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Youth ear protection for migraines: Teenagers are more prone to migraines!

Migraine headaches are painful and disabling. Don't let your child suffer from one!

Find the best youth ear protection for migraines on the market. We've compiled a list of the best (and some not-so-good ones too).

Do your kids have migraine headaches? If so, they should wear ear protection for migraines.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

Did you know migraines are actually more common among teenagers? Now, to further complicate things, migraine sufferers are now being advised to wear ear protection to avoid being affected by loud noises. But how do you find the perfect ear protection for your child?

Search no more. Right here we’ve compiled a list of the best youth ear protection for migraines on the market (and some not-so-good ones too). We’ll also offer insight into what makes these products great or not so great.

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Is it normal for a teenager to get headaches?

Up to 75% of teenagers suffer from headaches, but with some of them experiencing them more than others. It’s really important to understand what causes these headaches and treat them accordingly.

Most obvious reason for a teen suffering from migraines is their diet– if you’re eating a lot of wheat and processed foods, it can cause inflammation, which will cause migraines. So trying to avoid these foods right away can be very effective.

When should a teenager worry about headaches?

If they have other symptom as well, like paralysis, blurred vision or dizziness, then it may be time to see a doctor, however, there are other reasons they may experience headaches.

A teenager’s body is most often under great pressure to produce the hormones of growth and development. This is mainly because of changes going on in their brain, which are changing the way their brain responds to physical and emotional stress. A teen can easily become over-stressed by a lot of things like school, friends, family and romantic relationships and this can cause a headache frequently

Teenagers are more prone to migraines at this age as compared with adults because their systems are still not fully developed. So adjustments have to be made too when promoting them from childhood into adulthood.

How do you tell the difference between a headache and a migraine?

Headaches are by-products of other reasons, so it's tricky to tell if it’s a migraine or not. Although it is important to have a good understanding of what causes headaches and how to react, it is equally essential that you know when you should do nothing at all.

Sometimes the cause of your headache may be something out of your hands and the best thing to do when this happens is to wait for them to get better on their own. If they don’t, consult a professional.

Usually, a migraine is a more intense pain that starts in one location and then spreads to other parts of the head. So physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound are observed along with visual disturbances like redness or blurred vision.

When should I be concerned about my child’s headache?

If a headache is causing any unusual physical or emotional symptoms, then you should consult a doctor immediately. If there is no improvement after consulting the doctor, they may need to be referred to a neurologist.

One of the most common causes of teen’s headaches is stress. So it’s important to keep them calm, relaxed and make sure they’re getting enough sleep. A lot of teens also get headaches from over-use of electronics like cell phones and computers – so try to limit their computer time to half an hour every day and encourage outdoor activities as much as possible.

If a headache last for 12 hours or more, causes vomiting or any other physical symptoms, consult an expert or a doctor as soon as possible.

How do you treat a migraine in a teenager?

Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen are some of the most common drugs used to treat a headache, but they should never be used for over three days, as they can cause rebound headaches.

Acetaminophen is best for children, however teenagers with high blood pressure or allergic reactions to acetaminophen should not use it.

Ibuprofen is best for those who have or have had a peptic ulcer or any other bleeding disorder. It can also cause alcohol intolerance and asthma sufferers must never take ibuprofen as it may lead to asthma attacks .

Naproxen may be better for teenagers with migraines, but it is also likely to cause rebound headaches.

What causes teenage top get a migraine?

There are several reasons that can cause a teenager to experience migraines, but only a few of them are common. So it’s important to get a clear understanding of the causes because different treatments are applied depending on the cause.

Stress is a very common cause of teenager’s headaches, but this is not applicable in all cases. So it’s important that you know what exactly causes your child’s migraine before you treat them.

Dehydration is another common cause of migraine in teenagers. So it’s very important to make sure your child does not experience dehydration of any kind, especially through summer. If you suspect your child is dehydrated, let them drink some water and see if the headache gets better or not.

Hormonal changes that occur during teenage years can also cause migraines. This is because their body is still adjusting to becoming a teenager and this process can cause headaches and other physical symptoms like sore throat and tummy aches.

Caffeine and certain chemicals called nitrites are also potential causes of migraines in teenagers. These can be found in foods like bacon, hot dogs, lunch meats and cold cuts, so it’s important to limit your child’s intake of these foods.

Some teenagers get a headache because their diet is not well balanced. So if your child is eating lots of junk food or fast food, it will cause headaches. Eating more vegetables and fruits can help them avoid this issue.

