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hey everyone just got done with a video recording session and playing some new tracks and making some new videos but I wanted to take a minute and talk to you about something really important and when I say really important I mean this is one of the most important things that you need to think about and consider and try and make sure that you’re doing and that is protecting your hearing now I hope that there’s someone in your life or that there’s people around you that when you started playing drums or just I hope there’s people letting you know that you need to make sure that you’re wearing your phones that you’re protecting your hearing and that you’re you’re trying to make sure that you have some sort of headphones on at all times when you play because um I mean you’re hearing is literally the most valuable thing that you have as a musician there’s a few stories of some people that have been able to like compose and write music without hearing but I mean you can’t play live you can’t play with other musicians and things like that when you can’t hear what they’re doing and I mean it’s no fun to not have hearing so um I really just wanted to make sure that I sit down and tell you guys that you need to be protecting that and whether that be with headphones like over the ear headphones or whether you use ear plugs like when you’re when you’re playing a live show or something you put earplugs in um there’s all sorts of different ways to protect your hearing but I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I do that now I’ve always like I’ve never been a huge huge like believer in protecting your hearing and that’s that’s a bad thing like I’m trying to change that now and that’s one reason I want to talk to you guys about it is because I kind of like I’ve kind of found a way that actually sort of works for me and one of the reasons I’ve never liked it is I don’t really like to stick in your ear earplugs I think they’re they’re disgusting and you have to buy them all the time where you or you have to reuse them and that’s what’s kind of nasty as you keep putting those things back in your ear um and so I wanted to find something that works and so you know you guys know that I used to wear the Beats headphones and I play really really loud on the drumset and that’s one of my biggest problems is that finding a pair of headphones that actually overpowered how loud I play was difficult and all that meant was that even though the headphones were protecting my ears from the drumming it was just the the sound coming in from the music was louder than the drumming so that means that I was actually not doing my ears any favors and so I did that for a long time and it was comfortable and it was nice to be able to overpower my playing and it’s easy to play along too but that doesn’t help your ears out at all and so I just recently got these in-ear headphones they’re the share se535 I’ve been saving up for a long time for a pair that is like a really nice pair has it has triple driver speakers inside of it and they’re great headphones and so I thought to myself well since they’re going to be riding my ear and they’re going to block the sound from the outside I’m not gonna have to turn them up as loud well I put him in and I had to turn them up just as loud or louder than my Beats headphones so at this point I’m really not doing my ears any favors because they’re directly in my ears sending the sound right to my eardrums and so that’s even worse so I’ve been looking for a way to fix that and I sort of found one now this this may not work for everybody because you have to have you have to have earbuds that can work with these headphones but I picked up a pair of these Vic Firth drummers headphones and now they have two different types they have the stereo headphones which have a cord and you can plug into like a speaker system or something and then you wear them but I kind of prefer this version because number one it was only 25 bucks on Amazon which is a really good deal I’ll put a link down in the description to go check those out if you’d like to purchase them but basically what I found that I just started doing actually today is that I take these headphones and I put in my normal in ears just go over the ears a little bit like this and then they go nice and they fit inside your ear canal there and so that blocks out a good bit of sound but I’m still pumping a ton of music in there to overpower my drum so that wasn’t helping me but then these go on over top of it like that and not only like I can barely hear myself talk anymore I only hear inside of my head but now my ears are being protected from the sound of the drums and so when I started when I plugged in my headphones today and started playing music through them I had it turned up as loud as I used to have it turned up and it was just blaring in my head and I couldn’t even hear my drums like I couldn’t even hear that what I was playing it was crazy it blew my mind and so I was able to turn the headphones down to like a quarter of the volume that I used to have them at and I mean that’s a huge huge thing I’m gonna take these off because I can’t hear myself but that is like a huge huge thing to be able to turn the music down that much and protect your ears by so much compared to what it was so you guys should really think about getting like a pair of these isolation headphones these are these are really cheap and they work so well they’re just they just grab hold of your head and they make sure that that barely any sound gets in there your drums actually sound a lot cooler through these headphones too because of the fact that it sort of blocks out some of the annoying frequencies that drums may make when you don’t have any sort of protection so please take a minute or take take