Chainsaw Ear Protection for Safe Sawing

Why You Need The Best Ear Protection For A Chainsaw.
We all know that chainsaws are dangerous! They have a metal chain capable of cutting limbs off in seconds, and bring trees crashing to the ground that weigh a ton! That is a lot of power and a lot of timber crashing to the ground
Hearing Protection For Bike Riders- The Things Not To Overlook

Most people prioritize the safety of their vision over hearing when riding their bikes without realizing how vulnerable their ears could be out there on the road if proper care is not taken.

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How to choose the best ear protection: An insight for airport workers

Airports carry several risky work environments where one is required to wear suitable personal protective equipment (PPE). It is a well known fact that workers at small private aviation industry and busy metropolitan airports are expected to follow the safety protocols at their work place.

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Hearing Protection Devices for Firefighters

Something hazardous can be seen in the fire and rescue scenarios that we sometimes consider but ignore. While it may not make up an imminent risk, it can have a detrimental effect on wellbeing

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Ear Protection for Clay Shooting:Solutions For A Risky Hobby

Shooting ear protection is essential to guard against the incredibly hazardous noises created by firearms. Each gunshot can inflict permanent hearing loss. If you're a beginner shooter or a hardened veteran, we have a wide range of earplugs and earmuffs to meet your needs and secure your ears.

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Ear Protection for Diving : A Step-By-Step Guide

Any conditions can contribute to ear pain while diving, including water blockage, temperature changes, and water pressure. Occasionally, divers can develop pain in their ears due to elevated water pressure

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Ear Protection for Shooting Range: Why You Really Need It

But can a gun really make you go deaf? Since you are exposing yourself to sounds up to 140-170 decibels when you shoot a firearm, given that 85 decibels are the maximum safe sound exposure level, you can easily deduce that not wearing ear protection for shooting can result in serious hearing loss

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Best Earplugs for Yard Work | Block out the wind and Cold

Whether you mow your lawn or logging in your backyard or commercially, it's always essential to wear proper safety equipment. One of the most critical items you'll invest in is adequate hearing protection.

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