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Why you need a earbud case - How to carry your earplugs!

Your earbuds deserve to be safe and sound, no matter what adventure you take.

Whether you prefer folding or non-folding cases, there are lots of options for you to choose from. Get your earbuds protected by checking out our selection of custom-fit cases.

With a case, you’ll have your earbuds safely tucked away from the elements and protected from scratches and other hazards. And you can always make your case look awesome with the different color options.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

Tired of your earbuds bouncing around in your backpack or purse? They are probably the most important piece of gear for many people’s commute - but they’re not always easy to keep track of. With a wireless earbud, a case is necessary to keep them from getting damaged.

If you want to take your earbuds on hiking trips or any other outdoor adventure, then you should get a strong case for them that will prevent damage and tangling. If you are using wireless in-earbuds of some sort, there is more risk of tangling, which makes it more important to get a case.

If you have the time and inclination, you could make your own custom-fitted earbud case out of felt or something similar, but if time is limited, then consider buying one that is ready made. There are many styles available, including folding ones in lots of different colors and sizes, as well as clear ones that will show off the beauty of your earbuds.

Do you need a case for wireless earbuds?

Yes, the wireless needs the case for charging, traveling, transporting and storing. They are good at protecting your earbuds, especially if they are delicate ones.

What should you consider when choosing a case?

You should look at the material of the case and how it will help keep the earbuds safe and free from damage.

The case should be small so that it can fit in a pocket or purse easily and transport a few different pairs of earbuds as well. A durable zipper will prevent tangling and keep things secure while in storage. Consider how easy it will be to open and close the case and clean it if there is anything that might get inside of it such as dirt or dust.

What if I lost my charging case?

If you have a pair of earphones, buy a replacement case. So if you want to get a replacement case for your earphones, you can go to the official website and place an order there, or from this page!

Can I charge my earbuds case only?

Yes, you can charge the case while wearing your earbuds.

For best results, wipe it with a dry or damp cloth every few days, in order to clean any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on it, and apply a small amount of clear nail polish to stop the leather from cracking. Then use a light coat of oil to keep it from drying out too much in extreme weather such as snow or rain.

Should you always put earbuds back in case?

Yes, you should always put back your earbuds in case when you are not using them. This will keep them charged and working.

How can I charge my earbuds without the case?

Most cannot be charged without the case, one that can usually have a USB type port. If you do not have the case, new ones can be purchased.

Can earbuds damage your ears?

Yes, damage to the ear can be caused by the earbuds. 1-2 hours a day is a safe time to use earphones, but never more than that. Damage to the ear can occur if you wear them too close, or if they are not correctly fitted in the ear.

Can you overcharge earbuds?

No, you cannot. Once the charge is complete, there is no way to continue charging.

How long before my earbuds need to be charged?

This depends on the size of the earbuds and their power ratings, but they should last you many hours easily. If you use them daily, then consider getting a second pair that you can use while the first pair is charging.

How long should earbuds last?

3 months to 2 years with normal usage. More expensive pairs last longer. The battery life is determined by a lot of factors, but most important ones are charging habits and usage habits. If you want your earbuds to last longer, consider getting a larger capacity battery.

How long do earbuds charge last?

Approximately 5 hours, depending on the model, and take 1-2 hours to recharge. The case can recharge the battery’s 4-5 times

How can I make my Bluetooth earbuds last longer?

You can turn off your earphones when you are not using them, use earplugs that block out noise, and consider using high-quality earphones to get better sound quality. If you have the newest pair of earbuds with a good quality battery, they should last you over 4 hours without a problem.

If your earbuds are not working, you might need to reset the device or try turning it on and off. Also, be sure to check the power or charging light for any sign of issues. You can also check to see if your wireless device is charged on some devices. There is an indicator light that displays this information.

Can I buy one earbud?

Yes, you can. It’s up to you how cheap you want your earphones, but it is best to get a pair that is around the same price. The earphones will be the same price and a suitable set of earphones will last years while a cheap set will only last months. It is better to buy one of the same set.

How many hours a day should you wear headphones?

