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Hearing Aids

Can Hearing Aids Cause Ear Infections?

Sometimes, it feels like your ear is getting too full of air and you might feel some pain in your ear or even in the top of your head. Hearing aids have been known to cause infection because they are difficult to clean and they can transmit bacteria from one patient’s ears to another’s.

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How to clean ear wax from your hearing aid

Ear wax (also known as Otitis Externa or Cerumen) is a natural substance that protects your ears from bugs and germs. So, how do you know if you have too much ear wax? You usually feel it in the ear canal?

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Hearing Aids for Children: Making Sense of the Options

There are many ways in which you can prepare your child for hearing aids. Whether you should tell your child that he or she is being fitted with hearing aids is just a matter of opinion. You may not tell your child and let him or her figure it out on his or her own.

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Hearing Aids for Young Adults: Making Sense of the Options

We hear from our patients that the first signs of hearing loss in young people are usually at the same time they’re experiencing another change in their lives like moving to a new city, starting a job, or getting married. We want our patients to be confident and comfortable with themselves and their hearing loss while going through these changes.

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How to stop your hearing aids from itching your ears

An itchy ear can be a terrible experience, and we've already got a post on what to do if you feel that itch. But the problem is that these ears are not just itching, they're wet and filled with wax. This makes perfect sense, as some of the causes of an itchy ear are dry air from central heating or a windy day outside.

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The Reason Why Hearing Aids Whistle

A hearing aid may whistle if it has not been custom fitted to the person that wears it. If you're wearing a hearing aid, make sure that it is fitted by a professional and fully adjusted so that it sits properly on your ear and doesn't cause any whistling.

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Understanding how hearing aids work, can you hear better?

Sound is such a critical part of our lives. It's a fundamental sense for all people and the more you can hear, the better life becomes.

One of the most important ways that sound is received is through your ear (and then brain). Hearing deficits are usually caused by nerve damage in one or more parts of your ear and can lead to permanent hearing loss if not treated.

Hearing aids work with tiny electrical impulses to help restore lost hearing and prevent further hearing loss or reduce how much you have to rely on other senses like vision.
How hearing aids work

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Are Hearing Aids Waterproof? Can I use them in the shower?

When hearing aids get wet, corrosion can occur. Corrosion can result in loose or finished earpiece parts which can cause the device to malfunction. This could cause the levels to be greatly distorted and it could also damage the circuitry of the device.

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Choosing a rechargeable hearing aid - Using a socket or a USB

Rechargeable hearing aids are one of the newest additions to the hearing aid market. Not only do they have rechargeable batteries, but they also come with a rechargeable charging case, where you can keep them charged and ready to go.

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Hearing Aids For Elderly! Make Lives Convenient & Feel Loved

Do you wish you could still enjoy going to the rock concerts and music festivals that you used to attend when you were younger, but now find the noise deafening and the music painfully loud? The good news is that there are many different types of earplugs that can protect your hearing from the loudest of sounds. In fact, certain earplugs can even amplify the quieter sounds in your life, so you can still hear your friends and family members talking around you.

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