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Ear Plugs Vs. Ear Muffs: Which Are Better?
Ear muffs and ear plugs are designed to protect your ears from loud noises. Both can be used to prevent damage from loud noises, but they differ in how they work. Ear muffs cover the entire ear, while ear plugs only cover the outer part of the ear. This means that the muffs are more effective at pro...
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How To Sleep Better, If You Are A Light Sleeper.
If you are a light sleeper like me, this article is for you. It will go through some tips and techniques to help you sleep better, even if life is keeping you up. Lifestyle changes can be difficult when it comes to sleeping but there are things we can do, like wearing earplugs to block out noise or...
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How To Sleep Better, If You Are Sharing Your Bed With Someone.
If you’re sharing a bed with someone else, you’re going to need to find a way to get some sleep. Fortunately for you, there are a few simple strategies that can help you rest. Some of these strategies include taking allergy pills; drinking alcohol; keeping your room cool and dark; and using ear...
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How To Sleep Better, If You Are Sharing A Room.
Nowadays, we are surrounded by noise. And sometimes that noise keeps us awake all night. Whatever the case may be, a few ear plugs can make all the difference in your sleeping experience. ...
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Can Hearing Aids Cause Vertigo? And What To Do About It!
Vertigo is one of the most common, yet misunderstood, hearing-related disorders. It is characterized by a false perception of movement. Vertigo occurs when the inner ear is overloaded with unbalanced sensory input....
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How to clean ear wax from your hearing aid
Ear wax (also known as Otitis Externa or Cerumen) is a natural substance that protects your ears from bugs and germs. So, how do you know if you have too much ear wax? You usually feel it in the ear canal?...
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Hearing Aids for Children: Making Sense of the Options
There are many ways in which you can prepare your child for hearing aids. Whether you should tell your child that he or she is being fitted with hearing aids is just a matter of opinion. You may not tell your child and let him or her figure it out on his or her own....
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Hearing Aids for Young Adults: Making Sense of the Options
We hear from our patients that the first signs of hearing loss in young people are usually at the same time they’re experiencing another change in their lives like moving to a new city, starting a job, or getting married. We want our patients to be confident and comfortable with themselves and the...
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