How loud can a human yell? Human voice can carry up to six miles

I only had the time to properly research this question for about an hour or two, but I am pretty confident that a person can scream at 120dB of sound pressure level. A decibel of sound is measured on a logarithmic scale - which means that for every three decibels more you are hearing five times as much sound.

120 dB is loud enough to cause pain in your ear drums - so it probably also causes some internal noise issues in your body's ear canal.

The world's current record holder of the most powerful human yell reached 129dB

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How loud is the average scream?

Screams from a human can reach about 100dB, though they usually average out to about 85dB. The Guinness Book of World Records measures the most powerful scream to come from a man named Iban Delgado, who was recorded at a whopping 129dB.

How loud is a jet engine?

Jet engines, such as those seen on passing airliners, produce ear-splitting noise levels hitting 180-190 decibels or more. That's 10 times more powerful than the average human scream! A military jet engine can get even louder than that! Factoring in all environmental factors such as altitude and wind speed, the actual sound energy emitted by the engine is probably closer to 155dB, still three times louder than an average scream.

How loud can a human talk?

When talking a human reaches about 60dB. A whisper of around 25dB is used for indiscreet conversations and matters of the utmost gravity. Listening to your favourite song on your mp3 player can reach even higher levels.

What is the loudest sound a human can hear?

At 140dB the sound is so loud it can cause pain and may lead to hearing loss. Diving into a pool is one way to avoid the pain, since below 6 feet you can't hear anything above water pressure.

What is the loudest sound ever?

The loudest possible sound, in theory, is about 200 billion times louder than that of an airplane engine - or about 20 trillion decibels (which is 2 x 10^29). It's known as the Big Bang explosion and happens when a super-massive star runs out of its nuclear fuel and collapses in on itself. This phenomenon results in an explosion so powerful that it actually tears space-time apart - leaving only a smoking void where the star once was.

How loud is a hand clap?

A hand clap can be quite loud between 100-120db, however this is unlikely to damage your hearing as the sound is very short.

How many decibels is a gunshot?

140-165 dB is roughly the decibel rating of a gunshot. If you are standing 50 feet away, the gunshot will be loud enough to hurt your ears if you're not wearing earplugs. If you are farther away, you can still hear it but it is much softer.

How loud is the space shuttle launch?

About 150dB for the Shuttle launch. It is indeed very, very loud. If you are within one mile of the actual launch pad, you are required to wear ear protection. The reason for this is because there are people who work at Cape Canaveral who must be able to hear well enough to do their jobs. If they cannot hear, they cannot operate machinery properly. Wearing ear plugs allows them to hear instructions over the radio and then still protect their ears from injury if they need to take off their ear plugs in an emergency.

How loud is the loudest noise ever heard by humans?

The loudest sound ever heard by humans was produced by a meteor that exploded above Tunguska in Siberia on June 30, 1908. The blast was recorded with a Richter scale force of 5-6, the same strength as that of an earthquake measuring over 6.0. A witness wrote, "The sky split in two, and fire appeared high and wide over the forest." "Suddenly, there was a flash...and the sun became red.

How loud is a thunder clap?

120dB. It is hard to tell how loud a thunderclap is on the ground, because there are so many reflections off of objects near the sound. If you are in the top of a building, or in an airplane that is above the clouds, then it might be possible to tell how far away the storm is based on the volume of thunder.

How loud is a nuke?

240 to 280dB is roughly the sound of a nuclear explosion. It is so loud that it causes a massive pressure wave first, and the sound comes a few seconds later. If the blast does not kill you then the sound wave will!

How loud is Krakatoa?

170-175dB . The original Krakatoa explosion was heard by the residents of nearby Sunda, Sulewesi, Flores and Timor situated on the other side of the narrow straits that separate the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. This is the highest ever measured sound level for a volcano-based explosion.


So as you can see, a human can scream at a really loud level - even louder than a jet engine.

There are many interesting articles on the Internet that talk about this topic, and they all have slightly different numbers. I am sure that after more research on this question matters still remain, but from my limited findings a person can definitely scream at a 120dB of sound.

Most people have different pain thresholds, which is the amount of sound pressure level that must be reached before you can actually physically feel that it is painful. This number for most people is around 110dB, but some people can tolerate more levels of dB, while some others cannot tolerate as much noise.


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