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Is Tinnitus A Headache? Tinnitus is a symptom not a disease!

You don't have to be a sufferer of tinnitus to know how frustrating it can be.

This condition is often misunderstood and under-reported. It has been called "a silent disease", and the symptoms are often not taken seriously. If left untreated, it can last a lifetime.

This condition can cause severe headaches and nausea. It should be treated as soon as possible.

If you need to know more about this, then keep reading!

Tinnitus And Headaches?

You hear a ringing sound in your ears and experience pain on one side of your head. This sounds like tinnitus, but is it really?

Find out if you have a headache or tinnitus by reading through this article and finding out what to do.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be described as an annoying noise in the ears that seems to come from nowhere. Some people describe it as a whistle, other times as ringing, or buzzing.

In reality, it's nothing at all- it's just an overstimulation of the auditory nerves which has no physical origin whatsoever! The only consequences are the annoyance (tinnitus) and usually some form of hearing loss.

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Can tinnitus cause headaches and nausea?

No, most people do not suffer from headaches and nausea

Some people who suffer from tinnitus can in the extreme, experience headaches and nausea. The reason for this connection is a bit unclear, but it may be due to the irritation of one's hearing from the ringing noise.

Headaches have been called "tinnitus" headaches, simply because it is so common to have a headache or two in conjunction with a ringing in the ears (tinnitus). They are different from migraines in that they are not usually caused by light, but by pressure on the head.

Can tinnitus make you feel sick?

No, tinnitus does not make you feel sick

People suffering from tinnitus can certainly feel sick, but this is not tinnitus. Tinnitus may cause nausea and vomiting, but it may also be a symptom of something else like a sinus infection or an ear infection.

Other symptoms of the headache are the constant pressure in one's head and dizziness and fatigue. All of these symptoms point to an ear infection (swimmer's ear) or sinusitis- but neither of these conditions are involved in tinnitus itself.

Can tinnitus be unbearable?

Yes, tinnitus can be unbearable at times

A person suffering from tinnitus can certainly feel it in his head, but whether or not the noise is overwhelming, depends on the person. Many people who suffer from tinnitus have learned to live with it and can no longer hear their ringing.

Others still do not like the noise and wish to remove it from their lives. Tinnitus is not an uncommon problem; more than 4% of America's adult population suffers from this problem.

Can tinnitus make you go crazy?

No, tinnitus is not a sign of insanity! People who suffer from tinnitus will often hear this noise and consider it unbearable. However, no matter how bad the noise is, it does not make one go crazy. On the contrary, many people with severe tinnitus have accepted it and have learned to live with it.

If you are one of them and your ringing in the ears affects your daily life or keeps you up at night, then you might want to see a doctor for an ear exam. A physician can be helpful in determining what is causing the ringing in your ears and can help you get rid of the nuisance.

Does anxiety cause tinnitus?

Yes, but not as much as it used to! Tinnitus has been linked to stress, but it's very rare for tinnitus to be the direct cause of stress. The main reason for this connection is probably that many individuals with tinnitus have some similar fears and anxiety that contribute to their tinnitus. Anxiety can aggravate tinnitus, but it's best to be careful with your anxiety as it is unlikely to be cured by tinnitus itself.

Is tinnitus linked to memory loss?

Yes, tinnitus is linked to memory loss and concentration problems. People who suffer from tinnitus may have difficulties in concentration and memory loss. These issues usually occur if a person has had tinnitus for a long time.

Not only does the ringing in the ears affect sleep and rest, but it also keeps them awake when they're trying to concentrate. If tinnitus is present for several weeks, then memory problems are likely to follow.

As tinnitus occurs with age, it is not surprising that memory problems happen as well. The loss of some areas of the brain from the changes that occur with aging is known as "normal aging." This is a chronic problem, meaning the symptoms do not suddenly appear, but rather come gradually with time.

How do I train my brain to ignore tinnitus?

  1.  First thing in the morning do not listen to music with tinnitus at all.

  2.  Make sure you have good quality sleep.

  3.  Avoid loud noises, concerts, and airplanes as often as possible to minimize stress on the body (and consequently tinnitus).

  4.  Don't spend too much time in noisy environments (bars, parties, etc.). If you can't avoid them completely, try to take care of yourself by wearing earplugs or investing in a hearing aid or sound dampening device for your phone or MP3 player .

