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Its important to wear ear protection when hunting Wild Hog

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Ear protection for wild hog hunting is crucial. With these ear plugs you can have the same level of hearing protection as wearing a pair of earmuffs. It’s an affordable way to reduce the noise of the hog, and ensure a successful hunt.

With so many great options out there, it can be hard to choose the best ear plugs for hunting wild hogs. In this blog, we will give you all the information you need to choose the best ear plugs for your next hog hunt. We’ve tested these ear plugs to ensure you’ll get a good fit and be able to hear well while hunting.

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Ear Protection For Wild Hog Hunting

If you’ve ever gone wild hog hunting, you know that the sound the animal makes is quite harrowing. To be successful in this hunt, it’s important that you have the right equipment. In this blog post, we will inform our readers on how to choose their earplugs for a hog hunt. Not to mention the guns, knives, and other equipment you will need for your hunt.

We’ve put together a list of the best earplugs for hunting wild hogs. Earplugs are an absolutely essential part of your hog hunting gear. One advantage to using ear plugs is you get just as good of hearing protection as if you wear a set of those large earmuffs that hunters often wear.

We will also tell them about some tips and tricks for successfully hunting wild hogs.

Earplugs are essential in helping one stay focused on the task at hand and distracting noise from behind them as they move through dense thickets of bush or swamp where predator animals may be hiding ready to pounce on them or ambush them from behind.

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What Ear Protection Is Best For Wild Hog Hunting

As stated above, it’s important to use ear protection while hunting wild hogs. The sound they produce may be loud enough to damage your hearing if it can’t be blocked out. Additionally, wearing earmuffs or earplugs for wild hog hunting also helps with any possible communication with a fellow hunter. If someone is calling on the radio, for example, you don’t have to strain your ears to hear the call.

The first thing you need to do to find out which ear protection and what is best for wild hog hunting is to learn about the various kinds of ear protection that are available. One of the most common types of ear protection used by hunters is simply a pair of foam earplugs.

There are also several other types of ear protection devices used by hunters that are sold commercially at sporting goods stores or online. Some include a microphone, volume control and in some models a light.

What Hearing Protection Do Professional Shooters Use?

Professional shooters and soldiers have a different set of earplugs than hog hunters. There are various types of hearing protection for rifle shooters that are designed to protect the eardrums from shooting high power rifles.

The ear plugs used by the military and professional shooters protect against more powerful rounds as well as explosions, unlike the earplugs used for hog hunting. These plugs protect their hearing and are often made of steel or some other hard material, so they can be worn in combat situations without getting damaged or falling out by accidentally getting hit.

Hearing Suffers So Much Damage From The Gunshots

A normal gunshot can cause a person hearing damage. The reason for this is that the sound generated from them are not only loud but also have a powerful overpressure component associated with the shock waves produced from the gunshot. This is different than what happens with thunder, where the sound produced is just loud but doesn’t have an overpressure component.

The shock wave of a gun’s gunshot causes ear pain and temporary or permanent loss of hearing, depending on how close you get to the gunfire and how much damage was caused by it.

How Loud Is A Wild Hog Shotgun?

From 120-150dB , which is louder than a loud ambulance siren. This damage can be caused by only one gunshot from a shotgun. This is loud enough to deafen a person for life.

From their the reason you need to wear earplugs or earmuffs is to protect your hearing from permanent damage.

You will also need earplugs so that you can hear your dogs, other hunters, and the hogs

Other hunters and there dogs will need to communicate with you. Some hunters carry radios to talk back and forth with each other. So if your hunting partners are not within shouting distance, they may be able to hear, but you will not be able to hear them unless you wear earmuffs or earplugs as your ear may get damaged


Will I Hear The Hogs Running?

Even if you are wearing ear plugs, the constant noise from the running hogs will effectively drown out any other sounds in the area, including your dogs. It is a common myth that you can hear hogs running through bush or a swamp. This is just not true.

You may hear leaves crunching and branches snapping as the hogs move about through thick cover such as brush and thicket but they are indistinguishable from an animal moving through normal cover, such as grassland or woods.


What Are Some Easy Things For Hunters To Do To Protect Their Hearing?

If you have any hearing damage and are looking to protect your hearing, the injury is more likely to heal if you do not expose it to loud sounds.

Don't Hunt When It's Too Windy

Not only will the sound of the wind make it hard for you to hear your dogs but it can also damage your hearing. When it’s very windy, always wear ear protection as you may not be able to hear the hog coming up behind you. The best way to protect your hearing is to avoid hunting in extremely windy conditions or on breezy days.

Don't Shoot Without Ear Protection

It's also important to not shoot without ear protection. The sound of the gunshot can injure your ears, even if you use ear plugs or ear muffs.

