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How to choose the ear protection for child drummers!

Find your perfect pair of hearing protection for your children!

You know that your child loves music, and you'd love for them to be able to learn to play the drums with you. But you don't want to expose them to too much noise.

The last thing you want is to be hearing things that could harm your child's ears. So check out these hearing protection options and see which ones will fit your needs!

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How to Practice to be a better drummer

Welcome to the world of children's drumming. It can be hard to find the best ear protection for kids drumming, but we will go through the process and make finding your perfect pair of hearing protection for your young drummer easier!

We want to make sure you and your little ones are safe when they're having fun, so we've put together a list of our favorite hearing protectors.

From there, you'll find more detailed reviews on each one, including their different features and what other parents say about them in reviews!

We hope that this post helps get you started on what might be an amazing journey with your child. If not this article then hopefully others like it will help guide you and your family in the right direction.

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Children are developing their sensory system including the middle ear

Ever wonder why kids are more sensitive to noise than adults? The answer is that they are at a critical stage of sensory development. The middle ear, which connects the eardrum to the inner ear (the cochlear), is still developing and has yet to reach complete maturity.

This means that sounds are amplified more than they would be in an adult's ears.

The problem is that most kids just don't know when their ears hurt! They can't tell you how much it hurts so you have to listen for clues like whining or crying (or destruction!).

If you're at a concert or around loud noise, this can be difficult. You could have a very expensive problem on your hands.

There are a few ways to protect your child's ears. The first is to wait until the age of three when the middle ear is mature enough to be protected by wearing ear plugs, which will also help prevent damage to your child's hearing.

When choosing ear plugs for kids pay attention to the noise reduction rating

Ear plugs for kids are a necessity, especially if your child will be drumming. Kids can be very noisy.

There are two types of ear plugs available for kids: soft and hard. Although there are various shapes and sizes of these ear plugs, they all have one thing in common which is the noise reduction rating (NRR).

The noise reduction rating of the ear plugs is listed on the package. This rating measures how effectively they will stop noise from entering your childs ears. The higher the rating number, the more effective they are at blocking sound.

Generally soft-safe ear plugs have a NRR of 25 or less while hard-safe ones have NRRs 30 or greater. Obviously, closer to 50 for truly protective ear plugs which contain mink.

Choose a higher value NRR for your children!

Do drummers wear ear protection?

Yes, Drummer do wear ear protection because of the noise of the drums , the sticks, and other instruments they play.

What is the best method of protecting your child's hearing, while teaching them to play the drums?

There are many different ear plugs that you can buy separately and wear while playing the drums. The plugs are small and fit into the ear and take all the damaging noise out so you can still hear normally.

The best ones are made out of silicone because they don't stick to your ear or fall out. They last a very long time (at least a year) but once they start to get dirty from sweat and grime it is best to throw them away or clean them with soapy water. This will clean them up and make them last longer.

Can you go deaf from drumming?

Yes, the ear ringing that is caused by your own drumming can cause hearing loss and you may even be able to go deaf.

For example Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich went deaf in his ear after playing drums for many years. Some people wear hearing aids but they are not perfect.

The best ear protection for children is well fitted ear plugs made from foam or silicone.

Children are often used to wearing earphones or earbuds while playing music, dancing or drumming, which can trap sound waves in the ear drums. Without being aware of it they can harm their hearing permanently.

Children's ears develop at different rates to adults', so protecting them from loud noise may take longer than it does for adults. If you do not already use hearing protection in your child's listening time, start now!

As a child drummer, it is important to protect your ears against the constant loud noises that playing the drums produces. You may feel that you have been drumming for a long time already, but in reality, your ears are still developing and your hearing sensitivity is changing.

So, as a child drummer, if you have not already done so, it is worth investing in proper ear protection now to protect your future hearing.

However most kid's ear protection is not good enough

There are two main types of material that ear plugs are made from: silicone, which is soft and moldable, and foam, which is hard. This makes sense as the ear canal is made from three different types of skin (outer, middle and inner) which have different properties.

