How do you get earwax out without Q tips?

Do not use q-tips or similar to remove ear wax!

Earwax is a natural part of the human body and there are two ways to remove it from your ear. Before you can use these methods, you should know a little about earwax and what it does inside the human body.

Ear wax collects debris in the air. It absorbs moisture from protection against infection and helps clean up any bacteria or other germs that might get past the outer layer of the ear canal, etc. It also provides lubrication for movement in certain structures of the ear, e.g. the ear drum and the joints of the jaw and skull.

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Why don't you use q-tips for ear wax removal?

With these facts in mind, you can now begin to learn how to get earwax out without Q tips.

First, let’s discuss the method of irrigation or flushing. One medical professional recommends irrigating your ears with oil first, to loosen up the wax so it will be easier for you to remove. If you have no other option, oil will work fine for this step.

Another tip is that since your ears are highly sensitive structures within the body, it is best to use lukewarm or tepid water when irrigating them. Finally, a small bottle that is attached to a syringe or bulb is recommended for the irrigation.

Once you have used the above method to flush your ears with oil or an oil solution, you can begin using cotton to remove the wax. Take a piece of cotton and soak it in earwax removal drop (available at any drugstore). Now, use this as if it were a Q-tip and gently rub the earwax away. If this doesn’t work try adding more drops and doing it again.

To remove wax from your ears without Q tips, there are other things you can do as well. Try placing a warm compress on your ear and leave it there for awhile. Wax will melt and come out. Another way is to use a special ear wax removal kit that is sold in many drugstores.

When choosing any commercial or home remedy to remove earwax it is important to be very careful about the ingredients. If you are allergic to anything in earwax itself, you can make your situation much worse if you get even more product into your ears than you had before! Some people do not realize until it is too late that they might have this problem.

The important thing is to use something that is safe and will help you out. You can be sure that any product or advice you find on this matter will be made with this in mind.

What are the side effects of using Q-tips?

One of the most common questions about Q-tips is is there any side effects of using Q-tips?

1. Otitis media: The presence of the cotton tip in the ear canal tends to push earwax into deeper areas and can cause an infection or otitis media. It may also increase mucus production and lead to further complications such as, earache, respiratory infections and other kinds of infections which can cause permanent damage to the hearing.

2. Damage to the ear: The Q-tip tip is made of cotton and with time it may tend to absorb ear wax, which is normally a good thing as it helps keep the ear canal free from any kinds of build up. However, the use of Q-tips over a period of time can cause damage to your ears as it may harden the ear wax and make it more difficult for normal removal.

3. Damages the outer layer of your ears: Your ears have a layer called cerumen or earwax which helps protect your inner ears from external infections and also prevents water from entering inside them. If you are using cotton tips it can cause damage to the outer layer of your ears causing them to become very dry and cracked.

4. Other types of infections: Another type of infection which can be caused by the Q-tip is known as otitis externa or external otitis. Otitis externa can be brought on by any number of other things like, acne, colds, flu, allergies and even certain kinds of medications like antibiotics. If this happens it may affect your hearing performance which can have severe consequences for your entire life.

5. Injury to the ear drum: The Q-tips can also cause cracks in your ear drums which can cause permanent damage.

Can ear wax push itself out?

Yes, ear wax can push itself out.

Ears are self cleaning organs. Normally, wax moves in the ear canal unhampered and gets rid of accumulated dirt and bacteria. Sometimes, however, it may become way too much to handle. Typically, ear wax forms in the outer part of the ear canal and is soft and malleable.

If the wax is soft enough it may push itself out because of its own weight. But if it is too hard, it might need some assistance from you. Here are a few ways to get rid of excess ear wax without using Q-tips or drops.

1. Use an ear candle to remove excess ear wax.

An ear candle is a hollow cone-shaped object which contains a wick. The wick is lit and once it gets hot, the wax softens and the heat melts it. This creates a vacuum that sucks out the wax into a container that is attached to the other end of the candle.

2. Use olive oil to soften ear wax.

Olive oil is an excellent natural way to get rid of excess ear wax by softening it so it can easily be pushed out. In fact, it is the most effective way to get rid of excess ear wax without using a Q-tip or any other kind of ear wax removal instrument.

3. Apply a mixture of honey and oil to your ears.

Mix a 1:1 ratio of honey and oil in a bowl. Use a spoon or a wooden stick to dip into this mixture and make sure every part of your ear canal gets covered with the lubricant. Leave it for a while before you remove it. You can then wash your ears using warm water.

4. Use hydrogen peroxide to soften ear wax.

You may also use hydrogen peroxide, which helps soften ear wax so it is easier to remove. But keep in mind that you should use drops rather than Q-tips because drops are much safer and less likely to cause any damage to the sensitive parts of the ear canal. (Use a maximum 3% hydrogen peroxide)

5. Apply a mixture of olive and apple oil

Mixed with antibiotic ointment to your ears. Leave it for a while before you wash it off.

How do you massage ear wax out?

To massage ear wax out, you will need to know the right direction to massage in.

  1. Lie down on your side with the ear that has the blockage facing upwards. Make sure that you lie such that you are not putting any pressure on the ear while massaging.
  2. Bend your head towards your shoulder and use your hand to curl around your head and massage behind the ears.
  3. Use your thumbs and index fingers to massage along the outer part of the ear canal and massage the wax out from inside the canal.
  4. If you need to, add extra oil to your hands and ears for extra lubrication while massaging.
  5. Continue massaging for a few minutes until you are able to push the wax out. If the situation has gotten worse, use some drops or olive oil in your ears regularly to prevent any future blockages.

Can you melt ear wax with a hair dryer?

Yes, you can melt ear wax with a hair dryer. Point the hairdryer 12 inches from the ear and on the lowest setting, the wax should being to melt


The use of Q-tips is a frequent habit among many people. Their use has been widespread for many decades and people have grown accustomed to using them as a handy instrument for cleaning their ears. However, recent research suggests that the use of Q-tips should be limited as they may cause damage to your ear canals and even infections such as otitis media.

It is recommended that you stop using Q-tips and other instruments, such as cotton buds or other ear wax removal equipment and practice safer methods of removing excess ear wax such as olive oil and honey combination and massage techniques.

You should not place Q-tips in your ears not matter how hard the wax is. I hope this article has provided you with adequate information to make an informed decision.

Do share this article with others so they can also be informed about the risks associated with using Q-tips to clean ears.

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