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Hearing Protection For Landscapers|Learn How To Use Earplugs

You need hearing protection for landscapers.

If you work outdoors often, it's essential to protect your hearing. In landscaping, there are many loud machines, such as mowers and edgers.

There are some ways you can protect your ears when landscaping. You can wear earplugs or earmuffs, and you can use an ear muffler. If you want the best protection for your ears, you can wear both earplugs and earmuffs.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

tips for landscapers to keep their ears safe

Landscaping is the activity that modifies the look of a garden. Planting trees and flowers make it more attractive. A landscaper is a person trained to do the work of landscaping.

Several activities are in landscaping, from hedge trimming, mowing, weeding, and gardening. All these activities use machines that produce a lot of noise.

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machines have over ninety decibels

The machines have over ninety decibels of noise which can damage your ears. Any noise above eighty-five decibels has the potential of damaging your ears in a short time.

Hearing is one of the five basic human senses. Losing it can be daunting, as you can’t locate any sound movement. You will become dumb.

It's not the machine that damages your ears. It's the prolonged use of the machine that will affect your hearing. Hearing a ''ringing" sound on your ears when sleeping? It's one of the significant signs that you will soon experience hearing loss.

But there are hearing protection devices, designed for landscapers and lawnmowers. Investing in the right device can save your ears. Some machines have decibels of around 130. Using such without hearing protection, will damage your ears within seven minutes.

What to Look for in Hearing Protection for Landscapers

When choosing the best hearing protection, it's good to look out for the one that best fits you. There different models in the market designed for landscapers only.

You can use earplugs or earmuffs. Earplugs are small devices put inside the ear to block any oncoming sound. They protect the inside of the ear only though comfortable.

Earplugs have straps for hanging them around your neck when not in use. They have limited options and are not adjustable. You cannot listen to any ambient noise or even music at your comfort. They are the best option for some casual settings, like sleeping in a noisy area or working in a welding site.

Earmuffs are the best and most favorable. They cover the whole ear and hang across your head. You can listen to your favorite music, using them because they are Bluetooth enabled. They are adjustable and comfortable.

They are ideal for starters, as you don't need to stuff anything in your ear. You need only to cover your ear and continue working. Some earmuffs are electronic, while others are not. Either way, they all serve the same purpose, though.

Thorough market research will help you to identify what's best. You need to consider a few characteristics of these devices before buying them.

What to Consider

You need a hearing protection device that will be convenient. Investing in the best will save you more bucks and noise stress. Before buying, you need to consider many factors. They include;


Some earmuffs comprise heavy materials. The lighter the device, the easier it is to carry around. Earplugs are small and easy to carry around. Consider in investing in a portable type.


You don't need to buy a hearing protection device every time. Earplugs comprise silicone and sturdy foam. When taken good care of, they last longer save for the way they operate in your ear.

Lawn specific

There are different types of hearing protection. Each designed with the job specification. Buy the one for lawnmowers and landscapers for easy compatibility.

Easy fitting

Landscaping is not an everyday activity. It's done after some growth comes up. Picking a device that fits with no complications will save you time. Some mowing can last up to eight hours. You don't want to waste your time trying to fit the hearing device.


Mowing machines, vibrate the whole body. It would help if you had very comfortable hearing protection. It helps to prevent you from hearing the vibrations. The more comfortable it is, the faster you run the machine. Earmuffs can't operate together with head helmets. Because of the long head pad, which cuts across the head, it becomes uncomfortable. Here, you can opt for earplugs.

Noise Reduction

More noise reduction rate (NRR) means less noise. If you want to listen to music from your earmuffs, don't choose a device with high NRR. You might not hear even your alarm. Balance the noise reduction rate with comfort.

Noises When Landscaping

The following infographic shows a list of the various noises when you are out and about. Any noise over 70-80db over a long period of time may cause damage to your hearing. A noise of over 120dB may cuase immediate harm to your ears

Benefits of Hearing Protection for Landscapers

Hearing protection is not only beneficial to the mower. But also beneficial to the entire landscaping crew. The significant advantage is noise reduction. Below are other several benefits of hearing protection devices.

  • Helps work better without listening to the machine
  • Increases productivity
  • Continuous use of hearing protection helps you work for long, even at an older age.
  • Your ears functioning is not distorted.
  • Less after work stress because of noise reduction.
  • You can work for long hours.
  • Convenient as come with radio function to keep you entertained

Many factors can cause hearing loss. The noise is the primary player. Avoiding noisy places or using hearing protection devices will save your vital sense.

When doing landscaping, you can’t avoid noise. The machines used for doing this work use power while others use petrol.

Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and weed eaters are very noisy and can crack your eardrum. For them to do a clean job, they need to run very fast, producing a very sharp sound. Reduction of this noise compromises results.

Using the right hearing device can help you speed up the machine for better results. And without damaging your ears.

Occupational safety recommends the use of hearing protection devices. That is for any noise above eighty-five decibels. Though gradual, you can lose your hearing ability. That is from as fast as seven minutes, depending on the number of decibels the machine is producing.

Employers should provide hearing protection devices to their employees. Tell them on their benefits and uses to ensure they stay longer at work.

All farm machines produce a lot of noise because they are fuel-driven. It then becomes cheaper to invest in one hearing protection device. Be used when operating all the devices.

Consider buying a protective hearing device to use with the farm tools. If you are an upcoming gardener or landscaper. There are a variety of devices that can serve the purpose of the hearing protector. Even if you only get the basic, it will still save your ears.

How to work as a landscaper

For those not familiar with the term "landscaping", it is the process of using tools to construct and maintain a garden or grounds. Landscaping professions include outdoor work such as lawn maintenance, planting and pruning trees, constructing a mall, etc. The term usually refers to professional landscapers rather than amateurs.

