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Is sleeping with music bad? Using white noise is better!

Not sleeping well?

Using noise-canceling earplugs can be a quick solution to help you relax and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Are you tired of trying to listen to music while you fall asleep only to wake up groggy? Instead, why not invest in a set of some noise-cancelling earplugs? They can really help to block out the sounds of the outside world, which could help you drift off to sleep.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

Is it good to sleep with music on?

Isn't listening to music while you sleep just a little bit better than doing nothing? Scientific studies have shown that listening to music, especially when the tempo is slow, can help you fall asleep faster and have a more restful night's sleep. It also provides a natural mood boost, which could lead to improved performance at work or school the next day.

But if you find your mind racing while your body tries desperately to rest with on-repeat, do yourself a favor and try wearing some noise-cancelling ear plugs. They're an easy way to help get on track with some shut eye.

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What happens if you sleep with music on?

If you find yourself unable to get to sleep without music at some point, don't worry. It's not necessarily your last resort. If anything, it could be a sign that you're over-stressed at work or school, which may be preventing you from getting the rest you need. Consider taking up an exercise routine or making time for quiet reflection in your hectic life.

But if you can't seem to fall asleep when the music is on, think about these options:

  • Choose softer music without lyrics. Music with lyrics may keep your brain focused on decoding the words and prevent you from relaxing enough to fall asleep.

  • Music with lyrics may keep your brain focused on decoding the words and prevent you from relaxing enough to fall asleep. Consider meditating with music instead. Try listening to a guided meditation to help quiet your mind and transition into a more restful state. It's a great way to start unwinding at the end of a long day without making it feel like an extra task that you must do before you can sleep.

  • Try listening to a guided meditation to help quiet your mind and transition into a more restful state. It's a great way to start unwinding at the end of a long day without making it feel like an extra task that you must do before you can sleep. Give yourself 20 minutes maximum in bed with music on.

Does listening to music while sleeping affect your dreams?

A small study in the journal SLEEP suggests that listening to music when you sleep may alter your dreams. Subjects in the study reported dreaming about their favorite music when they were asleep, but the researchers couldn't tell if this was because they were recalling their dream consciously or unconsciously.

So, yes music can influence your dreams, but how it affects you may be more of a subconscious effect.

How can I fall asleep in 10 seconds?

If you're feeling anxious or stressed out, try taking deep breaths. Focus on the breath flowing in and out of your body for 10 seconds, then stop. Try to clear your mind of any extraneous thoughts for 10 seconds. You should feel calmer by the time you hit 20 seconds.

How do you fall asleep fast?

A great way to fall asleep fast is to set aside 10 minutes before bedtime for yoga or stretching exercises that focus on your back and neck muscles. Your body will relax more quickly afterward, making it easier to fall asleep right away. If you're not able to do yoga at home, take advantage of YouTube videos that provide detailed instructions about several types of poses that can help you relax before bedtime.

What happens if you listen to music for too long?

If you tend to fall asleep with music on and wake up feeling fatigued the next day, it's probably time to put down the headphones. The reason you're waking up tired is probably because your mind and body weren't able to fully relax as they should while you were sleeping. Consider taking a moment to meditate before bed or try an exercise routine that can help relax your body and mind.

Why do I hear music in my head when trying to sleep?

When you're trying to fall asleep, your mind usually thinks about what you need to get done the next day. If you tend to be stressed out or worried about the future, your mind could be playing music in your head because it wants to help soothe your body and calm your mind.

It's perfectly natural for this type of internal music to play when you're trying to fall asleep, but if you find it distracting or bothersome, avoid thinking about work or school when you're in bed. Or try taking a musical break for 10 minutes in the morning or evening to distract yourself from worrying. You might use this time to get some exercise or get some fresh air instead of listening to music.

What happens if you listen to music everyday?

When you listen to music all day long, your brain gets used to the sound. You may find that when you go to sleep you start thinking about the same kinds of songs or artists, which could lead to negative associations with different music. It's best to keep your musical selection fresh by listening to new songs at least once every two weeks.

Is it better to sleep in silence?

