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Are Hearing Aids Waterproof? Can I use them in the shower?

Not sure if your hearing aids are waterproof?

Do you know what happens to your hearing aids if they get wet?

Not sure if your hearing aids are waterproof? We can tell you - They are not!

If you want more on this, please keep reading!

Hearing aids are not waterproof.

  • Hearing aids are not waterproof, therefore they will get wet if exposed to water or moisture.

  • If a hearing aid does come in contact with water or moisture, it is important to let it dry before using the hearing aid again and turn on the hearing aid by pressing the on/off button.

  • If you hear an unusual noise after turning on your hearing aids, this could indicate that there is a problem with your device. You should have your device checked by a professional as soon as possible.

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What happens if hearing aids get wet?

When hearing aids get wet, corrosion can occur. Corrosion can result in loose or finished earpiece parts which can cause the device to malfunction. This could cause the levels to be greatly distorted and it could also damage the circuitry of the device.

The materials used in manufacturing hearing aid devices could become wet and lead to a problem with your hearing aid device. The corrosion caused by moisture can destroy components, especially when exposed to high temperature conditions (e.g., steam, water).

How to take care of a hearing aid

Most hearing aids are not waterproof, there are water-resistant. That means there are a few things you need to know about how to keep them safe in case you want to swim or shower with hearing aids.

Some of the things you can do include:


  • Buying waterproof ear plugs, and then inserting them in your ear canal before putting your hearing aid on. This is not recommended for everyone because it can be uncomfortable, however some people may find this helpful. You will still need to place your aid in the case when you have water-resistant plugs inserted.
  • Placing your hearing aid into a pouch or carrying/storage case so it will not get wet and soak up water from the outside. It is better to have an aid get wet from its own sweat than the water.
  • Although most hearing aids are not waterproof, there are some precautions you can take to prevent damage to them when you're exposed to moisture or water. You can remove your aid and place them in a small ziplock baggy when taking a shower, swimming, etc. Most hearing aids already have water resistant seals around the microphones and other parts of the hearing aid that will help prevent water from seeping in. You should also keep the battery door and volume control buttons closed tightly to prevent moisture from sneaking in there as well. Be sure that all outside connections are also closed tightly so water does not sneak it through there as well.
  • Keeping your hearing aid dry is the best way to prevent damage to them. You can also remove your aid and put it in a small ziplock baggy when you take a shower or swim. This will keep your microphone dry and prevent water from contacting and damaging sensitive parts of your hearing aid.
  • Cleaning with mild soap and water without exposing the unit to heat or extreme cold will go a long way toward preventing damage to the unit.

Are there any hearing aids that are waterproof?

There's no such thing as hearing aids that are waterproof. The industry uses the term "water resistant", which means that a hearing aid will not be damaged by a lot of water.

This can be a confusing term, if there is a lot of water it will be damaged. So try not to get it too wet!

What is the life expectancy of a hearing aid?

The best way to measure the life expectancy of a hearing aid is by the number of years that they will be in use. However, this varies depending on how much you use the device. However an average of two to seven years is the normal age before they go wrong.

Irregular usage could cause wear and tear on the device and it will degrade over time. However, if you are using your aid regularly and taking care of it – that usually leads to a longer life expectancy.

Can hearing aids be repaired?

Modern hearing aides can be repaired at many service centers. However, they can only get fixed when you first bring them there. Modern hearing aids have microchips which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

There is a limited number of places where a hearing aid can be repaired, and repairing them is very expensive, so it is best to just buy another one if you need to do any repairs on your own. A new device will also cost the same amount as replacing your old one.

Can you put hearing aids in rice?

Yes, you can put your hearing aid in rice to get the water out. This is one of the best ways to dry it out, since putting a wet hearing aid in the case can lead to corrosion, which can damage sound quality and volume, as well as reduce battery life. Uncooked rice, and leave the hearing aid in the for 24 hours, replace the battery, and we hope it will be good to go!