save up a little bit of money and just go out and protect your ears because I mean personally I don’t really think that I have like much ear damage at all or anything yet but I know a lot of people that they tell horror stories of ringing in their ears like one of one of the main band directors at Georgia State you says that like his ears just constantly ringing all the time you used to play in rock bands and stuff like that so I mean that’s no fun you don’t want to be like that so you want to protect your ears and I really want you guys to take a minute to think about that and to really go out and try and find a way to protect them and so if you have any questions about these headphones or these headphones or like what I’m doing to protect my ears then go ahead and leave them below and I’ll try and answer all questions but otherwise protect your ears don’t go deaf don’t have ringing in your ears don’t lose the ability to hear so frequency’s because music is beautiful and you want to hear all the frequencies so I’m going to put them on and play a little bit


if you’re a musician that does a lot of odd gigs then protecting your hearing is incredibly important because if you can’t hear you’re gonna have a very difficult time of doing gigs and playing an instrument in this video I’m gonna run through three different types of hearing protection at three different price points and then help you decide which one will be a good option for you to buy and at any point during this video if you want to check out some customer reviews or get more information about any of the hearing protection I talked about I’ve left links to all of them down in the description below so the first option is foam earplugs now these are by far the cheapest option you can get and they’re also one of the most basic forms of protection you can get so if you’re unsure what I’m talking about with foam earplugs take a look at this picture they’re these little pieces of molded foam which you can scrunch up put inside your ear and then they’ll expand and actually block out the sound and give you protection that way they don’t cost very much to buy I’ve seen a pair range from anywhere between about 50 cents up to about a dollar fifty but the best thing about them is they are super cheap if you buy them in bulk so right now on Amazon you can buy a tub of 60 pairs from a company called M how I think for about nine dollars in terms of how much sound they block out they do a pretty decent job considering how much you pay for them so I’ve seen estimates range anywhere from something like four to seven decibels of noise reduction that’s not quite as good as some of the options we’re gonna look at in a second and also there are quite a few considerable downsides in my opinion that come with foam earplugs first of all they’re quite susceptible to picking up dirt from inside your ear and picking up a sweat if you sweat a lot of gigs they’re not always that hygienic and they’re not necessarily reusable either but a lot of musicians say the biggest downside about foam earplugs is that they actually tend to block out a lot of top-end from the sound that you hear this would be a problem if you’re a guitar player if you’re a Keys player if you’re a drummer you might have been here your cymbals quite as well also if you’re a bass player and you can’t hear the drummer with such detail you can’t hear your own sound with such detail you might have a hard time on a gig but despite these problems I do always keep an emergency pair of foam earplugs in my gig bag they are there just as that though they are just an emergency rather than a first choice okay second choice is a little bit more expensive these are alpine earplugs so I’ve seen these online range from anywhere between 20 to about 25 or 30 dollars these are the earplugs you get a couple pairs of these they’re made out of this sort of flexible rubber cereal here so you can squish them around and really get a snug fit inside your ear and get a lot of protection which is great but the thing I really love about them is they come with these adjustable filters on the end here so you get a load of different types you get the gold one in here which is the most protection then you get a silver one which is kind of middle protection and in some packs you get white one which is the least protection according to the packaging the gold filters knock out between 18 and 22 decibels silver is fourteen point nine to eighteen point nine and white is eight to twelve and I don’t feel like I lose that much high-end with these either to my ear it does sound like there is a bit of a loss in high-end and there’s an option to get around this later which we’ll check out but you’re not sacrificing anywhere near as much high-end as the foam earplugs and you’re getting a much higher level of protection with these as well they also come with these cool little travel cases like this as well so you can put your earplugs somewhere nice and safe keep them hydrated keep them clean so when you consider all of these things thrown in there is quite a big value for money component without fire blog last of all our ear plugs from a company called eargasm now aside from having quite a cool company name I think these really are a fantastic option on the surface of it yes they do look like any other ear plug the actual shape of the plug is quite similar to the Alpine ones there’s also filters that you can pop in and out just like the Alpine plugs but the great thing about be the ear plugs is you actually don’t sacrifice any frequencies at all rather than certain frequencies effectively being rolled off or canceled out like you get with the foam plugs egos and plugs just have everything essentially turned down but still sounding the same the level of protection they claim to offer is 16 decibels of noise reduction which