Dentist is a noisy place. You need earplugs to stop those noises!

Earplugs For Dental Work

Dental work is a noisy business. Before you head into that appointment, make sure you have your earplugs ready.

That’s right, good old-fashioned foam earplugs can protect your hearing, no matter if your dentist is drilling into teeth or using some other noisy equipment (such as an ultrasonic scaler).

However, be aware that some dentists use high-tech ear protectors to keep their patients’ ears safe during procedures.

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In A Hurry?

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Different Hearing

We all have different hearing. When buying earplugs for your staff, you may want to try several options to get the best hearing plugs for each staff member.

Once you have the "right" one, they can be purchased every time.

Noisy dental offices

There are many ways to kill a few hours in a dentist’s chair, but few induce the kind of relief that comes from listening to music through your earbuds. And while this is certainly a convenient solution, it can be a problem when the dentist is drilling, since sound is magnified and amplified by the dental tools.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to minimize the noise, even when music isn’t involved.


Hearing Speech

Since a lot of people have problems with the sound during their dentistry treatment, it's no wonder that people look for ways to reduce the sound to a more bearable level. One of the first choices is to use earplugs to decrease the noise. There are various earplugs available on the market, and you can find different kinds of earplugs to suit your needs and wants.
But at the same time the dentist need to be able to hear any speech, so read on...

High-fidelity earplugs versus foam earplugs

Want to protect your hearing while you work? Dentists and other people who work in noisy environments need to wear hearing protection to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus. There are a couple of different hearing protection options in the market today: high-fidelity earplugs and foam earplugs.
High-fidelity earplugs are designed to help you hear conversations while protecting your ears, while foam earplugs typically prevent the wearer from hearing a conversation but do not help you focus on what you are hearing—if you are lucky enough to hear anything at all.

Cost of plugs

When it comes to dentistry, the noise factor is a major consideration. The louder the operating room, the more ear protection your dentist should be wearing. Some offices have sound-reducing features, like carpets and sound-absorbing ceilings, that lower the decibel level.
The cost of plugs is often overlooked. Most people consider the cost of drills, materials, and the cost of dentists. If you are considering purchasing earplugs for the first time, it is important to consider the cost of plugs. This is because plugs are reusable – as opposed to the cost of drills and materials which are one-time investments.
These can cost from $0.25 for the cheap versions, up to $7.00 for the better quality. The better quantity ones are reusable. 

Allows communication between patient and staff

he Dentist has been a recurring theme in popular culture (e.g. The Simpsons). The noise associated with a dentist's office combines the high pitched sound of a drill with the low rumble of a dental suction machine, and for most people, the experience is enough to make them never want to return to the dentist.
These days, however, dentists have made it their mission to provide a better experience for their patients. The most important way they have done this is by ensuring that there is as little noise as possible in the dental office.
As every dentist knows, patients can be chatty creatures. That's all well and good, but there's only so much a dentist can do while drilling and filling, so its important to maintain clear lines of communication with your patients. Good communication doesn't just keep the patient comfortable, its also a good indicator of the quality of care you provide.
Thanks to these flexible, comfortable, and noise-reducing earplugs, you won't have to worry about getting caught in the middle of a chit-chat session.
Dentists 1

Decreases noise and daily stress

What causes the most stress for dentists? It's not the scariest surgeries or the highest-volume offices, but rather the seemingly small things that add up to create a challenging work environment. By far the biggest dentists' pet peeve is patient noise.
Whether it's the beeping, buzzing, and whirring of equipment, the chatter of other patients, or the sound of the vacuum, patients' noise has a big impact on dentists' well-being.

Increases focus during treatments

We've all been there: the dentist tells you he needs to do fillings in three different places—and then asks you to bite down on the metal contraption that's going to hold your mouth open. As your focus shifts from anticipating the pain to ignoring the sounds and sensations of the dentist's drill, you might find that the panic you felt at the start of the appointment ebbs away completely.
However, if you struggle with anxiety, you may be more aware of the sounds around you—and more bothered by them. This can be a serious problem when you need to stay calm and focused during dental treatments.


Small and easy to use

According to the American Academy of Audiology, the average clinician spends an average of 11 minutes with each patient. This leaves little time for the dentist to use a lot of equipment that will take up more of your time. So, as a dentist, I often have patients who need surgeries. This is where I would normally use a lot of equipment, but now, with these new earplugs, I have a solution to all of my problems
These plugs are small and very easy to put in

Noises For Dentists

The following infographic shows a list of the various noises when you are out and about. Any noise over 70-80db over a long period of time may cause damage to your hearing. A noise of over 120dB may cause immediate harm to your ears

hearing infographic 10

Hygienic and safe

One common question that we get is, "How much do ear plugs cost?" That's a really good question. While ear plugs are not a big expense, they can add up in the long run if you need a lot of them, or if you are looking for a variety of styles.
Ear plugs can range for a good pair anywhere from $5 to $8 per pair, although some styles can be more expensive if you are looking for something that will hold up better or more specialized. (For example, earplugs used for sleeping are usually more expensive than those used for snoring.) The key to shopping for earplugs is to make sure that they are both safe and hygienic.
All of these mentioned are both Hygienic and safe

Very effective in low and high frequency noise

Earplugs are a very effective tool for blocking out low and high frequency noises. Low frequency noises are typically created from large machines like air conditioners, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners, and high frequency noises are created from smaller sources like dental drills, hair dryers, and even hand tools used by a dentist for the purpose of drilling small holes into teeth.
So you need an effective in low and high frequency noise
Dentists 3
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Other Questions

When should earplugs be worn?

Many people still do not wear earplugs in a loud work environment, but without protection they can be at risk of noise-induced hearing damage. The type of earplug required for an individual is often determined by the level of noise that is being experienced.

The FDA states that “wearing earplugs or earmuffs can protect your hearing when you are exposed to harmful noise at work”.

How do I choose hearing protection?

How do I choose hearing protection? Our hearing is linked to our sense of balance and equilibrium, so when we damage our hearing, we are also affecting both of these senses. This can have a huge impact on our ability to function normally every day.

We can help with this by protecting our ears from damaging noises like the noises from a dentist office or from loud music, but it is important to know what to look for in hearing protection.

Do noise Cancelling ear plugs work?

Ear plugs are great if you don’t want to hear what's going on around you. They’re less fun if you don’t want to hear what’s going on inside your head. But just how good are ear plugs at blocking out sound? Pretty good, it turns out. In fact, they’re so good that some people have trouble using them.

The trouble lies in the fact that most ear plugs are made of silicone. (And if you didn’t know it already, let’s just clear the air that silicone and silicone based products are not the same thing.) The problem is that silicone can be pretty strong, especially when you are first getting used to using them.

What is class 5 hearing protection?

Class 5 hearing protection is the highest and best quality level of hearing protection. It is typically used in the noisiest industries, and is more effective at protecting ones hearing than class 4. These earplugs are made from the highest quality materials, and have the highest noise-reduction ratings possible.


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