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How to choose the right headphones for streaming

Headphone choice can make or break your stream.

Your audience will hear what you hear, and if your headphones are muffled or tinny, then it won’t matter how well your setup is tuned because your audience won’t be able to tolerate it.

Headphones are a necessity for streamers, and it’s important to have the right pair. To ensure that your streaming experience is the best it can be, you need to consider your needs as a streamer before purchasing a set of headphones.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your ears.

Good headphones are a must for any streamer. Headphones are the only sound source available to you while streaming, so you need them to be of high quality.

Your audience will hear what you hear, and if your headphones are muffled or tinny, then it won’t matter how well your setup is tuned because your audience won’t be able to tolerate it.

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The same goes for comfort - nobody wants their ears reaching cooked because they have been wearing the same uncomfortable headphones for an hour...or longer! Luckily, there are many types of headphones on the market that suit all budgets and needs, so finding the right pair shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure that you do your research!

To help save you the time of trawling through the massive amount of headphones available to find the right ones for streaming, we have created a list of our top favs. This list has been compiled after hours of research and includes everything from budget to high-end headphones.

Best over ear headphones for streaming

Over ear headphones are probably the most popular type of headphone available. They are great for blocking outside noise and give you the option to wear them for hours without discomfort.

They also are among the most comfortable headphones as they sit around the ear as opposed to directly on it.

However, over ear headphones often require a bigger budget than on ear or in ear headphones, as they usually have high-end sound production. They also don’t do as well in extremely loud environments and can be difficult to travel with.

Best on-ear headphones for streaming

On ear headphones are the in-between of over ear and in ear headphones. They can be used with or without the included headband, meaning that they are more portable than over ear headphones, but more portable than in ear ones too.

On ear headphones rarely sound as rich as over ears, but they offer decent sound production for the price. On ears also are more comfortable than over ears because of their lightweight design and ability to sit on the ears rather than around them.

Why do people prefer on-ear headphones?

Their lightweight and portability make them easy to carry around with you. They also are cheaper than over ear headphones. On-ear headphones are perfect for gamers of all shapes and sizes, as they block more outside noise, but are still comfortable.

Are wireless headphones worth it?

Many people believe that wireless headphones just aren’t worth it. It’s not that they don’t sound as good as wired, more that they’re less reliable than their wired counterparts.

Because of the lack of physical connections between the headphone and transmitter, wireless headphones need to be paired together. If one dies or loses its connection, then it will stop working until a new one is found or replaced by a technician.

However, they can be worth it if you don’t mind having a backup pair of headphones and can live with the risk of them not working. Also, wireless headphones are not bad. They offer similar sound production to wired headphones and can be used with an additional transmitter to allow multiple users to share the same pair of over ear headphones

Is it worth buying noise Cancelling headphones?

Yes, absolutely! If you plan to be streaming in busy environments, then noise cancelling headphones are a must.

They allow you to block surrounding sounds like people talking, phones ringing, or even other noises that your microphone might pick up while streaming. It’s also a great way to let yourself focus on the task at hand and means that you can stream for longer without worrying about fatigue or stress.

However, many people find that the quality from noise cancelling headphones is not as good as from normal ones. They can also cost a lot more than normal headphones with similar specs too, so it’s important to check reviews before buying your pair.

Best headphones for streaming without mic

A good pair of headphones without a microphone will allow you to stream directly from your PC or laptop with no built-in microphone at all.

This is perfect if you have an excellent stereo system and want to give your stream a professional, studio type feel. However, most people who use this sort of setup don’t have a good mic for their computer, so a pair without one is the next best thing.

Best headphones for streaming with built-in mic

Having a decent pair of headphones is essential for streaming with an in-built mic. The quality of the voice is better than from speakers and walkie-talkies, which can be picked up by most modern laptops and PCs.

However, the downside of in-built mics is that they can pick up background noise from your environment.

If you decide to purchase a pair with a built-in mic, then test them out before streaming so you don’t have to worry about background noise ruining your broadcast.

What Microphone do streamers use?

If you want to broadcast to the world, then you need a good microphone. One of the most important pieces of equipment that streamers use, microphones are essential for communicating with your audience and creating a professional feel.

They can be used with headphones or alternatively, we have a list of the best microphones for streaming if you’re looking for something more professional and want to use them with a stand or boom arm/boom stand instead.

What do streamers use their microphone for?

Many streamers use their microphone as an entertainment mechanism. They will talk between games, during breaks, or even while playing to make sure that their audience is still engaged and entertained during the long hours of streaming. Some streamers use their microphone as an instrument, singing or rapping to entertain or distract their audience.

An additional benefit of microphones is that it allows you to be heard by your viewers even when they’re not streaming. You can call, chat, and announce how long into a stream that you’re going to be playing a game, for example. This means that you can build a relationship with your audience and keep them interested for hours on end.

However, since the main purpose of having a microphone is entertainment, it’s important to do so in an entertaining manner as opposed to boring your audience with monotonous announcements or between games between breaks.