Can I wash my hearing aid?

No, use towels that do not have alcohol on them to clean the aid. Alcohol will damage the hearing aid. If you do get water in your aid, it is best to dry it out as quickly as possible. Put it in a bag with uncooked rice and leave it overnight.

The biggest thing is to not get water into the device! Most importantly do NOT use water to clean anything inside of the hearing aid. This means that you cannot wash it under water and then let it dry out; using cotton swabs or any other cleaning tool to clean the device; including nail polish remover or alcohol; unless you have been specifically told by your technician that you can do so.

How do you remove moisture from a hearing aid tube?

  1. Remove the battery from your hearing aid. 
  2. A hearing aid tube that is not completely dry can be set on a hair drier set on low, or heating it with a heat gun can help to dry it out. Be sure to remove the battery when done with either of these drying techniques. 
  3. Use an unperfumed towel to wipe out as much moisture as you can from the cap, and the sides of your ear canal, then clean both parts with warm soapy water for 30 seconds to one minute
  4. Rinse both parts with fresh water and then check for any remaining moisture 
  5. Dry both parts with a soft, clean towel and make sure that there is no more moisture inside the tube, or ear piece. 
  6. Replace the battery and check to see if you can hear. If your hearing aid runs, put fresh batteries in it.

Can you wear hearing aids with wet hair

No, it can cause corrosion of your hearing aid. Moisture will also cause your hearing aid to be less effective and can also interfere with your ability to hear and understand speech.


With help of this article, people can now understand how the moisture effect on the hearing aid. If you will follow these guidelines then you can use your hearing aid in a moist environment and should not have any problems with it. You should pay special attention to the cleaning process because moisture can cause corrosion of your hearing aid. There are some cleaning tools which help you to clean your aid, properly.

Remember, that you should not use too much force when cleaning your aid. You have to be careful about sharp objects as it can also damage your aid. However, if you follow these steps properly then your hearing aid will last for a very long time

We hope that we have helped you in understanding how moisture affects hearing aids and how to prevent it from damaging them or causing problems with them. We hope that this information would help people to maintain their hearing aids clean so that they can enjoy quality sound even in a wet environment.

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Other Questions

How do I clean the wax out of my hearing aid?

There are a few ways to clean the wax out of your hearing aid. If you are comfortable doing so, you can use a cotton swab to clean the wax out yourself. If you are not comfortable doing so, or if there is too much wax, you can take your hearing aid to a professional to have it cleaned.

No matter which way you choose to clean your hearing aid, it is important to do so regularly in order to keep it functioning properly.

If my hearing aid drops in water, will it be damaged?

If your hearing aid falls into water, it is likely that it will be damaged. However, there are some things you can do to try and save it.

If you act quickly, you may be able to salvage your device. Be sure to dry it off completely and consult with your audiologist to see if it can be repaired.

Will a hearing aid work when it's raining

Many people who are hard of hearing worry about how well their hearing aid will work when it rains. While it is true that a hearing aid may not work as well in a downpour, it will still likely be effective in most cases.

In fact, there are some things you can do to make sure your hearing aid works well in wet weather. First, make sure the battery is fully charged and that the seal around the earpiece is tight.

Does your hearing get worse after wearing hearing aids?

No, most people report their hearing getting better after wearing a hearing aid after a while. While it seems as though your unaided hearing has gotten worse, what's really happening is adaptation to hearing aids.

How long does it take for your brain to adjust to a hearing aid?

The six day to six months of wearing a hearing aid usually last the longest because it takes time for your brain to learn the difference between your unaided (in-the-air) hearing and what you hear with your hearing aid.

Brain signals travel from your ears, through the bone in your skull, into the area where your auditory (hearing) nerve is located. Your brain needs to learn how to interpret what it hears from this area. Once it has become accustomed to getting its information from this area, it doesn't matter whether you have a hearing aid,


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