Airsoft ear protection. It's a must have for any airsoft player

The need for airsoft players to wear protective gear is something that should go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning again before getting into some of the reasons why this is a good idea. Your eyes and your ears are the most important parts of your body when you’re playing a game related to guns.

If you want to be a good airsoft player, being able to hear, and being able to protect your hearing, should be a priority.

If you have an earmuff that can fit snugly inside your helmet, then it’s worth picking one up. Earmuffs are the best way to protect your hearing from dirt and debris that can fly into it from being shot, but they’re also useful for purely tactical reasons as well. The noise from an airsoft gun that travels into an earmuff can drown out other noises that you need to know about during the game.

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If require the Best Hearing Protection for this item, and do not want to read the entire article, below are my recommended ear protection.

What Is Airsoft

Airsoft is a sport, where participants eliminate opponents by hitting them with spherical plastic projectiles launched via replica firearms. Air soft guns are usually powered by compressed gas and feature blowback, tip-up or tip-down barrel designs for enhanced realism.

The sport is most popular in the USA, Europe and Australia, where teams of recreational and hobby players often meet each other and those playing police or military personnel. There is also an increasing number of players for whom the sport is a way of life, who compete as part of organised teams. The rules governing Airsoft are like those governing paintball, although some differences exist as well.

Do you need ear protection for airsoft?

Yes. There’s no way around it. Airsoft is loud and can be very loud. If you’re going to play in a loud environment, you have to be prepared. In the past, the recommendation has been to use noise, reducing earmuffs or earplugs. While these work well, if you don’t want to risk being deafened by an airsoft gun shot, they also have their drawbacks.

Most times, it’s hard to decide which is more uncomfortable: the discomfort of wearing hearing protection or the discomfort of not wearing hearing protection. If you can find a pair of earmuffs that fit nicely inside your helmet and are comfortable, then go for it. If not, don’t worry about it too much - wear whatever type of protection is comfortable for you.

Cheap airsoft headset

These are better than nothing, but they’re still not ideal. Wearing ear protection in the field cuts down on situational awareness to some degree. These are an acceptable alternative when needing to save money, but you should do everything possible to protect your hearing when possible.

There is good news if you’re an airsoft player looking for quality airsoft headsets, though. As technology improves, so does what is available in the hearing protection industry. Technology has increased the quality of your average home stereo and it’s doing the same thing for your average quality of ear sight-saving technology today.

More Expensive airsoft headset

The best of the best there is in the hearing protection industry and they may cost a little more than your standard ear muffs and ear plugs, but they’re worth every penny if you care about your hearing and want to protect it. Don’t skimp on expensive airsoft headsets - buy the top of the line equipment available for your airsoft needs.

Preferably, though, look into something that provides both noise reduction and protection from sound-deadening materials such as foam or plastic materials that can be found on most airsoft guns.

Airsoft headset with mic

Airsoft headsets with a mic are a great way to increase your airsoft experience. It’s important that you understand how these work, though, as they’re not always as simple as they sound.

Communication from airsoft players to their teammates is essential for good coordination and teamwork. The secondary function of the microphone is to allow you to communicate with people who use walkie-talkies or rely on the radio waves system used by airsoft guns themselves. This means that you can easily communicate with your team without wasting time stopping and starting up a channel every few seconds.

Which headset is comfortable?

The comfort level of a headset is something that you should pay close attention to. The more comfortable a headset is, the better you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s going on around you.

In addition, this means that it will be easier for your teammates to listen to directions from you during the game. If you’re not comfortable in your headset, then it’s going to be much more difficult for your teammates to listen and understand what you’re saying when it counts. If their ability to hear what you have to say can make or break a mission during the game, then it’s important for everyone in the platoon to wear a quality airsoft headset with a mic.

Why headphones are so expensive?

The reason headphones are so pricey is that they have to have several things in order to do all the things that they’re used for. It’s not just a matter of comfort, but also a matter of durability, sound quality, and functionality.

Since your helmet is going to come into direct contact with the protection being provided by your headphones, you have a better chance of being able to use them if they’re comfortable as well as durable. In addition, it’s important that your headphones are high quality and powerful.

When it comes to the price, though, the biggest determining factor is going to be the quality of the materials being used at their creation. They have to stand up under any amount of punishment, regardless of how much you put them through. In addition to this, a quality headset should be able to stand up well against all kinds of other kinds of construction problems as well.

