How to Reduce Traffic Noise: Top Earplugs to Stop Road Noise

How to get rid of road noise

Road noise can be very annoying, especially when you are exposed to it all day. It is unlikely, however, that this form of noise pollution will cause you lasting hearing damage. You may still want to block some of this annoying noise from your working day, or possibly while you sleep.

Which is what this article will help you with!

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Which are the best Earplugs for reducing traffic noise

For Traffic Noise, the best ear plugs are awesafe Electronic Shooting Earmuffs, Shooting Hearing Protection with Noise Reduction Sound Amplification.

However, this will depend on several things. If you use them a lot, for example, if it is your principal job, or perhaps just minor use. Also, if you want to use these ear plugs for other things, like listen to music, or Answer Your Phone.

There are earplug options available, for example: Convenient Fitting, Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), Long-Lasting, Flexibility, and if you want earplugs or headphones. As you can see, there is a lot in picking the best fit.

different earplugs suitable for blocking noise

There are different earplugs that are suitable for blocking this noise, depending on your situation. This can sleep, trying to block all the road sounds, or still needing to communicate well you have the plugs in.

Creating these articles, I have researched a lot of earplugs and done most of the hard work for you. Below are details of the earplugs that I have reviewed, and I have picked the best earplugs in each category so you can easily make the best choice for your situation.

block noisy traffic

When buying earplugs to block noisy traffic, you will want to know how effective they are. Well, earplugs are measured by the NNR; this stands for the noise reduction rating. The NNR is basically a measure of how many decibels and noise is reduced. If a set of earplugs has an NNR of 20, that will reduce the traffic noise by 20 decibels.

So if you are in a noisy situation where it is 90 decibels, and you’re wearing a pair of 20 and NNR earplugs, then the sound received by the ear would be approximately 70 decibels, which is well within safe limits.

Most earplugs will have an NNR of between 10 and 30. Below isn’t infographic that will give you some idea of what signs seemed like at different decibel ratings, so that you have some idea of what any reductions will sound like.

Because of the way we hear, it is not possible to block all noise from our ears; you will always hear some residual background traffic noise. But you can reduce it a lot.

lot of traffic noise

Living and working in a city, or indeed anywhere where there is a lot of traffic noise, can become very annoying after a short time. There are very few of us who have not experienced this at some periods of our life. That you are reading this article means you are not one of the lucky people, who are not stuck near noisy, smelly cars a lot.

Living in areas with traffic noise, (well, I suppose that any noise would cause these problems) can cause some health problems if you are subjected to it for an extended period.

The noise can cause hypertension (high blood pressure)

It can stop you from sleeping well, which can lead to

permanent hearing damage

The noise from the traffic should not give you any permanent hearing damage, fortunately, as the average volume of road traffic noise is around 75-80dB, and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) recommends hearing protection when the perceived volume reaches around 85-90dB.

But these problems and annoyances can be relieved if you buy the Best Earplugs For Traffic Noise

There are several types of ear plug and ear defenders that are useful around traffic noise, and the one that you will need depends on the situation. These situations can be broadly categorised into three different types:

Below we describe each of the situations in more detail, and make some recommendations as to the earplugs that you might buy, and what you should look for.

Block Some Noise But Still Be Able To Hear

If you are working near heavy traffic, or maybe you have an apartment and live with your family there, then you will probably want to block some traffic sounds, but still want to hear what your customers/co-workers or family say to you.

The type of plug that you would want for this situation are high-fidelity plugs. These come in electronic or non-electronic versions. They will reduce the volumes of the loud noises, while not reducing the quieter sounds. Some more expensive of these plugs will even amplify the quiets sounds, making hearing conversations even easier.

Block As Much Noise As Possible, But Still Allow You To Hear Electronic Devices.

If you are in a situation where you need to hear people on a Skype call, listen to the TV, play games, or just listen to music, then you will probably look for some good noise-canceling headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones actively cancel out external noises by having a microphone on each ear, which listens to the outside sounds. The earpiece then plays the exact opposite sound wave, canceling out the external sounds. The sounds you want to hear are then also played by the earplugs, and these sounds are much easier to hear.

Noise-canceling earplugs work very well on continuous sounds like traffic noise, so should work very well in this situation. Ordinary headphones work as well. However, these will need to be played at a higher volume to hear well, which may be damaging to the ears.

bluetooth earplugs on tray0

Block Out As Much Noise As Possible.

Do this for many reasons in a high traffic area when the noise is bothering you. But the most common reason for this by far is so that you can get to sleep. We have all been in the situation where you have to stay in a hotel – work, or visit somewhere, only to find that the hotel is near a busy road and sleeping is nearly impossible.

No earplugs can block out all the sounds, and you probably would not want to. Shrill noises like fire alarms and alarm clocks are very hard to block out – That’s why alarms and sirens are that pitch because it is so hard to block and easy to hear. Traffic noise is a low pitch, so easier to block.

But the earplugs that you would probably want for this situation are noise-canceling headphones (see above), where you could play some relaxing music. Or if you dislike that idea, then you can get some earplugs that block out most of the noise, like reusable plugs, if you are going to be there for more than a few days, foam plugs, or wax earplugs which are the best plugs for sleeping in – as they are the most comfortable – especially for side sleepers (See this article)

Conclusions - Best Earplugs For Traffic Noise

Road traffic noise can be very annoying, but with a good pair of earmuffs the volume can be reduced quite a lot. Should you need to sleep, listen to music or the tv, or even work when this distracting, and often disturbing noise is constant.

The noise of road traffic will rarely be loud enough to cause you any permanent hearing damage. This type of sound is reduced significantly by noise-canceling technology.

When you have the right set of earmuffs, then you find that working or living in an area with a lot of traffic noise does not always have to disturb you. Take action now and stop the sounds of cars and busses sounds from ruining your life!

Recommended Products – Best Earplugs For Traffic Noise

Well, now know quite a lot about earplugs and traffic noise. With this information you should understand the type of earplugs that you need. Below is my list of recommended earplugs for blocking traffic noise. There are some from each category so that you can pick the most suitable pair for your given situation.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

People Also Ask

What Is Traffic Noise?

Traffic noise is the sound that comes from vehicles on the roads. Most of that sound comes from the tires as they move along the road surface. Engine noise is the second biggest sound that makes up traffic noise, and the bigger the engine, the more noise it will produce.

How Can We Reduce Traffic Noise?

Why Does Traffic Sound Louder At Night?

Temperature does not really affect how sound travels that much – Even though some people think that this is right -  things sound louder at night.

The real reason is that it only sounds louder because it is quieter. Your ears actually turn down the volume when it is noisy and turn it up when it is quiet. At night it is quieter, so when traffic passes, it seems louder to the ear. If you were to measure the volume, it would be the same as it is in the daytime (almost)

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