Yes it can be, but not always. If you have trouble falling asleep, even if it's with music on, consider giving yourself 20 minutes in bed before calling it quits for the night. Your body needs time to unwind in order to fall asleep when you want to, so give it some space to relax when you're in bed.

Also try meditating with music or listening to a guided meditation that will help your mind focus on your breathing or calming thoughts instead of racing thoughts that keep you awake.

What's the best thing to listen to while sleeping?

Sleep experts recommend that you avoid music while sleeping. That's because you'll have more difficulty stopping yourself from thinking about the lyrics or trying to interpret the meaning of the sound. But if you can't get to sleep without some tunes, consider listening to songs with no lyrics or instrumental music instead.

Does music help depression?

Yes, music can help ease depression. Take a look at the studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and Northwestern University that show how soothing music can help people feel better after a stressful day.

If you're looking for new ways to feel happier instead, try listening to classical music or ambient tunes. Research indicates that playing classical music for babies in the NICU leads them to cry less frequently and sleep more soundly, but it isn't clear which type of music is best for adults with depression. Try different genres to see which ones make you feel better when you're having a hard time coping with life's challenges.

Can you get smarter in your sleep?

There are plenty of anecdotal reports that indicate that listening to music while sleeping can help your brain retain or learn information. Scientists are not sure if this is due to the power of music, or other factors connected to sleep.

There are studies that show music improves certain cognitive skills so it may help if you have trouble retaining information the next day. Be sure to review other sleep tips before you try listening to music at night.

What is it called when you learn while sleeping?

Hypnopedia is an attempt to teach someone new information while they're sleeping or in a sleep-like state. You can use hypnopedia to learn a new language, study for the SAT or even train yourself to stop smoking.

Does music help with nightmares?

There's no scientific evidence that it does, but it might help you relax and fall asleep faster. It's best to avoid listening to music that might trigger sad or scary memories if you find yourself having nightmares, which could worsen the experience instead of helping you calm down and fall asleep more easily. Music you enjoy may be more beneficial than something that makes you feel afraid or upset after listening to it.


Listening to music can provide many benefits, but it's important to understand that music affects each person differently. If you find that music keeps you awake at night, it might be better for you to avoid it. If you think the opposite is true and listening to music helps you fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer.

If you're still struggling to fall asleep and want to try listening to music, there are things you can do. Try listening to a certain genre of music at least once every two weeks for two weeks. Then switch to another genre and listen to it for at least two weeks after that. After a few cycles where you try different genres, you might find the one that works the best for your sleep routine.

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Other Questions

Does music help depression?

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects more than 20 million Americans. It’s been linked to a number of conditions, from anxiety and stress to low self-esteem, but one study suggests that music may be an effective treatment for depression.

In the study, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers looked at data from over 300 patients who had received treatment for major depression. They found that those who listened to music frequently reported lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who didn’t listen to music. The benefits were strongest among people who listened to classical music, but there was also some evidence that popular songs could help too.

While the results of this study are preliminary, they suggest that music may be an effective way to treat depression in some people.

Does sleeping with music stop dreams?

In a world where technology constantly surrounds us, it's no wonder that sleep has increasingly become a topic of debate. Some people believe that listening to music before bed can help induce sleep, while others believe that it can actually interrupt the quality of sleep.

A study published in the journal Sleep found that people who listened to calming music before bed reported significantly fewer nightmares than those who did not listen to music. However, the researchers cautioned that this study was small and may not be representative of the general population.

So does sleeping with music stop dreams? The jury is still out. While some studies suggest that music may help improve sleep quality, other studies find that it can actually disrupt dreams. It's likely that there is indeed some benefit to sleeping with music, but more research is needed to confirm these findings.

Does music make you smarter?

Some people believe that listening to music can actually help improve your intelligence. A study in 2016 suggests that people who listened to music regularly had an increased IQ score when compared to those who did not listen to music. Researchers believe that the reason for this is that music helps stimulate brain activity.

There are many different types of music, and each one is likely to affect your intelligence in a different way. Some genres, such as classical or jazz, are thought to be more stimulating than others, and might therefore lead to an increase in IQ scores.


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