Warning Signs - How To Tell If You Are Going Deaf?

If you notice any of the following signs, it is highly likely that you are going deaf – if not already – and should see a doctor as soon as possible:

  1. A feeling of pressure in the ears, including tinnitus (ringing) or vertigo (dizziness).

  2. Difficulty understanding speech on the phone.

  3. Constant need to turn up the volume on TV or radio.

  4. Difficulty hearing someone who is whispering or shouting at close range. If people complain, you mumble too much when talking to them. It is quite possible that this is because you can hear yourself, but others can’t hear you well enough over your voice.

  5. Difficulty concentrating in noisy environments, such as in a crowded room or a music festival.

  6. Difficulty communicating clearly when talking to someone who is speaking too quietly. If you do not hear what they are saying well enough, you will have a hard time understanding them, which can cause misunderstandings and even misunderstandings that can lead to dire consequences.

If you have any of the symptoms described above, then you should see a doctor immediately. Even if the signs only appear occasionally, it is important that you see your doctor right away because it’s possible that they could become more and more frequent and result in actual hearing loss.

Who Is At Risk?

Everyone over the age of 40 is at risk of going deaf, though some people are more at risk than others. If you are an airsoft player, then you are probably not on the list of people who are at risk of going deaf.

However, you can’t assume that you’ll never go deaf because if you don’t use hearing protection equipment regularly or even if you are wearing one when on the field, then it’s quite possible that your hearing could degrade slowly.

The main reason this happens, though, is because most people spend so much time squinting in front of their screens and with their phones.

How Much Is Impaired Hearing Worth?

Total hearing loss is a very serious problem. Even if your hearing is gradually getting worse and it is affecting your ability to hear everything clearly, the consequences may not be as serious as you might think.

The biggest consequences that you will experience if your hearing becomes progressively worse over time are:

  1. Difficulty with listening to the radio or music. You will never fully appreciate all the nuances in these kinds of things unless you have perfect hearing and would rather lose it than lose them because of poor quality headphones.

  2. Difficulty with your job if you are a licensed driver. Conversations with your passengers on the road or on the telephone will be increasingly difficult as long as you have deaf ears, so it is important that you do everything that it takes to keep them working and preventing noise pollution.

  3. Difficulty with conversations and understanding people’s voices if they’re not shouting and talking loudly and clearly. This can even lead to bigoted speech that you end up having difficulties adjusting.

  4. Difficulty learning new things – especially if you’re studying – which can lead to loss of intellectual capacity and even social skills such as reading body language, facial expression and subtle gestures.

Getting The Right Ear Protectors

Airsoft is a military simulation sport that uses small, powered replicas of various weapons to be used in a war-based environment. These replica guns are usually designed to look as real as possible, and many companies will market their products as real firearm replicas. Airsoft guns and airsoft equipment are not toy guns and should only be used under the direction of an adult. When using ear protection, the following is a list of thing to lookout for:


Comfort is a key element to any earplug. It is important that the earplug you choose fits perfectly into your ear canal, as they can become uncomfortable after long periods of wearing them. In addition, the ease with which the earplug is slipped into place depends on the type of earplugs you choose.

Noise Cancellation

Airsoft can often be noisy and noisy environments aren’t always safe, so it is important to consider whether noise cancellation works for you and how much it actually reduces noise. These features can improve the experience, but they are not essential for competition.

Noise Isolation

Airsoft gun shooters are noisy and noisy environments aren’t always safe, so it is important to consider whether noise isolation works for you and how much it actually reduces noise. These features can improve the experience, but they are not essential for competition.


Durability is a key element to any earplug. If you are looking for an emergency backup pair of earplugs, then it is important that the earplugs are durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear. If you are buying specific for use in airsoft, then they must be durable enough to withstand all the movements and constant hitting used in airsoft guns.


Portability is a key element to any earplug. If you are looking for an emergency backup pair of earplugs, then it is important that the earplugs are portable enough to carry around and use in different situations. If you are buying specific for airsoft, then they must be portable enough to carry around in your pocket when not playing.


Fitting is important when purchasing any type of earplug. It is important to ensure that the earplugs provide good sound attenuation and also fit comfortably in your ears.

If you are looking for an emergency backup pair of earplugs, then it is important that the earplugs fit comfortably and can be quickly slipped on to stop hearing damage from occurring.