Why headphones are so expensive?

Headphones, including wireless ones and headsets, can be expensive and difficult to afford. While there are many types of headphones that will suit your needs in terms of quality and budget, it may not be obvious why headphones cost so much when they’re just small pieces of plastic and wire.

However, the cost of headphones is usually determined by the technology incorporated into them. From noise cancelling technology to good speaker specifications, each type of headphone has its own price range, which makes them affordable for streamers on a budget who prefer this sort of product rather than purchasing multiple pairs to get an optimal sound experience.

Best budget headphones for streaming

There are thousands of different headphones on the market. Some are made for gaming, some for people who want to watch movies and videos, and some are even for music lovers.

To find the best cheap headphones you can, you need to consider what you’re using them for.

Headphones that are designed to be used with PCs or laptops will usually come with a built-in microphone which not only allows you to stream directly from your device but also allows you to talk without having to use an external mic. They provide excellent sound reproduction and rarely allow outside noises to bleed through like wired headphones do.

How Much Is Impaired Hearing Worth?

As you age, you lose your hearing. And it’s not just an old person’s problem; anyone can damage their ears with exposure to noise.

But there are precautions you can take to protect yourself from hearing loss. One of the best ways is to use good ear protection when you enjoy noisy activities, like listening to loud music or attending concerts.

You can still hear the music, but at a safe volume level. Earplugs are the easiest form of protection. Insert them into your ear canal and they block out most sound. They’re available to buy in a variety of shapes and sizes, for both men and women.

Who Is At Risk?

Everyone should take precautions to protect their ears from damage. But if you’re an avid gamer, listening to loud music, or attend loud concerts, you’re more at risk than most people.

You can damage your ears and cause hearing loss simply by doing these activities. Babies and infants, who may not yet be aware of the dangers of noise, are also at risk. But it’s not just the amount of noise you’re exposed to, but how much is too much?

You don’t want to damage your ears by listening to loud music for hours on end. However, if you’re in a loud environment all day long and use earplugs to protect yourself, they could cause damage quickly.

Warning Signs

The best signs of hearing loss are ringing in your ears, pain in your ear, or if you think you can’t hear someone when they are speaking.

These can be indications of a more serious problem. If you think your hearing is off, it’s probably worth having it checked out by a doctor. Hearing loss can be permanent and may affect your ability to do things like use the phone or even carry on a conversation with people.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

Most experts agree that the level of noise that seems comfortable to most people is between 70 and 80 decibels. The louder the noise becomes, the more dangerous it is to your ears.

And unique sounds can reach different levels even though they don’t seem any louder at all: For example, a lawn mower may reach 110 decibels; regular conversation, 60; and a jackhammer around 100.


There are many types of headphones. For example, the headphones which you can use with a microphone and microphone stand for streaming, and also headphones that connect to your phone and stream directly to the internet.

If you want to be heard by everyone in your audience and not just those watching, then you need to consider the best headset for streaming. Headsets that have good noise reduction qualities will also allow you to listen to music without damaging your ears. And since you’re most likely going to be wearing these headsets over a long period, they should be comfortable as well as durable. You can find this sort of headset in most electronics stores or online at places like Amazon or Best Buy.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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Other Questions

Why is it called streaming?

In the early days of the internet, people used dial-up connections to browse the web. Because these connections were slow and often unreliable, people would often have to wait long periods of time for a web page to load. This was particularly frustrating for people watching videos online, because videos would often start playing before the page had fully loaded.

To combat this problem, websites began streaming their videos instead of loading them completely in advance. This allowed viewers to watch videos without waiting around, and it also made video content more accessible since it could be played on any device that had a browser. Today, streaming is one of the most popular forms of online content consumption, and it's also become an important part of the advertising ecosystem.

What is streaming and how do you get it?

Streaming is the process of transmitting data from a source, such as a computer or network, to a recipient over a communications channel. In order to stream, the data must first be converted into an electronic format that can be transmitted over the network. This electronic format can be in one of two forms: digital or analog.

Digital streams are typically in the form of packets of information that are transferred across the internet using Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Analog streams use traditional broadcasting channels like radio waves or telephone lines to transmit data. The most popular form of streaming today is digital streaming. 

Many people believe that streaming video has replaced television as the dominant medium for watching movies and television shows. Streaming video allows users to watch content on their own schedule without having to wait for commercials or watching certain programs on demand.

How do you watch TV by streaming?

There are a number of options for watching television without cable, and one of the most popular is streaming. With streaming, you can watch your favorite shows online or on your device of choice. There are a number of different ways to stream television, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to stream television:

  1. Streaming Services: One way to stream television is through a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix.
  2. Live TV Streaming: Live TV streaming services like Sling TV let you watch live television whenever you want.
  3. Over-the-Air TV: Over-the-air (OTA) TV is free, and it offers a wide range of channels in HD quality.


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