Limit The Amount Of Noise You Make When Hunting Wild Hogs

If you want to protect your hearing, you need to limit the amount of noise you make when you are hunting. Even if you wear ear muffs or ear plugs, they will be less effective if your body makes lots of noise as it moves through the thicket. So minimize any movement noise you create and remember to go quiet so that your hearing is protected.

Start Hunting Earlier In The Day

Likewise, it's beneficial to start hunting earlier in the day or when the weather is cooler. Wind is much less of a factor on cooler days and is the least of your problems as you move through thick cover. As you might expect, shooting later in the day or under warmer and/or windier conditions can make it harder for you to hear hogs.

5 Tips For Night Hunting

If you hunting pigs at night you will need to use some type of night vision equipment to be successful. 5 other tip are listed below

1) Suitable Location

To locate a giant hog at night, you will have to do some scouting. You might want to consider visiting the location some time during the day and have a look around. Try and find a location that is away from the public eye as there may be neighbors in the area, which could call local authorities if they spot lights moving around at night.

2) Spotlights

To locate your hog at night, you will need some type of light. A spotlight is what we recommend because it gives off a lot of light and also has area coverage.

3) Hunting Call

Particularly if you are hunting for the first time, it is a good idea to use a call. This way, you can imitate the sound that hogs make when they are communicating with each other.

The sounds will attract them into your location.

4) Use Corn

Chances are you will not be the only one in the area. If you are hunting from a blind, you may want to set down some corn for the other hunters to attract hogs within your kill range.

5) Be Stealthy

This is a tip that is applicable at all times, not just nighttime. Try and act as quietly as possible. You will not want to spook your hog into running away before you can shoot it.

Ringing In The Ears

If you start to get a ringing in your ears after a long day hunting, you are not alone. It is actually quite common for people to experience “ringing” in their ears after a long day of hunting. And from what we have seen the same thing happens if you shoot a gun or blast one off at night!

Any loud noise — exposure to firearms, concerts and loud music — can cause damage to the hair cells in the ear that help us hear. Although peeling back layers of skin may seem brutal, there are several ways to speed up healing and prevent scarring as much as possible.

What Is The Highest NRR For Ear Plugs?

The highest NRR earplugs can provide is 32dB. They are the most effective if the wind is still and you can hear your hunters. They are also good for people who have trouble hearing or want to be able to hear the dogs for safety reasons.

Hearing Loss Caused By 3 Things When Hunting Wild Hog

The three most common causes of hearing loss in hunters have been identified by the National Institutes of Health.

1) Decibel Level 

The noise produced as human beings react to loud noises and gun shots is a common cause of hearing loss. Those who hunt will often be exposed to extreme levels of noise, so it is essential that their protective earplugs are able to withstand this.

The noise produced as human beings react to loud noises and gun shots is a common cause of hearing loss.

2) Distance

Distance is also an important factor when it comes to hearing protection while hunting. The further the sound, the lower its frequency will be and the more decibels it will produce. Once the decibel level of a sound exceeds 80dB, it may result in hearing loss eventually.

3) Duration Of Exposure 

For hunters, exposure can be quite high as they are exposed to loud noise for a long period of time during their hunting trips. It is best if they invest in a pair of protective earplugs that can provide them with great hearing protection.


Now that you have finished reading through our guide on the best hearing protection for hunting hogs, we hope that you are ready to go and buy a pair of earplugs. Remember that safety is always the most important consideration.

In the end, what’s most important is your safety and your health. If you want to get the most out of your hunt, it is essential that you choose a pair of hearing protection that works for you. You should make sure that the earplugs are comfortable, durable and effective.

It would also be best if they come with their own carrying case or at least have a carrying pouch. This will ensure that your earplugs stay in good condition while they are not being used.

You should also remember to get a NRR rating between 25 and 32 dB, as this will be able to protect your ears from damage.

Please Note: Just because an ear defender is marked, for example, "Gunshot" - it will still cover other things, like "explosions"

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Other Questions

What Colors Should You Wear While Hunting Wild Hog?

Camouflaged clothing is essential when hunting wild hogs. Your clothing will need to be able to blend into the environment so that the hogs don’t notice you. It is also important that you choose a pattern that won’t act as a target.

This pattern will allow you to blend into the environment and not stand out as an object of interest. It is also ideal for those who are hunting in different environments such as forests, grassland, marshes and wetlands. You can also use camo clothing if you hunt in wooded areas or other types of difficult terrain where visibility can be extremely low.

What Is The Best Time To Hunt Wild Hog

When they are feeding at night, or in the morning before the sun comes up. That will be the best time to take advantage of when their hearing is lowered.

It is also the best time for you as well as there are fewer people out and about. This will give you a better chance of spotting them.

Where is the best place to hunt Wild Hog ?

8 of the Best States for Hog Hunting

  • South Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Texas

How much does it cost to hunt Wild Hog ?

It cost about $200-$300 for one night of hog hunting.


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