NRR Rating

NRR Rating is important when purchasing any type of earplug. This rating is a measurement of the sound that a pair of earplugs will block out. It is a good idea for a pair of earplugs to have a high NRR rating. This will help to protect you from loud sounds without affecting your hearing.

Earplugs are primarily for protecting your ears. Some earplugs are specifically designed for airsoft, while others can protect your hearing when you’re in the firing range at the gun range or when hunting, swimming, playing sports at the gym, doing construction work or just to block out noise. Earplugs primarily reduce the loudness of a sound that reaches your ears.


Size is important when purchasing any type of earplug. Small earplugs will be easier to put in and remove than larger ones. Earplugs with cartridges are usually more comfortable than plugs with small balls, however, if you prefer the feel of the plugs, then consider the size of the ear canal before buying.


Cost is important when purchasing any type of earplug. Earplugs are cheap and cheap earplugs will reduce the high level of cost if you lose them or damage them. However, if you want good quality earplugs, then they will cost more than cheap ones. When buying earplugs for airsoft, it is important to consider whether their price is worth the money.

Hearing Loss Caused By 3 Things - Airsoft Ear Protection.

Decibel Level * Distance * Time

Any type of hearing damage is caused by three things:

1) Decibel Level

Decibel Level is a measure of the intensity of sound that reaches the ear, which is usually measured in decibels. The higher the number, the louder the sound. Even though airsoft guns are more powerful than real ones, they are still only capable of firing sounds at around 90dB.

2) Distance

The further away noise reaches your ears, the less you will hear it. The further away you are from your airsoft gun targets, the lower your risk of hearing damage will be.

3) Time

The more time you spend exposed to loud sounds, the greater the risk that you will cause hearing damage. Most airsoft players are exposed to louder sounds if they are shooting in a small area or in proximity to other players. If you take smaller breaths and restrict your breathing when firing your airsoft gun, your risk of damage will be reduced.


Airsoft ear protection is important because it prevents hearing loss. This will protect your hearing and allow you to enjoy airsoft shooting with fewer or no problems. If you are looking for cheap earplugs, look for those that reduce more than sound, as they will give more protection than stock ones.

If you are looking for comfortable earplugs, choose those that include memory foam or any other type of comfortable material to ensure they stay in place even if it is windy outside. Buy earplugs which have noise reduction ratings of at least 25dB, as this will help protect your hearing better.


Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

Tactical Foldable Mesh Mask with Ear Protection for Airsoft Paintball...
  • 1.Lightweight, foldable and portable Airsoft mesh mask
  • 2.1000D Nylon for extra durability and good water/dirt-resistance
  • 3.Mesh ear protector with adjustable straps for close quarters battles
  • 4.Soft padded fabric cheek sides for with protection for bridge of nose offering comfort and good protection
  • 5.No pressure points on user's face for easy breathing and good ventilation
JFFCESTORE Tactical Airsoft Military Paintball Metal Mesh Side Cover...
  • Ear Protection :Worry about a BB hit you in the ear?It will not happen again if you wear Metal mesh Side Cover with ear protectors ,Perfect for airsoft game. Provides additional coverage
  • Apply to FAST tactical helmets,Best suited for FAST tactical helmets with Head circumference adjustment adaptors Because this method of use is comfortable to wear
  • Easier to install than traditional Up-Armor Side Cover,Comfortable and breathable,It doesn't stop the sound,Allows you to quickly communicate combat commands
  • Good compatibility,you won't have any problems wearing earbuds and mask.
  • Material: Steel, 1000D Nylon ,Weight:4.9oz/140g , Elastic straps for easily adjustment.
AIRSOFTPEAK Tactical Airsoft Military Paintball Up-Armor Side Cover...
  • ❄ 【Two airsoft ear protection covers】-- Easy to install on your tactical helmet with side rails.
  • ❄ 【Perfect for airsoft/paintball game】 -- Provides additional coverage and environmental protection. Protects you from paintball and air-soft bb's.
  • ❄ 【Detachable】-- Screws can hold the little slider and the ear cover in place. The ear cover sit tight in your helmet's rails. It is detachable when needed.
  • ❄ 【Flexible & Lightweight】-- Made of soft rubber, it's flexible and lightweight. Cover your ears nicely.
  • ❄ 【Note】: The helmet or helmet rail is not included.

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