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Hi, I am Nick, and I have suffered with ear problems my whole life, mainly tinnitus. I have tried a lot of products to help protect my ears over this period, and several devices to block out the constant ringing
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Nick Le Page – My Story

Hi, My name is Nick, and I have had hearing problems most of my life. These problems are probably due to hereditary conditions, as on my father’s side of the family, several people have issues (My father, Grandfather, and several aunts have severe hearing problems). When in Primary and Junior school, I had to go to the hospital for extra tests after having standard hearing assessments in school. At about the age of 8 or 9, I remember when I was in a very quiet room, I could hear a faint high pitched hum. This was the start of my Tinnitus! Now over 40 years later, my Tinnitus is much worse. As I have had the problem so long, my brain automatically blocks the sound out, until someone mentions Tinnitus, then I can immediately hear it. This means that unlike some people, the constant high pitched noise does not stop me sleeping I do have trouble hearing the Television unless it is loud, and I am continually adjusting the sound up and down as I cannot hear people talking, but the music is too loud! Also, in a bar, I cannot hear people well if the is background music or other background sounds. The last time I saw a doctor about this, I was offered hearing aids. It was just my vanity, being under 50 and not wanting to look older, that I do not have them now!
Are you having problems hearing? If so, those around you already know it. Hearing loss is no laughing matter, so don’t be a punchline.

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