yes if you believe the claims on the back of packaging that isn’t quite as much as a gold filter on Alpine plugs but when you think that if you take a sound and you take it down 6 decibels you’re reducing it to half the volume and then when you realize the eargasm offers 16 decibels of noise reduction you’re essentially getting two and two thirds level of noise reduction so it’s still really really good just to show you what that sounds like if you take a listen to this now have a listen to the same thing turned down by six decibels and down by six decibels again and down another four from there that’s a difference of 16 decibels of noise reduction so you’re still getting a really great level of protection as you might expect this is the most expensive option so I think these come in somewhere between forty and fifty dollars depending on where you buy them from and if you’re curious about them already the earlier words I’ve talked about you can check out customer reviews in the links down in the description below so which ear plugs do you think are the best and why tell me why leave me a comment down below if you’ve enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe and of course I’d appreciate a thumbs up and if you want to check out any other videos or lessons from this channel click the card up here thanks for watching and I’ll see you again real soon take care


in-ear monitors


hey guys I am doing a little video about getting my in-ear monitors fitted I had such a great time a few weeks ago getting them fitted it was a weird experience at HW audio but now I have got the NES but before you get to see the finished product you should see how it happens because it’s such an interesting process and I’ll also tell you a little bit about white and user Supergirl and why I love ah the first reason I love them is because the sound quality is so clear and I’ve tried these guys it sounds awesome it’s much better than just a headphone but also the reason that we have them is instead of a monitor which is the speaker that you get at the front of the stage so that you can hear what’s going on with the balance in your monitors we’ll give you a clearer sound regardless of the venues limitations so you can set your own volume you can set your own mix you can have drums either vocals lighter I personally like to have one ear in so that I can hear myself acoustically but you have loads of options with them number two I love it I’ve already said this but because of volume levels this is so important when you’re singing with the bands if the bandits who lagged it can be a real problem because you’re gonna try and sing loud and compete against them you might strain your voice and if you’re not straining your voice your voice just sounds better there’s just no way that a singer can compete in volume with drums or guitars that have got ants so this way you don’t have to feel like you are and because of this you don’t have to have a fight with the other members of the band over who’s latest and you can hear themselves you just all pop in you in years and you get your personalized mix it’s great number three you have control I don’t have to go and ask a sound engineer like can you turn me up oh I need this on my voice I can just plug it in to my iPad or my iPhone I’m doing it myself I can get my levels I can put my volume up and down if I want my own personal reverb perfect I can just do that number four you don’t get any feedback feedback happens when the sound from the monitors have picked up by the microphone because the sound isn’t coming through it’s just going into your ear it’s not going to be picked up by the microphone you’re not going to get any feedback awesome that’s always a problem especially in smaller venues where they haven’t perhaps got as good sign systems number five super important it protects your hearing health that’s down to the volume not being super loud in your here also protecting you from the sound of the drums and the guitars as well number six it’s portable if you’re a singer and you have to carry all your equipment with you you can just carry a mic and you don’t have to carry a big monitor wedge with you which can be really heavy ok so now I’ve told you all about them let’s have a look I’ve got them in the box I haven’t looked at them yet I’m super excited so it comes in this beautiful box with a HW audio signature on the front and evolve your ears their little motto handcrafted just for you because this is molded especially to my ears it kind of fit in anyone else’s ears and the reason isn’t because I don’t want to share my headphones although that’s probably gross but it’s more because that’s why you have such good sound quality that’s how it protects your ears ok let’s look inside in the back you get a little how to use your in ear monitors here’s the actual books and as you can see it’s super small super portable there we go really pretty I think often if you want you can get your name and print it in here as you can see they’re like earphones but molded to the shape of my ears aha mine are blue but you can get them in really whatever color you want I like this kind of blue wood effect but there’s some like really cute pearly type ones I lights as well look I’m such a professional here I’m gonna see how a sense from right now and what the sound quality is like life on the internet or not life because this is pre-recorded and but this is genuine genuine on the Internet oh the base is good I want to hear the vocals huh so good thank you for watching I hope you find that interesting I find it such an interesting process if you on your own pair just hop over to here – wave comm where they do loads of different types so if you’re a singer guitarist drummer they’re really really useful and I would definitely

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