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The Importance Of Hearing Protection For Factory Workers

With hearing protection, most people’s first thought would immediately go to industrial workers; whether it be airport workers, factory workers, manufacturing workers, they are the leading examples of hearing protection.

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Hear That Gobble: Best Ear Protection for Turkey Hunting

Hunting hearing protection improves the hunter's odds and protects the auditory system from irreparable damage, and this applies to turkey hunting as well, even if most people consider it unnecessary since hunting turkeys does not require firing shot after shot.

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The Best BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Ear Protection

Throw in the fact that Gi’s are made of a very rough material that does not go along with the soft tissues of the face and head, and you got yourself a possibility for a catastrophe

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Best Ear Protection for Explosions: Noise Attenuation is Key

If you have never heard an explosion, you might be surprised to find out that they all sound quite the same and, most importantly, they can all cause irreversible hearing damage if you lack the best ear protection for explosions

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Hearing Protection For Landscapers|Learn How To Use Earplugs

It's not the machine that damages your ears. It's the prolonged use of the machine that will affect your hearing. Hearing a ''ringing" sound on your ears when sleeping? It's one of the significant signs that you will soon experience hearing loss.

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Hearing Protection for Grouse Hunting – Tips!

Better hearing leads to better hunting. You don't want to miss a target because you didn't hear the rush. The hearing aid amplifies the small sounds as it cancels the booming sounds like those gunshots.

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Best Earplugs for Yard Work | Block out the wind and Cold

Whether you mow your lawn or logging in your backyard or commercially, it's always essential to wear proper safety equipment. One of the most critical items you'll invest in is adequate hearing protection.

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How to Clean Musicians Earplugs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Earplugs are the most widely used hearing protection around. They're easy to use; pop them in your ears, and they block out varying degrees of sound for you, but there's usually one common issue they have with them; they get dirty!

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Ear Protection for Wrestling | Learn Why The Pros Use Them!

Wrestling is a sport practiced between two opponents. It involves forcing the competitor to touch down with any if not all body parts. It's rough sometimes because there is no specific fighting style. There are blows, joint blocks, takedowns, and many others.

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Just like humans, horses can get ear infections

For safety purposes, use ear protection for horses. Earplugs should be comfortable on the ears. They filter noise helping the horse to stay focused. The equine has a high hearing frequency ranging from 1000 hertz to 16000 hertz. Hearing ability deteriorates with the age of the horse.

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Ear Protection for Trapshooting: Solutions for a Risky Hobby

Trapshooting is typically shot with a 12-gauge shotgun, which can reach a whooping noise level of 150 decibels. This kind of noise is extremely dangerous and even short exposure to sounds between 120 and 150 decibels can cause hearing loss

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Ear protection for Jackhammer Use – Non-Negotiable Safety

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the main reason why people need ear protection for jackhammer usage and failing to use hearing protectors can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

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