Best Hearing Protection For Street Racing

One of the biggest risks involved with street racing is hearing loss. It's typically due to vehicle noise, the loud exhaust, and the high speeds. In order to protect your hearing from permanent damage or permanent deafness, it makes sense to get some ear protection.

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Best Hearing Protection For Quad Motocross

An extra pair of ear headphones is always a good idea, but an even better idea would be to invest in personal hearing protection for your quad motocross. Your eardrums are not the only ones at risk when you're riding on two wheels. So, before you try out this most dangerous of all sports, give yourself the best possible protection by choosing some of these top brands.

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Best Hearing Protection For A Demolition Derby?

If you are heading to a demolition derby to watch the action, there are some precautions that you will want to take. The first is a hearing protection device. Most people tuning into the demolition derby don't realize just how loud it really is until it's too late and they have sustained permanent hearing damage.

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Best Hearing Protection For A Football Game

A lot of people love to watch football- so much in fact, that the average NFL game has over 96 million people watching. With so many people around you, and bustling conversations being thrown at you every second, it can be easy to forget how loud these games can be.

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Best Hearing Protection For A Baseball Game

When it comes to attending a professional baseball game, the time and money are worth it. The excitement of the game and all of its amazing features is an experience you won't want to miss. However, each ballpark has a different level of noise that can be rather overwhelming for newcomers. With this in mind, we've put together some tips on how to maximize your enjoyment while minimizing any harmful effects that may come with sustaining long-term or repeated exposure to excessive noise levels.

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Best Hearing Protection For MotoGP

We’ve all been there. The sound of the engine, roaring with power fills the air around us as riders twist and turn at speeds of over 100 MPH. It’s exhilarating, terrifying, and all-together awesome. But there’s always that nagging thought in the back of our minds about what the noise is doing to our hearing.

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Best Hearing Protection For Motocross

Motocross can be an exciting sport to watch, but it can also be a dangerous one for the riders. The exhaust that bikes produce is not something that people should be exposed to on a regular basis. That’s why hearing protection is important

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Best Hearing Protection For Endurance Racing

The roar of engine noise from the nearby racetrack is a joy for many spectators. However, it can reach near-deafening levels for those sitting in the grandstands just a few feet away - and that's not including the accompanying cracks of gunfire from race guns or fireworks exploding through the air.

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Best Hearing Protection For Superbike Racing

Hearing protection is a bit of a must-have for many of the high-octane motorcycle enthusiasts out there. And thankfully, there’s tons of fantastic hearing protection out there for anyone who wants it. But what is the best hearing protection for superbike racing? Well, that’s what this post is here to help you figure out in detail.

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Best Hearing Protection For A Soccer Game

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you have tickets to your favorite soccer game. You’re pumped for a great day of cheering and high-fiving friends, but halfway through the game you realize something: it is really, really loud.

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Best Ear Protection For Drag Racing

The roar of the engine up close has the potential to cause hearing loss. This is due to how sound travels and the distance from the source of the sound. The closer you are, the more intense a sound can be and may reach levels that are inaudible without protection.

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Best Ear Protection For Formula One

For those who know and love the sport of Formula One, a lot of the time you will be too close to the action to use earplugs. You need something that's going to provide great levels of protection for your ears and at the same time, not cause any trouble with visibility when watching your favorite driver on track.

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