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The Best BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Ear Protection

Buying ear protection?

The Best BJJ ear plugs are designed to provide maximum hearing protection while training. They're perfect for anyone who loves to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

You deserve to protect your hearing as well as look cool during your training sessions. Get these earplugs today and feel confident during your next match.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

New earplugs for training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

The tough guy mindset that usually comes with martial arts is not lacking in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As much as we try to have a no-ego approach and calm and respectful behavior, we all love winning. It is in our nature. Jiu-Jitsu, a sport in which we fight in the most primal way possible – by grappling, is really competitive.

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Why wear Brazilian jiu-jitsu headset?

Wearing a headgear in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) may sound strange at first but there are actually good reasons why you would want to wear one both in lesson and sparring time. Common reasons why one would wear headgear include:

Head injury

Jiu-jitsu headgear wear button-up, full-coverage headgear.When you have a severely broken nose or bleeding head crack, it is difficult to move your jaw for support. A piece of headgear can help your jaw to properly tilt in the position where you want to nod your head.

It also means that when you're trying to kiss your partner in sparring, if you feel pain during playtime near your injury after a good punch from the enemy then all you need to do is pull the button up and out of the way for a moment, and see yourself well enough.


Just like your body parts, your head is also a very important part of your body. The headgear does not, however, mean you cannot get hurt during sparring. Rather, it helps you find out how to be less hurt by giving you the opportunity to protect your head more. This is indeed a cheaper way to buy better American football gears than just by owning one.

Promote fitness

Headgear is worn with the purpose of protecting an injured person's head and allowing them to continue their work out without feeling too much pain and suffering from memory loss that can come from injuries such as cerebral concussion or brain damage.

Possibility for a catastrophe

Throw in the fact that Gi’s are made of a very rough material that does not go along with the soft tissues of the face and head, and you got yourself a possibility for a catastrophe. One body part that gets a real beating during BJJ training and competition are the ears.

Even though all grappling martial arts share the same problem, the ground fighting part of Jiu-Jitsu, together with the using a Gi, makes BJJ particularly unpleasant on the ears if you don’t have an ear Guard. Wearing Jiu-Jitsu headgear can have a great impact on preserving your ears.

Using Jiu-Jitsu headgear is often mocked in BJJ gyms. People see cauliflower ears as war medals or trophies. You do not regard your mangled fists or destroyed knees as such, do you? So, using the best Jiu-Jitsu headgear for your ears makes as much sense as wearing BJJ kneepads or finger tape.

With all sincerity, developing cauliflower ears also has an individual aspect to it. Not everyone is equally vulnerable to it. Some people spend years grappling with and without the Gi having no visible consequences on their ears.

Others may just grapple for a few weeks and develop Alexander Gustaffson like cauliflower. Using Jiu-Jitsu headgear is a guaranteed way of completely removing the possibility of never being able to use earbuds ever again. We think it’s a great option. Do you?

A Grappling Legacy: The Cauliflower Ear

So what’s the thing with this cauliflower ear, anyway? Those that have it can verify it is really painful until it becomes painless yet permanently out of its normal shape. Those that have treated it know how painful draining it can be. Actually, you can hardly get rid of it with just one draining, so bear in mind that you’ll have to repeat the procedure a few times each time you start getting the symptoms.

Cauliflower ear exists as long as grappling martial arts. There are even statues depicting grapplers of old who have clearly noticeable cauliflower ears. What happens is that the cartilage in your ears can’t handle the grappling pressure and starts breaking. Each time that happens, the body takes care of any cracks and breaks by forming scar tissue.

trouble with cartilage

The trouble with cartilage is that it is infamously under-supplied with blood, making healing incredibly hard and complete recovery impossible. That means a build-up of scar tissue every time you fracture the cartilage. The harder the crack, the worse the buildup. Therefore, the appearance of cauliflower-like structure in the ears.

Friction is the primary reason why we end with a cartilage injury. And, it does not lack in BJJ, especially when you’re wearing the Gi. Getting your head stuck in several positions, or breaking from chokes are great ways to get yourself on the cauliflower train.

And, believe me, you will develop them sooner or later unless you have the best BJJ headgear. Your only hope is to drain all the blood and liquid straight away until everything hardens. Have a glance at the draining procedure to decide if it’s worth taking that risk.

Jiu-Jitsu Headgear Basics

When looking for BJJ headgear, it’s not very smart to buy the first product you see. You need to be aware of various characteristics when buying Jiu-Jitsu headgear. Here are the things that should be your main focus:

  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Material
  • Straps
  • Price

First of all – protection. It is the primary thing you need. The second thing is how conferrable headgear is. Both of these attributes are determined by the material used in making the ear guards. Usually, Jiu-Jitsu headgear is made of smoother materials such as Neoprene or Nylon.

In some cases, however, they can also be made from hard plastic. Most Jiu-Jitsu headgear also provide extra abrasion protection, and certain ones even offer shock absorption.

softer material is lightweight

BJJ Headgear made from softer material is lightweight and, most of the time, more comfortable. They are useful if you like playing guard a lot. However, they are much more quickly to wear out than plastic ones. Headgear made from more rigid materials is also suitable if you’re more into passing and scrambling out of triangles.

