Doe CBD Oil help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus and CBD Oil

There are many different causes of tinnitus, but one of the most common is an attack on the auditory nerve by high frequency sound waves. These waves can come from loud sounds or infections, and they often lead to tinnitus. The good news is that there are ways to manage tinnitus symptoms so you can live a happier life! One particularly interesting treatment option for some sufferers is CBD oil.

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What is tinnitus?

According to Mayo Clinic, tinnitus is the constant perception of sound when no external sound is present. It is often described as ringing in the ears though it can also be buzzing, clicking, hissing, chirping, whistling or roaring. Tinnitus is not a disease but rather a symptom of underlying issues which should be treated accordingly. Many people experience tinnitus little to no harm other than annoyance. However, for around one third of sufferers it can be debilitating and can interfere with their daily lives.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD) oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical in the cannabis plant that does not cause any 'high' effects. This type of oil can be used to manage many different conditions.

It is available in the form of capsules, oils or creams but they are most effective when taken orally or they can be used to make food. It has become particularly popular in the treatment of epilepsy and is proven to help with disorders such as pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Despite the recent explosion in popularity for this little known compound it remains one of the best kept secrets of alternative medicine.

CBD Oils And tinnitus

CBD oil has been shown at some capacity to alleviate some symptoms associated with tinnitus including headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability and memory problems. This type of cannabis contains very little THC which makes it non-psychoactive for those who prefer not to experience this effect. CBD oil products are now available online, but do they help tinnitus?

Do CBD oil products work for tinnitus? The evidence is mixed. One study showed that people who took a CBD patch were better able to help the tinnitus associated with their condition. Another study showed that taking a placebo outperformed the dose of CBD oil taken by those with tinnitus. There are even some studies showing worse results where subjects reported significant improvements compared to those on placebo! Therefore, these studies may not show whether CBD is helping more than it is hindering. Furthermore, research has shown us that this form of cannabinoid has an anti-inflammatory effect, which makes it useful for many illnesses. However, this might not be enough to alleviate tinnitus alone.

Is CBD Oil right for you?

How can I decide if CBD oil is right for me? If you are interested in using CBD oil for tinnitus, it is highly suggested that you consult with your doctor first. This will allow them to determine the right dose and product for you to use. They will also be able to inform you about any potential interactions, adverse reactions or other risks associated with this treatment. Then, see if it can help by monitoring your tinnitus severity over time. This way you can determine the effects of CBD oil for yourself!

Can CBD oil make tinnitus worse?

If you are suffering from tinnitus, it is unlikely that you will experience any adverse effects caused by CBD oil products. However, there are some risks associated with this treatment. Most commonly, it is the possibility of experiencing an increase in tinnitus severity which can be distressing if left untreated. If this occurs, seek medical advice quickly.

Another risk of CBD oil is the possibility of drug interactions caused by supplements or prescriptions taken concurrently. This can cause an increase in overall side effects and should also be treated accordingly.

How to use CBD oil for tinnitus

If you decide to use CBD oil to help mitigate your tinnitus symptoms, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. It is important to remember that this product is not a miracle cure and requires time and patience for improvement.

How much CBD oil should I take?

The general rule of thumb is:

'If you're using CBD oil to help with tinnitus and you're experiencing severe symptoms — such as hearing loss — then it's wise to start off by taking a very small dose (around 25mg) and then slowly increase your daily dose as long as there's no negative effects on your health. If side effects begin, such as dizziness, it's also wise to back down before increasing further. This has been studied in relation to CBD products designed to help with seizure, withdrawal, anxiety and insomnia.'

When should I start using it?

The first few days may be the most difficult. Try your best to give your body time to adjust before increasing dosage. You can take it at night if you are worried about disruption of sleep. It is important that you do not exceed this maximum daily dose as long as you are taking an active tinnitus management plan at the same time.

Will CBD oil help tinnitus over time?

If your tinnitus symptoms are severe, you may find that there is significant improvement or even complete relief within a few weeks or months after starting this treatment plan. However, if you have been living with tinnitus for a long time, it will take longer to alleviate symptoms.

What is the best CBD oil for tinnitus?

Currently, there are very few products on the market that are specifically designed to help those with tinnitus manage their symptoms effectively. However, there are many reputable brands that make high quality hemp or CBD oil. It's always best to do your research before committing yourself to a particular brand as the science behind this product is fairly new and not too well known. We have some good ones on this page!

It is important to remember that if you are experiencing an increase in tinnitus severity, this is not the time to increase your dosage. This step should only be taken after you have sought medical advice and an assessment of your condition has been completed. It is also important that you do not take any other products with the same source or brand as this can cause complications.

As always, it's advisable to discuss any concerns with your GP before starting any treatment plan. If you follow this guide to help control tinnitus symptoms, you may well find that CBD oil for tinnitus does help! But everyone's body chemistry is different so it makes sense to be cautious and do plenty of research first!

What is the most effective treatment for tinnitus?

To find out, you need to find out the cause of your symptoms. To do this, you need to know what symptoms you are dealing with and why these symptoms develop.

Tinnitus generally occurs after damage is done to the ear, which can range from an infection due to bacteria spreading through your ear(s) or impacting on your eardrum, causing it to burst for example.

The best things for tinnitus are noise cancelling headphone and a good diet, but if you want some alternative treatments you can try CBD oil.


Whilst the results from CBD oil for tinnitus review are still inconclusive, there is enough evidence to suggest that this treatment may be effective in some cases. If you have been living with the shame of tinnitus, it's worth trying some alternative treatments to see if they work for you!

You can't lose any more than a few dollars on a supplement and if it makes a difference for you then that is what really counts! For some people, improving mental health and wellbeing with CBD oil has been so beneficial, they find they no longer suffer from tinnitus at all.

More research is needed in order to determine whether or not it can be used as a definitive treatment. More studies are also needed to decide which type of CBD oil is most effective. Overall, based on the current evidence at hand, it seems reasonable to believe that using CBD oil may aid some in managing their tinnitus symptoms.

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