So, if you start out with a soft silicon ear plug it's make a good seal in the ear canal because it molds to the shape of the inside of your ear. However after a while this can cause problems as it can block up your ear canal making you feel uncomfortable.

You then try moving the plug around in your ears or shaking your head to get them back into place but this reduces their effectiveness. But getting kid to do this is a different thing!

Kids ear protection should be made from quality materials

Cost isn't the best indicator of quality. We have come across some silicone earplugs where the main component is just a thin layer of silicone over a plastic disk. These earplugs will not form a good seal in the ear canal and will fall out when moving around or exercising.

Foam ear plugs are the most popular type of ear protection with kids, because they are cheap and readily available. They're also popular with adults because they provide good, simple, easy-to-use protection.

They do the job well as long as you don't need to move them around inside your ears .They can however be uncomfortable if you need to move them a lot because this causes them to lose their seal.

Kids ear protection needs to offer the right fit

The main problem with foam is that there is no consistency in the material's diameter.

A good earplug should be firmly squeezed onto the outer and middle parts of the ear canal instead of being flattened in the middle. If it is folded over on top of itself then it will not form a proper seal in your ear while you are moving around or pulling it out to clean.

There are now some excellent child drummer's earplugs on the market suitable for children and adults. These quality plugs are available with two different sizes (large and small). When choosing plugs for children always go for the larger size, as this will provide more protection against high decibel noises.


Drumming is a great hobby to get into, and can be very rewarding. It is a lot of fun, and the money you earn from playing can help towards college fees or even pay for your holiday! If you are looking for somewhere to start playing drums then check out the different styles of drumming here.

Drumming is a very social sport and is often played with other people, so it helps to make friends while drumming! If you want to play music professionally then this article on how to become professional at drumming will give you some hints on how to get there!

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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Other Questions

How many hours does it take to master drums?

1 to 2 years of drumming is a good start. Kids that master playing drums within two years usually have a natural feel for their instrument. This means that if they're spending less than this amount of time, then they are not really getting to grips with drumming yet.

Although it depends on the individual, many children reach a point where they can play their instrument much more quickly than the previous age group. You will find that some children will take longer to get to the same level as others but many will progress at an earlier rate and with a greater understanding of musical concepts. This is because games and learning about music as part of fun and socialising is very important in this age group.

Do drums hurt dogs ears?

No, Loud does not mean that it bad for dogs. The cymbals would be worse noise for dogs than the drums are.

The drums are usually not a problem for dogs within a reasonable distance (The cymbals will hurt the dog at just a few feet away).

How long do drum sticks last?

Wooden drumsticks last on average 6 to 10 hours of intense music making. If you are playing for a few hours and then want to leave your sticks out overnight without drying them, then you are looking at about a day of playing before your sticks need replacing.

If you play for longer hours at a time with the same sticks as the above, then it is possible to have them last an entire week.

How long should you practice drumming every day?

Generally speaking, the more you practice, the quicker you will get. However, it is extremely important to practice with fun in mind and not just to 'get it done'. It is also important to remember that everyone grows at a different pace.

Some people will be able to sit for 3 hours straight and others find that they have better results by breaking up practicing into smaller segments of time throughout the day.

Who is the richest drummer in the world?

Ringo Starr (who is not the best drummer by a long way) is the richest drummer in the world, above Phil Collins and Dave Grohl.

How difficult is drumming?

Drums are probably the easiest instrument to "play" - they require the least amount of physical dexterity. Other instruments such as the guitar require finger dexterity and alternating between strings; while the piano requires both hands working in conjunction to play a note or chord.

Drums on the other hand are played with one hand, so no alternation between hands is required. It is also almost impossible to successfully play a drum solo using your feet, so you don't need flexibility there either (although being able to play at different angles helps when playing certain styles of music).


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