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Best headphones for playing piano!

Some people might think that the best way to hear piano is with their ears, some others might believe they would need headphones to enjoy the sounds of a piano.

This article will look at what type of headphones are recommended for playing piano and what features you should look out for".

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Motorcycle Hearing Protection: Earplugs for Motorcyclists

Most motorcycles are not loud enough to damage your hearing. However, most of the noise and damage to your ears comes from wind noise when riding, and this can be far above safe levels for hearing.

Any damage to your hearing as you probably know is permanent, and irreversible. Each time your ears receive a tiny amount of damage, you will probably never notice the difference. However as this accumulates over the years, it will become very noticeable.

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Infant Hearing Protection: Best Baby Ear Protection Options

infant ear protection is important because babies and children have more sensitive, better hearing as you do as an adult. But over time, this will get damaged, and hearing loss cannot be easily repaired. In most cases hearing loss is permanent.

It is easy to protect and care for your child’s hearing. So that it will still be good in later life. It just requires that you keep them away from noises that are too loud. When this is not possible, they need to wear some sort of baby ear protection.

This article will help you to understand how to look after their hearing. What noisy situations should be avoided. Then, what the best earmuffs are for your children when any loud noises cannot be avoided.

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How to Reduce Traffic Noise: Top Earplugs to Stop Road Noise

Road noise can be very annoying, especially when you are exposed to it all day. It is unlikely, however, that this form of noise pollution will cause you lasting hearing damage. You may still want to block some of this annoying noise from your working day, or possibly while you sleep. Which is what this article will help you with

There are different types of earplugs that are suitable for blocking this noise, depending on your situation. This can be sleeping, trying to block all of the road sounds, or still needing to communicate well you have the plugs in

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Best Earplugs for Showering: Keep the Ears Dry in the Shower

Your ears are very resilient, and the skin and wax in the ear will protect it. You should never put things into the ears like cotton swabs or q-tips, as this may scratch the skin. This makes an infection more likely, and may also compact the wax, making hearing difficult. If this happens you will need ears syringing by a health professional to clean it out. The wax in the ear is necessary, as it moves down the ear canal it cleans all the dirt, bacteria and fungus out When showering and bathing, there is more chance that the water may get into your ears. Soap breaks the water’s surface tension, allowing the water to flow easier If you do get water in the ear, do not put anything in it to dry

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Why you should wear surfing ear protection? Surf Ear Plugs

Surf ear plugs, why would you wear them? When you are surfing, you really should be using ear plugs. This is not because the sound can damage your hearing, or you can get infections from the water, no the real reason that you should be using earplugs is a condition called “Surfers ear”, or exostosis.

“Surfers ear” is a condition that causes extra bone growth in the ears – which can be prevented with decent surf ear plugs

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How hearing can help prevent Vertigo : Earplugs Dizziness!

Vertigo from hearing loss, is a feeling of dizziness and off-balance that makes you feel like the world is spinning.

It can happen to people of all ages, but can be common for those aged 65 years and above. Also, it can be temporary, or long-term lasting a long time. For instance, it might be caused by a lack of certain vitamin B12, that can cause dizziness, and if you take the required nutrients the condition disappears.

Vertigo from hearing loss might also be long term for people who have inner ear problems and only disappears when the disease is treated.

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Woodshop Hearing Protection: Best Woodworking Ear Protectors

When working with wood, and using powered tools to saw, drill, plane, or whatever process is being carried out, then you are going to make noise and a lot of noise at that!

Safety when using these tools has to be a primary concern, as one misstep, and a finger is gone. Protecting your hearing when working with wood is often overlooked, however, but protecting your hearing when working with wood is a necessity.

Loud noises made by your woodworking tools (or any loud noises for that matter) will damage your hearing. You probably will not notice it immediately, but over the course of time the damage will accumulate, leaving you hard of hearing. Wearing ear protection is inexpensive, and will stop any damage to your sensitive hearing.

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Chainsaw Ear Protection for Safe Sawing

Why You Need The Best Ear Protection For A Chainsaw.
We all know that chainsaws are dangerous! They have a metal chain capable of cutting limbs off in seconds, and bring trees crashing to the ground that weigh a ton! That is a lot of power and a lot of timber crashing to the ground

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EarPlanes for Kids! Best Earplugs for Children while Flying

What Causes Children Pain When Flying?
The ears are made up of many sections. When flying, ear pain is generally caused by the pressure on one side of the eardrum, being different to the pressure on the other side. The difference in pressure causes the eardrum to stretch slightly, causing pain.

The “outside” of the eardrum is open to the environment through your ear canal (ear hole). Any pressure changes are immediate on this side of the ear drum.

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Children’s Earplugs for Swimming: Best Kids Ear Protection

Swimming earplugs for kids are an essential swimming aid in some circumstances. Your children’s ears are not as robust as yours, so if they get water with bacteria in their ears, there is far more chance of them getting an infection This article will cover children’s ear plugs for swimming, preventing infections, factors that make your child more at risk, and ear infection treatment. Also, I recommend the best ear protection devices to prevent swimmers ear in your kids

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Earplugs for Drummers: Dodge Hearing Loss when Playing Drums

I know that while most people are pretty proactive about their hearing protection, there are some people out there who say things like “oh it’s never going to happen to me, my hearing is invulnerable.”

The truth is every drummer is surrounded by a wall of sound all the time, and as a result, they must be proactive about hearing protection. Whether you’re performing, whether you’re rehearsing, whether you’re teaching someone else or whether you’re just attending a concert. So what can you do, other than avoiding loud sounds entirely – which is not always an option! You can decrease the sound levels around you, and of course, the most common way to lower noise coming into your ears is, with hearing protection devices.

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