One hour per day if you listen to the World Heath Organisation. Most people use the earphones for 1-2 hours a day, some use fewer and some find they don’t need the earphones but watch TV or listen to music or even their phone or computer.

What are the best headphones?

High-quality headphones that have been tested by experts will provide better sound quality. Sennheiser, Bose, Sony, Panasonic and other high-quality brands are known for having excellent sound quality and are usually recommended as the best sets of headphones for people who want good sound quality.

Do expensive headphones last longer?

Yes, they do and if you want to get a very good pair of headphones, check out the best high-quality headphones such as Sennheiser, Bose and Sony, for example.

How much should high quality earbuds cost?

Although everyone is different, I would say that a good pair of headphones should cost around $20-$35.

If you want to really save money, then buy any earphones on Amazon. They are inexpensive but they cannot compare with brand name brands that have been tested by experts.

Are earbuds waterproof?

Some are, and some are water resistant. You will need to look at the specifications to find out if your earbuds are water resistant, and if they are, then how much you can use them before they get damaged.

How can I clean my case?

You can clean the case with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before putting your earbuds inside. If there is anything on the case that is sticky, use something like rubbing alcohol or even hand sanitizer with it.

Check the labels of whatever you used to ensure that it will not make any marks on your case or damages it in any way. You should also keep an eye on any liquids that might get into your ears while using them, as they are not waterproof and may damage them as well.

How to keep the sound quality?

As we know wireless earbuds are for convenient, it is necessary for us to care about how to keep the sound quality of earphones and wireless earbuds themselves. Here we give some suggestions on how to keep the good quality of sound:

  1. Keep your wireless headphones clean. Keep the earbud case clean, too. Use a gentle cleaning spray on a soft cloth. Otherwise, dirt and debris can enter the earbuds and spoil the sound.

  2. Take care of your headphones. If you are going to be wearing your wireless earphones for a long time, you should let them breathe by putting them in their cases for brief intervals when you listen or removing them completely when not in use.

  3. Be sure the wireless headphones actually fit your ears.  If your ears are large or small, this can cause problems with fit and comfort. Try them on before buying to make sure they fit properly.

  4. Use the right storage cases. Many earbuds come with their own storage cases, but if you have a favorite pair of earbuds and forgot to keep them in a case before you left the house, or if your earbuds have gotten tangled and damaged, you might need to buy a new case to keep them safe.

  5. Clean your headphones thoroughly before storing them.  This will help prevent them from getting dirty again when you want to use them next and keep the sound quality as good as possible.

  6. Be careful how you use your earphones and carry your headphones.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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  • How to Pair with iPhone: Turn on the Bluetooth, plug the earbuds into the charging case and keep the lid opening. Press and hold the button seconds. When the indicator turns green and flashes, release the button to enter the pairing mode. When it pops up on your screen, click to connect. After succeed to connect, click the button again to end the pairing mode.
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  • ✔【Safety lock Design and Usage】: The earphone shell is composed of upper and lower shells, adopts a split structure, and has a safety lock function on the front. Press the front locking button to automatically open the top cover. Don't worry about the top cover automatically opening the earphones and dropping and losing your Galaxy Buds Live/Pro/2 when you're out.
  • ✔【Materials and Protection】: This cover is made of rugged military-grade hard PC material .The four corners are wrapped with a double-layer air cushion structure. Angle cushion technology protects your Galaxy Buds Live/Pro/2 charging case against bumps, drops and scratches etc.
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Other Questions

How do you clean swimming ear plugs?

Using foam earplugs, the best thing to do is to fill a bowl with cleaning solution – hydrogen peroxide is recommended by many audiologists. To clean, just add the ear plugs into the cleaning solution for a few minutes, then wipe them.

How often should you clean ear plugs?

Ideally, every time that you want to use the earplugs. After we have used them, there will be ear dirt on them. Cleaning using the above method works well.

Can earplugs cause permanent tinnitus?

This is not the case. It may sound like having tinnitus after using the earplugs, as there will be blockages in the ear from swimming. This is not permanent and will soon disappear


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