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The 7 Types of PPE that you should know!

PPE is the short form of Personal Protective Equipment. Selecting the right PPE to reduce exposure to hazards sufficiently.

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What shows that an Eye Injury is serious? 

See a medical practitioner if you experience these signs, swellings in the eye, double vision, extreme pain, broken eyelids, intense eye and eyebrow pain, and persistent headaches.

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Are molded or custom fit earplugs better than off-the-shelf?

A custom or molded earplug, manufactured by skilled and professional designers, is a laboratory-made earplug manufactured from molds. They often make these out of acrylic or soft silicone that can tightly fit the ear and ear canal

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Why do earplugs hurt my ears? Learn how to use earplugs

Earplugs have long been promoted to help avoid noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and protect the ears from noise trauma. Many people use earplugs during sleep because of a loud snoring spouse or hypersensitivity to nighttime noises and limiting exposure to working noise or other annoying noises

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Thunderplugs for live musicians | Learn why the pros use them!

As musicians, our ears help us with numerous things. They keep us in tune, they ensure our instruments sound the way we want, and they allow us to gain inspiration from lots of sources. Essentially, without them, we'd find it had to do the thing we love so much.

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Protect Your Hearing With Earbuds – Tips and Key Features

Have you ever come home from a music festival with the noise in your ears? That's tinnitus, one of the earliest symptoms of hearing loss — no reason to freak out right away because it could only be minor.

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Airplane Earplugs - How They Work, Should You Use Them?

Best Earplugs For Planes
Airplanes are a great way to travel, as it will get you to your destination many times faster than is possible than other method. Prices also work out far cheaper when you fly, than if you take some other method of travel.

Airplane ear plugs are a necessity for some people, and they are just nice to have for other people. People want ear plugs when flying for three reasons:

Discomfort in the ears when the plane is taking off / landing. Listen to their own music/movies. Help them sleep, as jets are not the quietest of places.

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Ear Protection for Sensitive Ears: Best Hyperacusis Earplugs

Hyperacusis is a rare sensitive ear condition that occurs in approximately 1 in 50,000 people. The condition means that the sufferer has difficulty coping with everyday sounds as they can lead to pain, stress, and anxiety.

The condition can be brought on by several different things, head trauma, drugs / antibiotics, and neurological disorders. Hyperacusis comes in two forms, cochlear and vestibular

In this article, we shall, of course, be discussing the Best Earplugs for Sensitive Ears, as well as discussing the condition, and what you can do to relieve, and hopefully permanently fix this

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Tinnitus Relief: Earplugs For Tinnitus Sufferers

Tinnitus is something that I have suffered with for over 40 years. You may be thinking why would I need ear plugs with Tinnitus? After all, the ringing is coming from inside of the ear, so it is not something that can be blocked out.

Ear plugs are useful for tinnitus sufferers in a couple of ways:
Noise-canceling earplugs can be used to play soft music or white noise into the ear, this actually masks the ringing sound giving some degree of relief.
When in a noisy environment as a Tinnitus sufferer, you really do need to protect your hearing as any more damage is only going to make matters far worse.

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Reusable Earplugs for Sleeping: We Selected The Best for You

Getting a good night’s sleep of approximately eight hours is essential for most people to function well during the day. If you miss several nights’ good sleep, it can actually feel like you have been drinking, as your brain will not be able to function fully. So if you are one of these people who cannot sleep well when there is noise, ear plugs can help you. The type of sleeper that you are is going to determine the best kind of earplugs that you can wear while lying down. There are two ways of sleeping that affect the available plugs

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Best Swimming & Shower Earplugs: Keep Water Out of Your Ears

Best Earplugs To Keep Water Out Of Ears?
Many people need to keep their ears dry at some time in their lives. That is why you are looking for earplugs to keep water out. This can be for several reasons, maybe the water you are swimming in is not the cleanest. You could have a history of swimmers ear, or other ear infections. More likely, your doctor has told you to keep your ears dry due to ruptured eardrum, or some other ear problems.

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Ear Protection – A Complete Guide to Protecting Your Hearing

Complete Beginners Guide To Ear Protection
I have had hearing problems my entire life, and I was wondering how I could stop my hearing getting any worse as I get older. I realized that I do not know that much about how hearing protection works, so I decided to research it and write this helpful post, for others who are interested in saving their hearing

Ears are crucial to you as a person, and unfortunately can be easily damaged. A lot of damage to a person’s ears is permanent and cannot be repaired. This means that it is imperative to protect your ears and hearing!

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