Landscapers need an extensive amount of tools in order for their job to be successful. Here are some tips:

Work as a team

To ensure safety, it is very important to work as a team. When working with others, communication is key. It is important to show and provide feedback. The back and forth conversation will help you know what your doing and what the others are doing. It will ensure safety, as one person can go ahead without another, but should have a third in case something happens to one of them.

Work at safe heights

The best practice is to work on flat surfaces or at ground level with a long handled shovel, rake or broom and wear sturdy boots that cover your ankles for complete balance and support. To further enhance safety, use a step stool when you need to reach higher ground areas.

Work with caution in slippery conditions

This mainly applies in rainy and snowy weather conditions. The best way to prevent slips and falls during slippery weather conditions is to move slowly when you are out in the garden or working on a slope that has mud present.

Wear earplugs to avoid hearing loss

Landscaping can be very loud due to the equipment that is used and the power behind it. It is important to wear earplugs to avoid permanent damage to your hearing. Hearing loss may be irreversible and normally happens over a period of time, but it is possible to get protection from it.

Wear safety goggles when needed

Safety goggles may be needed when working with dangerous chemicals or even if you are just working at heights. Goggles can minimize damage to your vision.

Wear protective clothing

First and foremost, it is of the upmost importance to wear protective clothing when working. This includes overalls, gloves, and boots. If you are not used to wearing protective clothing, it is advised to use layers. Wear clothing that can protect you from the elements and keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Work with caution around electrical supplies

While working in the soil, it is important to not be over zealous when digging up the soil. The last thing you want to do is get electrocuted. This is very common and happens more than you think. Wear gloves when digging in soil near electrical wires. It is also recommended to work with caution around gas pipes, as they are also a potential electrocution hazard.

Have a first aid kit handy

It is important to be on the safe side and have a first aid kit handy with you at all times while working. This way, if anything does go wrong, you will have the tools to help keep yourself and others safe. First aid kits should be stocked with bandages, gauze, and splints.

Check out dangerous tree roots carefully

Even though it is recommended to have a safety harness when working around trees, it is still important to pay attention. Tree roots are very strong and can cause severe harm to you if not kept in check. It is important to stay low when touching tree roots, because they can be as sharp as any other blade.

Be careful not to get any of the poison ivy or poison oak rash from time to time. This poison will leave an often painful rash that could last for weeks. In some cases a scar may sometimes be permanent.

Carry tools that fit your needs well

A good rule of thumb is to carry tools that are small enough for you to manage effectively as well as having an adequate weight to them. When carrying weights, make sure to use the appropriate tools based on the job at hand. Not all tools are suitable for every job.

Use traction devices when on slippery surfaces

Traction devices are great for helping you walk on slippery surfaces. They prevent sudden slips and falls, especially when moving up steep hills of muddy ground. You can also use them to reduce the likelihood of trip and fall accidents.

Wear safety gear while working around electrical outlets

Even though it is best to stay away from electrical outlets when possible, they are a necessity for many jobs. Some jobs may require you to be near them such as installing and repairing electrical wiring. In this case it is best to wear protective gear such as gloves, long sleeved shirt, and a hat while working near them.

Plugs can be a hazard when using power tools so make sure to wear ear plugs while working on this equipment either in the same room or nearby.

Avoid working in the dark

Many people are unaware of how dangerous it can be to work outside in the dark, especially if you are working around electricity. It is best not to use outdoor lights unless you absolutely need to, and this includes wearing night vision goggles. This will help reduce accidents that may occur at night when you least expect it.


Overall, it is important to be safe while working outside of the house. This is especially true in hazardous weather conditions. These tips will help you prevent any major dangers from occurring so you and your family can stay safe and protected.

It is crucial to be safe while working outside, especially in hazardous weather conditions unless it is an emergency situation. While power tools such as leaf blowers can be dangerous if improperly used or overloaded with debris, it's important not to use them without proper directions so that you're not risking yourself or others.

Ear protection will help keep you safe from hearing loss if you use the proper equipment while you're working.


Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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Other Questions

What are the 6 main types of landscapes?

A landscape is an area of land and its feature in a specific country. Earth comprises a variety of landscapes, and they are divided into two categories, namely natural and human. The six main types of landscapes include mountain, coastal, riverine, desert, karst, and tropical rainforest.

Mountain landscapes are created because of tectonic plates present on the earth's surface, whereas coastal landscapes are formed due to wind and waves. The natural flow of water, such as a river, forms riverine landscapes.

Desert is an area that receives very little rain, while karst landscapes form when a bedrock gets thinner because of acidic water. Finally, tropical rainforests are forest near the equator that receives tons of rainfall and sunlight.

What is the basic goal of landscaping?

A landscape is unique because it comprises specific features and things that give it a different appearance from other landscapes. The main goal of landscaping is to form a cheerful environment around a specific building and give its residents a beautiful view.

If a building has a beautiful design and attractive appearance, but its surroundings are dull, its beauty won't appeal to people. Landscaping helps give a building or an area a more attractive look. It includes planning the walkways, lawns, drives, and gardens in the area surrounding a building. A carefully-planned landscaping project enhances the aesthetic appeal of an area.

What makes a landscape beautiful?

A landscape is a beautiful area of land and its surroundings, which gives aesthetic pleasure. The key elements which make a landscape beautiful include types of plants, their colors, texture, line, and arrangement, etc. It should be designed carefully to ensure it looks attractive and appealing.

For example, sometimes landscapers add drought-tolerant plants along with delicate and beautiful plants in order to reduce the extra care required to maintain it. If these two types of plants are not mixed and matched properly, it will create an ugly look. You need to blend colors and use layers to give your landscape a more striking look.


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