Teenagers with problems like depression, ADD or ADHD are also prone to migraines because their brains are going through a lot of changes at once which may not be compatible with each other.

Teenagers usually suffer from migraines because they got used to mild headaches as children and now their body has become dependent on medicines to relieve pain or suppress headaches, which makes them predisposed to several other health problems

In teens, the brain is still developing and no one can tell when exactly a point will be reached when their headaches will cause any problems. Some people may have only mild headaches and have no serious ones until their forties or fifties.

Can too much screen time cause migraines?

Yes, it can. If your teen spends hours on the computer, there are a lot of factors that could contribute to this issue.

And for screen time, too much time spent looking at screen can cause eyestrain and behind-the-eyes tension and dry eyes and headaches because the eyes are constantly being exposed to bright light. So they should be kept away from the screens as much as possible.

If there is any pain or discomfort after prolonged use of computers, you should definitely consult an expert.

The 20-20-20 rule is one of the best ways to prevent headaches while on the computer. This rule means that every 20 minutes you should look away from your screen and focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. So if possible, your teen should keep an eye timer with them at all times and make sure that after every 20 minutes they get some time to relax their eyes.

How do you get rid of a migraine without medicine?

There are several ways to get rid of a migraine without medicine

1) Avoid sights and sounds that trigger a headache

Your child should avoid bright lights, loud noises and powerful smells whenever they are having a headache. It’s important to stay away from any activities that may make their head hurt.

2) Limit caffeine

If your child drinks coffee, soda or energy drinks regularly, then this can cause them to have headaches more often than usual. So try to limit caffeine intake as much as possible and strive for green tea instead.

3) Limit spicy foods

This is also a very important cause of headaches and migraines. If your child eats spicy foods often, their body may produce more endorphins, which can lead to headaches. So your child should avoid any kind of hot foods and spices as much as possible.

4) Limit salt

This is not only a cause of headaches but also it can lead to other health issues like fluid retention, nausea, stomach pain and acid reflux. So your child should stay away from salty and oily foods as much as possible.

5) Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol can make a headache worse because of the dehydrating effects. So limit alcohol intake as much as possible. Some sources advise to completely avoid alcohol for two weeks before you try to get rid of the migraine without medicines.

What foods trigger migraines?

Some common foods that can cause a migraine are:

1) Alcohol

2) Chocolate can also cause headaches or migraines if your child eats it frequently.

3) Processed foods that have artificial flavors and sugars added to them.

4) Fried foods like French fries, onion rings and potato wedges .

5) Carbonated and caffeinated drinks which can dehydrate you. So try to limit these types of drinks as much as possible. Water is a far better alternative for all of them.

6) Refined foods like white flour, sugar and white rice.

7) Caffeine and most common caffeine based products like soda, coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc.

8) Dairy products that are not well balanced with proteins may also cause migraines.

9) Citrus fruits and juices can also trigger migraines.


So there you have it! If you want to get rid of migraines, there are many things that you can do to help your child prevent headaches. By following these simple tips, your kid will stay well and healthy.

Never hesitate to get stressed about getting rid of a migraine without medicine because there is nothing you can’t live without. With the right knowledge and the right habits, your child will get rid of migraines without medicine.

If your child is going through a lot of headaches, it’s very important to take them to a doctor and get the diagnosis done so you can treat the issue properly.


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Other Questions

How long do migraines last for?

They can last from 3 to 70 hours. The time will vary according to the type of migraine, the location of the headache, and age. The younger the child is, the shorter its duration.

Headache can cause drowsiness and if they last longer than 48 hours or if they are severe, it can cause dizziness and lightheadedness. But this doesn’t mean that your child cannot attend school as long as they don’t stay awake at all times or feel nauseous or sick while at school.

Is migraine serious?

A migraine is not serious, just uncomfortable. They can be treated and prevented. There are many types of migraines and they all respond differently to treatment.

Usually a child will experience a whole-body migraine that can last anywhere between 1-3 days. The headaches will come at different points throughout the day and sometimes they may get worse at night when they are trying to sleep.

Can migraine be cured?

No, migraine can’t be cured completely because a person who is susceptible to migraines will continue to have them. But they can control it and respond better to treatment.

The migraines won’t go away on their own and the person will continue getting them, but it’s possible to find a solution that works for you.

If your child is suffering from migraine, consult a doctor for the treatment and preventive measures. This can help your child live a life with reduced migraines without spending days in bed pounding their head against it!


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