Last but not least, an essential thing about materials from which your BJJ Ear Guard is made is how does it affect your training partners. Sometimes fully hard plastic jiu-jitsu ear guards can injure your training partner, and you certainly don’t want that. They are going to be real hell to grapple against, and you could potentially end up having no sparring partners.

An extra thing to look out for when buying BJJ Ear Guard is how it will remain on your head during the roll. A decent headgear for jiu-jitsu should have strong supporting straps and a good hard ear case that is large enough for your ears not to rub on.

There are different styles of ear guards; softshell, hardshell, fabric-covered, exposed plastic, and two straps, three straps, or five straps. Softshell ear guards are commonly endorsed for BJJ.

Finally, the last thing to consider is the price of the headgear. You don’t want to overpay for something that is expendable and may not fit you in the long run. A price range from 30$-60$ should do the job for starters.

Advantages of Jiu-Jitsu Headgear

The Jiu-Jitsu Headgear needs the following qualities to be successful:


To withstand the countless throws, slams, and chokes Jiu-Jitsu Headgear features needs to be made with high-quality materials that are durable.


The Jiu-Jitsu Headgear should feature thick padding around the head to reduce the risk of injuries. It must be able to stay in place without slipping when sparring. Cost-


EVA Foam. Jiu Jitsu Headgear is made up of EVA foam, which helps in absorbing the impact of a direct hit. It also has a high resistance to heat and water, and is also resistant to abrasion. For comfortable use, the Jiu Jitsu Headgear can be washed easily.

Buckle System

The Jiu-Jitsu Headgear utilizes an adjustable buckle system to make sure it stays put and does not move during any activity. This also helps in providing better support during headlocks and throws.


The Jiu-Jitsu Headgear features lightweight design alongside thin padding that makes it easy for your child to wear for extended periods of time without getting tired or uncomfortable.


A Jiu-Jitsu Headgear must be reasonably priced but must also satisfy the above qualities.

However if you wear a Jiu-Jitsu Headgear while performing headlocks, you will be able to not only protect your face but also your neck. It should fit well too. Another advantage is that it should be able to stay in place during training and never slip off. The Jiu-Jitsu Headgear offers head, neck, and face protection while training.

Disadvantages of Jiu-Jitsu headgear

There are some disadvantages as well, which are as follows:

It is sometimes difficult to see your opponent properly when wearing a Jiu-Jitsu headgear. It is very difficult to wear a Jiu-Jitsu headgear around your eyes as you will not be able to see your opponent properly, making you susceptible to attacks.

The headgear limits some of the normal movements during a sparring session. This in turn makes it very difficult for you to perform some of the more effective Jiu-Jitsu techniques.

The headgear can present an unnecessary safety hazard when sparring with hard-kicking techniques, other than shins. Kickboxing and Muay Thai sportsmen cannot wear this type of gear because it does not protect the face adequately.

However, most Jiu-Jitsu practitioners wear a mouth guard gear for protection against grappling techniques like choke holds or arm bars. It is important that you choose a Jiu Jitsu Headgear with adequate neck coverage so that you can avoid seriously injuring your neck during the fight and training sessions.

Can’t wear protective gear during the competition. This gear cannot be uses in an official competition, and it may be banned altogether by some sanctioning bodies. There is a risk that you can get disqualified when using this gear.

Final words

Jiu-Jitsu headgear is mandatory unless you like cauliflower ears. Moreover, as you can see, you’re not just protecting your ears, but much more. Even though some people think cauliflower ears are cool, they are not pleasant at all.

They are odd-looking, your ears become more susceptible to aches and infections, using headphones can become a real hassle etc. These are only some of the disadvantages. Get yourself the best BJJ headgear and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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Other Questions

Do ear guards prevent cauliflower ear?

Cauliflower ear is a condition caused by a hard blow on the outer side of the ear. Blood clots form on the ear spaces, making your ear look deformed. This disorder is common with wrestlers.

Although irreversible, if it occurs, it's preventable by wearing ear guards. If you visit a wrestling pitch, you notice that most participants have such ears. It's because they did not take precautions.

Early treatment can help correct the deformity before blood clotting. That is within two days, though some abnormalities happen within 24 hours. Doctors drain the fluid using a syringe and a needle. But a corrective surgery also helps where blood had already clotted.

How painful is cauliflower ear?

The first sign of cauliflower ear is pain, bruising, and swelling. It's very painful as there is no blood flow. It feels as if the ear is filling up and about to burst.

To prevent cauliflower in children, headgear is vital. It prevents getting injured in contact sports. Coaches should train children, the early signs of cauliflower, to avoid lifetime deformities.

Adults who engage in physical contact games should embrace protective gear. They enable them to perform better without fearing hard blows.

Should I drain my cauliflower ear?

If it occurs, the cauliflower ear is very painful. As soon as it happens, take action. Because of the pain, you might not be able to drain your ear well. Consulting your Doctor for a perfect drain can be better. Doctors recommend draining the ear within two days after the blow.

A sterilized needle and syringe pull the blood out of the ear. Take prescribed antibiotics to avoid possible infection in the affected area. If not drained well, cauliflower reoccurs. Delayed draining of your ear causes a permanent deformity. A later surgery can correct.


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