stuck in my ears? As long as you do not try to force in earplugs that are too big for your ears, they will not get stuck. Always insert any type of plug according to the instructions provided, any earplugs will be simple to remove and will not get stuck in your ears.

Do not be tempted to push them in a little harder, if some noise is still irritating you! Earplugs for small ear canals are made from safe and hygienic materials which are easy to remove.

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Other Possible Problems With Small Ears

Getting extra small earplugs may not be the only problem when you have little ears. A small ear may be considered to be an attractive feature in many cultures, but they can lead to other issues in life

People with small ears generally have smaller ear canals that can become blocked quicker the larger canals. This means that it is more likely that and infection or swimmers ear could occur. These problems can be overcome just by keeping your ear dry and clean.

Small canals also mean the eczema of the ear is more likely. George Murty of ear, nose, and throat at University Hospital in Leicester said. “Your ear canals are lined with skin and, just like skin on the outside of the body, it flakes off.”


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