  5.  Eat healthy and exercise regularly to keep your mind and body active.

  6.  Don't overlook the importance of nutrition in your diet. Choose foods that help you create a healthy immune response, and avoid processed foods that can lead to unhealthy chemicals in the brain.

  7.  If possible, eliminate stress from your life as it will make tinnitus worse (and lead to more stress). Instead, focus on relaxing activities like yoga or meditation.

  8.  Avoid stimulants and alcohol as they can worsen tinnitus (as well as other health issues like insomnia).

When should I worry about tinnitus?

Tinnitus is usually not a serious health problem, but it is always best to make sure that you have checked with your doctor about the possibility of this disease. The earlier you know about tinnitus, the better time you will have to cope and deal with it. If you are still in doubt, then get good medical advice from a professional or see a specialist. Do not wait too long, as it could be too late

How do I know if tinnitus is permanent?

Tinnitus does not necessarily mean that your hearing has been damaged and that it is permanent. In many cases, the ringing in the ears will go away after a while, so try to be patient! Many people have developed tinnitus during a cold or infection, which goes away on its own over time.

You may even experience this situation alone. A good rule of thumb is that if the ringing in your ear lasts for longer than a week, you should seek medical help from an audiologist or ENT specialist (ear nose and throat).

What happens if tinnitus goes untreated?

Nothing. If you have permanent tinnitus you will always have it (same as me!). If it is not permanent then it will go away eventually. If it is getting worse then it might be something more serious than just tinnitus.

Should I go to the doctor for tinnitus?

Yes, you should go to the doctor for tinnitus if you think that your hearing has been affected by this noise. If you are not sure that your hearing has been affected, then it's best to display some patience. If the noise is gone after a while, then you do not have to worry about it.

If the ringing persists for longer than a week, then you should go to the doctor for an exam and for hearing tests. We recommend that you speak with an ENT specialist (ear nose and throat).

Can ear drops help tinnitus?

They can help temporarily, but it's best to restrict use and only use them when you have a cold. If your earwax is clogged, then they can even cause more problems. As tinnitus develops naturally in the inner ear, then it is unlikely that ear drops can cure or prevent its development.

They may be useful for short periods of time if your ear is infected or if you think that a problem with the outer or middle ear has worsened tinnitus.

If it is temporary tinnitus then yes it will help


Tinnitus does not necessarily have anything to do with being old or lacking in hearing. Tinnitus is simply the perception of noise in the ear. The sound can be such an annoyance that it leads to permanent damage of the brain and nerves.

If you cannot get rid of tinnitus by yourself, then you should see a doctor for your ear to make sure that all is well in there. We hope that this article will help you learn more about how to cure tinnitus, as we have tried our best to cover everything here.

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Other Questions

Can Tension headaches cause ear ringing?

Yes, Tinnitus can cause tension headaches.

Tension headaches are actually caused by muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, not by hearing. This is because the aural nerve does not enter the neck and cannot be responsible for a headache. Tinnitus usually shows up on one side of the head in a symmetrical manner.

Some people have described feeling pressure against their eardrum as if something is stuck in their ear (like they have had an object stuck in there). This is not tinnitus.

Concussion is another cause of tinnitus. This is a common side effect of concussion, ringing in the ears as well as nausea (which can be mistaken for a headache). Because of this nerves are usually left over-stimulated causing a feeling of pressure and discomfort. The treatment for this is to deal with the underlying cause, and then to use methods for helping to better cope with these side effects.

What can I do if I have tinnitus?

If you suffer from tinnitus, the best treatment at this point in time is prevention. It is possible to avoid the onset of ringing in the ears by training your hearing (tinnitus retraining therapy) and wearing earplugs in loud places such as concerts or sporting events.

Other than that, there are no surefire methods for a cure for tinnitus. However, drug treatments are being developed and tested through academia.

Does tinnitus depend on age?

Yes, tinnitus USUALLY depends on age

The ringing in the ears generally increases with age. Although it may also be linked to other and environmental factors, such as feelings of stress or ear infections (swimmer's ear), it does take place much faster in children than in adults.

How does marijuana affect tinnitus?

Although marijuana has been used to treat insomnia and pain, smoking pot can worsen tinnitus and worsen the symptoms of this condition such as sensitivity to noise and reduced attention span.

Some studies have shown that regular use of high-THC strains of marijuana can produce an increase in the volume of tinnitus, while other studies have shown no increase in volume. It is still not clear whether marijuana can stop ringing in the ears for a long time or if some people become more sensitive to pain after using marijuana regularly.


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